GOP Leaders Propose Amnesty with National ID Card

US Citizens would be forced to carry a National ID card with biometric identifiers…

biometric ID photo

Photo by ZapTheDingbat (CC)

(New American) …Under the guise of getting “something” in exchange for providing amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants (and future Democrat voters) in Obama’s illegal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the establishment wing of the GOP is pushing a radical longtime goal of the bipartisan Deep State: mandatory national biometric ID cards for all Americans

The Orwellian national ID scheme, known as “E-Verify,” is ostensibly aimed at making it harder for illegal immigrants to find work in the United States.

Basically, as part of the program, which would become mandatory under the bill, every employer would be forced to buy a scanner and use it to check the legal work status of potential employees.

On top of that, every worker would be forced to have a biometric ID issued by the federal government in order to be able to legally work. Without this national ID, employers would not legally be able to hire somebody.

But in reality, illegal immigrants are typically paid under the table anyway — many of them simply work as day laborers and get paid in cash at the end of the day…

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What the scheme will do, though, is force all law-abiding Americans to carry an unconstitutional national ID with all their information on it, including sensitive biometric data, just to be allowed to work…

The controversial national ID provision most recently surfaced in the Republican-backed “Securing America’s Future” Act (H.R. 4760).

Sponsored by Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, the bill has some 70 cosponsors less than two weeks after being introduced…

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  • Rolpho Signetti

    Never have liked the idea of a national ID card. To me you are not really free if you have big brother watching over you.

    Same thing as a 1943 German train station… and police are checking everybody out. You have you identification papers with you?

    He is a Jew! Come with us.

    Just do not like it! This Jew just does not like it!

    • regulus30

      you already have a national ID , it is called a social security card; problem is the system is being bast666rdized by allowing certain people to violate it’s purpose.

      • Gregg Parker

        True but our SS card doesn’t contain biometric info… which you know will eventually be upgraded to contain all ypur information.

      • William Daniels III

        aMy US Passport is also my natn’l ID card. I use it instead of a driver’s license ever since I learned that illegals can easily get a driver’s license. I emphasize my citizenship at medical appointments. I also advise people that driver’s licenses are easier to manufacture than the Passport. Now my state has biometric identifiers in the driver’s license. Big Brother – NWO has been setting us up for this kind of abuse ! for decades . Easy fix = kick them all out and when we have a ZERO UNEMPLOYMENT PROBLEM, we can consider restricted work permits.

      • deerflyguy

        The ONLY people who get my social security card number are institutions that are required to report my personal data to the government. (ie. banks who have an obligation to report my savings account interest to the IRS) I staunchly refuse to give my SS# to businesses that only want it as a means of identification! SS#’s are personal account numbers, and NOT identification cards! Oh sure, they make great ID numbers, but that’s not why we were issued them!

        • Lynn Johnston

          But we are all now identified! In our government!

          • deerflyguy

            Being identified through other measures that our corrupt government uses to place us on one list or another does not mean the we should accept using our social security number for general purposes of identification. Simply stated, it is wrong, and a primary source of identification theft and the many bad things that come from it.

      • Lynn Johnston

        A Big Yes to that!! We are all identified, aren’t we!

  • Raymond Miller

    NO !

  • regulus30

    Now we are getting some where.

  • omni

    what is the panic about? You have NO privacy-forget the government-any THIEF can get your info.
    If you want to preserve any vestige of what was America-these cards are necessary.

    • Rob Colli

      It’s time to replace the SS card anyway just look at the massive fraud abuse. The National ID Card will allow the government to know who’s here. Don’t cry privacy blah blah we are way past that point now. Replace the IRS and have national sales tax on all goods. That way even cash only guys will pay there share on consumption. It’s the only fair way folks..

      • Col C

        I don’t agree with national ID cards, or Social Security cards, both violate the privacy clause in the Constitution, but national ID cards are even worse, they will have all kinds of personal information on them, we have no idea what a Pandora’s box that could turn out to be.
        I do, however, agree with getting the IRS out of our lives, and everyone paying taxes on goods purchased, instead of income tax, you are correct, it is way more fair.

      • oldfatguy

        In the real world, “…the only fair way…” Will be abused by the watchers demanding this of us.

      • omni

        I LOVE the idea of a FAIR TAX-as long as it is NOT in addition to the income tax! It will never happen though because the income tax/IRS is a weapon to be used against the people-as in persecution of conservative groups under Obama. So the DEEP STATE will never give that up!

