Lindsey Graham Warns Trump He Will Be His ‘Worst Nightmare’ w/out Syria Changes

‘Don’t be like Obama. Be like Reagan—stand up to Erdoğan…’

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, one of President Donald Trump’s closest congressional allies, threatened to yank his support if the situation in Syria doesn’t get better.

“I am looking to President Trump to change this,” Graham told CBN News. “I will do anything I can to help him, but I will also become President Trump’s worst nightmare.”

The Senate Judiciary chairman said he would not sit idly by as Turkish forces proceeded to slaughter a “good ally,” the Kurds, who were crucial to the defeat of ISIS.

Graham said he also feared the destabilization would allow Iran to increase its sphere of influence in the region, posing an even greater threat to Israel.


“This is a defining moment for President Trump,” Graham said. “He needs to up his game.”

Graham has criticized Trump in matters of foreign policy before, but on the U.S.’s withdrawal from Syria, he has been adamant.

“If you remove all of our forces from Syria, you’re throwing the Kurds over,” he said. “ISIS will come back on your watch and Iran will take over—and you, my friend, will be in great jeopardy of losing an election we can’t afford you to lose.”

Graham called on Trump to demonstrate the type of American might that helped win the Cold War rather than to allow Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and other foes to flout rhetorical red lines.

 “Don’t be like Obama,” he said. “Be like Reagan—stand up to Erdoğan.”

Trump has pushed back on Graham’s criticism, telling reporters that the senator “would like to stay in the Middle East for the next thousand years.”

But Graham said he doesn’t care: “I will not be quiet,” he said.

If Trump refuses to stand up to Turkey, Congress will, Graham said.

The House and Senate passed a resolution condemning Trump’s Syria withdrawal this week, and though he has little control over the U.S.’s military movement, Graham threatened to hit Turkey with “sanctions from hell.”

“I’m going to break this thug’s back,” Graham said of Erdoğan.