Al Gore Endorses a Penguin for Congress

‘You don’t have to be a cute penguin running for Congress, but you do have to vote…’

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Former Vice President Al Gore endorsed an emperor penguin named Earth for Congress on Tuesday.

Gore said Earth supports green initiatives and clean energy and will fight for climate change if elected.

“Earth knows that young people have the power to change the world,” Gore said, according to The Drum. “I’m so inspired by the passionate and dedicated young leaders who are getting involved and making their voices heard. It’s crucial that this energy is translated into votes this November.”

Gore chairs the Climate Reality Project, which officially announced its “new breed of politician” earlier this week.

“As a young, registered voter, Earth’s perspective, message and relatable tone resonates with me,” said Climate Reality Project’s content creator Liza Koshy. “She stands for issues that hit home (literally) for us all. I encourage everyone to use their platform, as Earth does, to ensure their voice is heard. You don’t have to be a cute penguin running for Congress, but you do have to vote.”

The satirical campaign is meant to encourage voter registration and turnout ahead of the midterm elections.

“I am proposing a complete transition from coal and natural gas to renewables—and I don’t mean your streaming subscriptions. I’m talking clean sources of energy like solar, wind, and geothermal,” Earth the Penguin says on its campaign website.

“By encouraging businesses and cities to transition to clean energy, we can create millions of new jobs for Americans, promote national security, and help our planet keep its cool.”

For skeptics of Gore’s climate-change conspiracies, the latest endorsement is hardly his most outlandish public statement. Many of the theories postulated in his 2006 movie “An Inconvenient Truth,” which won him an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize, have since been debunked—and in some cases contradicted by Gore himself. Gore also has faced considerable criticism for failing to practice what he preaches, with a personal carbon footprint 34 times the national average.