      • Publius40

        You must be standing there with your right arm extended upward and clicking your heels together when you spout this garbage.

      • Rolpho Signetti

        Since we are way past that point, blah, blah, blah… might as well just go all in? As far as a SS card being a national ID card? How is that working out? No fraud there? Passports? If you do not go to other countries, you do not need one.

        I understand that there are numerous types of I’d cards within our society… even a Starbucks card that a lot of people happily give out info.

        We have just accepted these government, private infringements into our lives as necessary evils of modern life. Just logging into this site gives all kind of sites a lot of info about us!

        So the genie is already out there… might as well go all in. Welcome to 1984. We have been programmed.


    • David Stewart

      Sure, Moonbeam Brown can give them to all new residents as he does with Cal. driver’s licenses….

      • omni

        no-this is a NATIONAL ID card-Moonbeam is cut out of the loop

  • SocialistsCommunistsLoveSharia

    This is the card that we need for voting no more voter fraud. For business it is better to use e verify.

  • Col C

    We already have social security and a driver’s license ID, mandatory for getting a job. These have to be checked and verified. NO MORE CARDS, no more government intrusion. We need the wall, and we need to seriously vet anyone who wants to immigrate here, and most Muslims should not be allowed because they can not swear to follow the laws of our Constitution, it totally conflicts with Sharia Law. If a person can not offer loyalty to our country and our laws, they have no business living here, and yes, it is really that simple.

    • Amen! Renounce Islam or go home, as the Sharia is the only Law Muslims are allowed to follow and they can have no allegiance to the Infidels!

      • taliesin319

        The koran allows any kind of dishonesty or crime as long as it is a benefit to Islam. It allows Taquiya a form of institutionalized lying. Do yourself a favor and read the koran and no, you don’t have to put gloves on but you will feel you need a shower and an emesis basin when you are through reading it.

        • When I was in the Military we referred to it as the Pirate bible for that very reason! And just like Vampires, once they turn everyone to the Sharia, they loose their source of piracy, as they may only abuse Infidels not fellow Muslims! Which of course makes their Cult self defeating, since it uses criminal behavior as a draw for conversion! Once they get the worldwide Caliphate they desire the lower cast will destroy the upper cast out of shear boredom and feelings of inequality! As a soldier it was my duty to read Satan’s Quran, the Sharia and the Hadith and once finished truly a shower and the Bible were definitely needed! This is the Cult of Antichrist plain and simple and is responsible for 75% of the Evil in this world! Islam needs to be banned worldwide and those practicing this Cult need Jesus the real Messiah!

      • Jose Cisneros

        I agree no sharia law as it goes against our constitution and is filled with lie’s and hatred so no need to read a demonic book. Islam’s action’s is known by its fruit, all bad

    • America1st

      Neither a SS card nor a driver’s liscense are proof of US citizenship. A National ID would help eliminate non citizens from voting illegally. It’s been estimated that between 8 and 12 million non US citizens voted in the 2016 election.

      • David Stewart

        Is that cherry or grape Koolade you like?

      • mar

        Unless of course, your state doesn’t require (or forbids) workers at polling places to ask for ID in the first place!

        • America1st

          National ID would require Congressional action applicable to all states and US territories.

          • mar

            Granted, but wouldn’t it be nice if states would decide to allow only citizens to vote, as stated in the Constitution? If states want to allow non citizens to vote in state elections, let them. National elections have their own rules, states should not be able to circumvent them.

          • Lynn Johnston

            No, don’t let them! Vote in the state either!

          • Lynn Johnston


        • America1st

          States like California have already provided illegal aliens with state driver licenses with automatic motor voter registration. If they can vote in state elections they can vote in national elections (again this is illegal but California apparently encourages illegal activity)

          • mar

            So maybe it’s time to require our elected officials to obey Federal laws, as we all should, or face the consequences, as those who have not been elected to office wold. I expect that if I broke the law I wold be arrested and tried. Do I have to be elected governor to be above the law?

        • Lynn Johnston

          Make it one card…see my later post. My polling District always asked for my voter ID card

      • Carolyn

        Are you serious??? Don’t you understand that the ONLY reason the Democrats want to give amnesty to the illegals is so they can also give them the right to vote and they will make damn sure that every one of them will be pressured with guilt to think they have to vote for Democrats the rest of their lives!!! They don’t give a damn for these poor people. All they care about is keeping their greedy power in our government.

