Green Beret Was Killed After Discovering Navy SEALs’ Illicit Cash Scheme

(Zero Hedge) It sounds like something out of the plot of a mob movie: Two corrupt government employees offer a third party who discovers one of their schemes a cut of the profits.

Green Beret Was Killed After Discovering Navy SEALs' Illicit Cash Scheme

Army Sgt. Logan Melgar (US Army)

When he refuses to accept their dirty money, he is promptly “taken care of.”

Unfortunately, that fictitious trope is suspiciously close to reality in the strangulation death of Sgt. Logan Melgar, a green beret who was found dead back in June while he was participating in a special forces mission in Mali, where a cohort of US military “advisers” have been assisting French and local forces in rooting out terrorist groups affiliated with the Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

According to the Daily Beast, military investigators now suspect that two of Melgar’s colleagues who were members of the elite Navy SEAL team six murdered him after he discovered they were illegally skimming money from a fund used to pay informants.  The SEALS offered to cut him in, but Melgar declined, according to the Daily Beast’s sources.

A few days later, he was found dead.

Nobody knows – or at least nobody would tell the DB – what specifically started the June 4 altercation at 5 am…

The SEALs and another Green Beret, according to former AFRICOM officials, drove to a nearby French clinic seeking help. Melgar was dead when he arrived at the clinic, the official said. Asphyxiation was the cause of death.

While his death was initially ruled an accident, NCIS investigators now suspect that he was strangled to death…

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  • Kathryn Jordan

    This is just a way to cover up the actions of those who serve in the military. Why didn’t the Navy Seals just come forward and tell the truth instead of offering a “bribe” to keep this Army Sgt. silent with what they were doing. One good way was to get rid of him than to strangle him.

    • BECAUSE they were obviously greedy, criminal monsters — why would they do something “good”??

      • Kathryn Jordan

        good question. Not sure I have a good answer

      • Kathryn Jordan

        What I meant was it was the only way to get rid of the Green Beret who was killed by these Nave SEAL’s because of their greedy, criminal cash scheme. I am sorry if it didn’t come across that way.

    • mustangsallyann

      No doubt about it, the corruption is this country runs far deeper than I think we ever imagined. His killers need to be tried and punished with no leniency.

      • Kathryn Jordan

        I agree. When you have corruption in this country that runs far deeper, it should be investigated. This is where we need someone (other than Mueller) to investigate the problem. Somehow, I think the corruption is in the Department of Defense.

        • mustangsallyann

          I’d add the FBI and Dept. of Justice to that. Even with those 3, there’s still others that haven’t been discovered yet.

        • mustangsallyann

          Dang, we forgot the IRS. Oh heck, they’re all crooks!!

          • Kathryn Jordan

            you’re right. We did forget the IRS. Seems like certain agencies in Washington are crooks besides Congress

          • mustangsallyann

            We might get a more accurate accounting by contemplating who’s not rather than who is. Even then we’d probably still be off on a significant number. LOL

  • I find it quite interesting how the folks on here who are so doggone Conservative, and SUPPOSEDLY so concerned about “Honoring our Military” — have NOTHING (except for Kathryn) to say about this!!!