HA-HA: Netflix ‘Romantic Comedy’ Features Teen Psychopath

Hide this release from the kids…

HA-HA - New Netflix 'RomantComedy' Features Teen Psychopath

IMAGE: Netflix promo

(WND.com) Here’s the premise of the latest Netflix release, described as a dark teen “romance” called “End of the F-ing World.”

A skinny 17-year-old named James who thinks he may be a psychopath and whose goal is to kill someone meets a 17-year-old rebellious and foul-mouthed classmate Alyssa whom he chooses to be his first victim.

By the way, it’s a comedy.

About this, Kayla Cobb (critic’s age and IQ unknown, but the first movie she ever saw was “Zoolander”) of Decider.com has this to say: “I can’t think of a better way to bring in the new year than with an epic surprise show. From the looks of it, it’s the perfect quirky rom-com for the brooding teenager in all of us.”


“Despite its dark premise, there’s an inherent and quirky sweetness to the series,” she writes. “What may start off the dream of a potential serial killer blossoms into a heartfelt romance.”

The just-released trailer, parent alert for language and sexual situations (yes, on the trailer!), shows James punching his father in the face, apparently knocking him out, and stealing his car so he can run off with Alyssa.

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She wants the road trip to find her real father.

He decides to take it so he can kill her.

James doesn’t feel anything.

He once put his hand in a deep fryer just so he could.

He has already killed lots of animals, including cats.

Thinking of watching this one with the kids?

Prepare for some uncomfortable moments.

Thinking of giving unrestricted access to Netflix to the kids?

Remember, this is not “Leave It to Beaver” – not even close.

Be warned: The show, based on the graphic novel by Charles S. Forsman, comes to Netflix Jan. 5.

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