Gowdy Says Power-Hungry Schiff Would Have Shielded Hillary

‘Adam’s had a terrible last couple of years. He wanted to be the attorney general under Hillary…’

Trump Says Rep. Schiff a Big 'Liar,' 'Leaker'

Adam Schiff/IMAGE: MSNBC via YouTube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-South Carolina, says the American public would not know about major Democratic scandals if Rep. Adam Schiff, D-California, was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Guest host Jason Chaffetz interviewed Gowdy during “Hannity” on June 5.

Gowdy responded to Schiff’s describing him as one of the “four horsemen of this apocalypse.”

Gowdy accused Schiff of unsuccessfully vying for power over the past few years.

“Let me tell you this about Adam. Adam’s had a terrible last couple of years. He wanted to be the attorney general under Hillary Clinton and no one in the country worked harder to protect her than Adam Schiff,” Gowdy said. “He wanted to be the head of the CIA. He wanted to run for California and the run for Senate and the People’s Republic of California, but he couldn’t win either of those seats. So, now, now, he wants to be the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.”

Gowdy said Schiff’s desire to please Clinton and gain power in the Democratic administration would have prevented him from revealing vital public information.

“You wouldn’t know the whole — the spontaneous reaction to a video was a hoax in Libya. You would never have read the first Chris Stevens email,” Gowdy said. “You wouldn’t know that Hillary Clinton had this unique email arrangement with herself because Adam Schiff did everything in his power to keep you from finding out.”

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He even said the revelations, post-election, would not have come out.

“You wouldn’t know about the dossier. You wouldn’t know who funded it. You wouldn’t know it was used in a court proceeding. You wouldn’t know about Strzok and Page,” Gowdy said. “In fact, you wouldn’t even be having the show tonight. You wouldn’t be having the show about Strzok and Page if Adam Schiff had had his.”

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