CONFIRMED: Man Who Crashed Into GOP Registration Tent HATED Trump

Gregory Timm unhappy his video ended before ‘the good part’…

Trump Hater Charged w/ Driving into GOP Voter Registration Tent

A voter registration tent lays on its side after Gregory Timm drove a van through it/WJXT News4Jax via AP)

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) A Florida man who was arrested and charged last week for driving his van into a Republican voter registration tent admitted that hatred for President Donald Trump motivated his violent act.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said Gregory Timm, 27, told investigators that “someone had to take a stand” against the president, according to an arrest report, News4Jax reported.

Timm said he bought food and cigarettes at a nearby Walmart when he saw the Republican volunteers.

Investigators said he recorded himself as he drove toward the tent, but the video ended before he crashed into it.

Timm was upset that the video ended before “the good part.”

Donald Trump Jr. accused the media of hiding the story.

Timm claimed that he waited for volunteers to move away from tent before he rammed into it, but investigators said people were still in the tent as he sped toward it.

As Timm drove off, he “flipped off” the volunteers.

Florida Sens. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, both Republicans, called the attack “politically motivated.”

The Duval County GOP said on Twitter that it will “redouble its efforts to register voters and will continue its fight with renewed intensity to re-elect President Donald Trump.