Ariz. Rep. Says More Than 80% of Constituents in His Border District Support Wall

‘Yuma saw a 90 percent decrease in apprehensions of illegal aliens at the border after they built a wall…’

Rep. Gosar Says 80 Percent of His Constituents Near Arizona Border Support a Wall

Paul Gosar/IMAGE: Vice News via Youtube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Rep. Paul Gosar, a Republican who represents western Arizona’s 4th district, said the overwhelming majority—more than 80 percent—of his constituents support a wall on the U.S.–Mexico border.

Gosar’s constituents, many of whom live near the U.S.–Mexico border, experience the border crisis firsthand, living in cities first affected by the crime, drugs and civil unrest that illegal immigration brings to American citizens.

They also see up-close the humanitarian crisis fostered by illegal immigration and a porous southern border.

In a press release, Gosar said his office has received “hundreds of calls and thousands of letters” from constituents who oppose the Democrats’ open-borders agenda. He said they called “due to the partial shutdown and the Democrats’ refusal to compromise” with President Donald Trump on border security funding.


Gosar said his constituents know a wall will work because they have seen it work in the past.

“Yuma saw a 90 percent decrease in apprehensions of illegal aliens at the border after they built a wall,” he said.

And Gosar said building a wall across the southern border would prevent more than illegal aliens.

A wall would prevent heroin—90 percent of which “flows through our porous southern border”—from reaching American communities racked with drug abuse and overdose. The reduction in heroin supply, in turn, could help slow the devastating effects of heroin overdose, which currently takes 300 American lives every day.

Gosar said walls have worked for the major cities on the southern border that have built them.

Tucson built a wall in 2000 and saw a 90 percent drop in arrests of illegal aliens over 15 years.

San Diego built a wall in 1992 and witnessed a 92 percent decrease in arrests of illegal aliens over 23 years.

And in El Paso, a wall decreased apprehensions of illegal aliens by 72 percent after the first year and by 95 percent after 22 years.

“President Trump has put a plan on the table to secure our border,” Gosar said. “I’ve proudly joined my colleagues in House Freedom Caucus in calling on the House to stay in session until we have a deal. Democrats have offered zero alternative plans to secure our border.”