2020 Vision? Nikki Haley Throws Shade at Trump, Warren During Charity Fundraiser

‘I get it. You wanted an Indian woman, but Elizabeth Warren failed her DNA test…’

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Nikki Haley/Photo by Gage Skidmore

(Janon Fisher, New York Daily News) Out-going U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley poked fun at President Donald Trump’s inflated ego and Elizabeth Warren’s phony minority status Thursday night at the Al Smith Foundation annual dinner.

Haley, the keynote speaker at the fundraiser, announced her conscious uncoupling from the Trump administration last week.

Although the reasons for her split still have not been fully explained, Haley’s digs at both the president and likely Democrat contenders for the 2020 presidential run may offer a not-so-subtle clue.

The former South Carolina governor started he speech with a joke about Trump’s thin skin.

“Everyone in Washington called me with advice about this speech. They all said the same thing: Do not, under any circumstances, make any jokes about the president. So, good night everybody,” she said to laughter from the crowd.

“Actually, the president called me this morning and gave me some really good advice,” she went on.

“He said if I get stuck for laughs, just brag about his accomplishment. It really killed at the UN. Let me tell you,” Haley said.

But Trump wasn’t the only likely 2020 presidential contender whom Haley took swipes at. She also mocked the absurdity of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., who this week touted a less-than-2-percent DNA match as proof positive of her Native American pedigree.

Many speculated that the announcement was the defacto launch of Warren’s presidential campaign.

“I get it,” said Haley, born Nimrata Randhawa, whose parents emigrated from the Indian subcontinent. “You wanted an Indian woman, but Elizabeth Warren failed her DNA test.”

At times, Haley made a point of being an equal-opportunity offender.

“The president got really mad at Bob Woodward’s book,” she said. “The book compared him to a fifth grader. A lot of Democrats seized on that, until they realized that they got beaten by fifth grader.”

Haley also poked fun at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was in attendance, and his liberal positions on illegal immigration.

“Mayor remember, as a member of the UN delegation I do have diplomatic immunity. You’re all aware of diplomatic immunity. It’s an exemption from prosecution, or as Mayor de Blasio calls it—a sanctuary city,” she said.

She also poked fun at the mayor’s resistance to raids made by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, which goes by the acronym ICE.

“Oh, look I got the mayor’s drink by mistake,” she said. “Look, no ice.”

In another barb at the mayor, she joked about his difficult relationship with sexual harassment policies. While he has generally embraced the feminist’s #MeToo movement in principle, in practice he has faced criticism over his handling of complaints.

“When I saw the mayor back stage I told him I was really glad to be here,” Haley said. “He said, ‘Metoo.’ Mayor it’s not a good idea for a man to ever use that phrase. I’m definitely getting my car towed tonight.”

The Al Smith Foundation, which provides education and health assistance to children and families, raised $3.9 million dollars from the event.

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