        • America1st

          I agree with you and that’s exactly why we need national citizenship verification for all voters. No citizenship verification no vote.

          • Publius40

            If you were born in the USA you have a birth certificate. That should be all you need.

          • lorddragonstar

            A national registry is what the deep state wants; free-thinking Americans do not want this. The government has enough info now.

          • Lynn Johnston

            No, with one card to be an American for all things would be good thing. The government already has all our Goods. Now we need to make it legal. No one gets one if they’re not from here

          • lorddragonstar

            It will NOT be good. They will put you in other data bases in other countries, too.

          • Lynn Johnston

            Yep! see my later reply

        • irene

          Unfortunately, you are right! The people that have been brought up in a Christian religion, CAN be made to feel guilt! However, the “muslims” are brought up to LIE & DO NOT feel GUILT! Get rid of these monsters! They’re the antichrist led by obama & middle eastern laws!

      • Sam Fyrestarter

        No Thanks, Adolph….

        • America1st

          So you prefer to join those that watched the holocaust and did nothing to stop it? You support voter fraud?

          • Sam Fyrestarter

            Go Ahead, Take The Mark Of The Beast….I Like Freedom More Than Security….

          • America1st

            Lucifer, I wouldn’t expect anything less from you.

      • ted towny

        Wouldn’t work, there is an easy way around anything!

        • America1st

          We are not enforcing citizenship voting requirements today but this would be a good starting point.

      • Lynn Johnston

        Yep, see my earlier reply

    • Lin

      The problem with the drivers license these days is that several sanctuary states are giving illegals drivers licenses and with that they can vote. Don’t think for a minute that those licenses state that they are undocumented.

      • ted towny

        Brand them!

    • William Daniels III

      Islam teaches that because we consider our system of law to supersede – take priority over the Law of Allah as delivered through the Divine Messenger, THE Prophet Mohamed, we all suffer the sin of HUBRIS and we must be brought down. One cannot be a Muslim and an American. To be Muslim, one must swear to support and
      to work diligently for a World Wide CALIPHATE !
      Kick them all out and confiscate the armories in every mosque in the country !

    • Alan404

      Re Identification, Social Security and such, the following is a direct quote from my Social Scurity Card, circa 1948.


      Now, in it’s august wisdom, or what passes therefore, back around 1980, The Congress blew that straight forward admonishment away. Obviously, The Congress was all wet there, and we need to return things to what they properly were, retroactively. The referenced return. Ends to begin, in my view, RDN, which means Right Damned Now.

    • John Ant

      Everyone is required to have a card and if caught without it they go to jail with a big fine or get deported

      • slk5

        unless you’re an undocumented liberal socialist!!!

    • slk5

      they’re handing out california drivers lisense’s like candy, and illegals get them…not to mention counterfeits!!!

    • larry harvey

      Muslim Americans have no problem in swearing loyalty to the U.S. Constitution and they do not intend to impose Sharia on this country. To contend otherwise is to spread lies in order to justify Islamophobia.

      • Col C

        There may be some that just want to live in peace, and be American, they are not the ones I’m worried about. They do want Sharia Law, although I imagine there are some women who do not want Sharia, there are even doctors here, who perform genital mutilation on girls, in fact, a woman Muslim doctor was arrested for performing this on little girls, in Michigan. There are already courts in Michigan, and other places that are instituting Sharia Law, which allows men to beat and even kill their wives, among other atrocities. If you do not believe this, that is your choice.

        • larry harvey

          Col C–No Michigan court would enforce Sharia law or justify domestic violence or murder because this is in direct violation of our law. If you know otherwise please name the court, date and circumstances and I will definitely look into it .

          • Col C

            There was a recent case in New Jersey where a judge ruled that a Muslim man could rape his wife, because of his religion and it’s Sharia Law. So the woman has no rights here, because she is Muslim? They absolutely want to change the law here, another case is set for a serious legal challenge involving the will of the voters in Oklahoma and an Islamic organization that’s filed a federal lawsuit challenging a state amendment that bans the use of Islamic Sharia law and international law in Oklahoma courts, notice it is an Islamic organization, but they don’t want to come here and change our laws. You can’t even hand out Christian tracts in Dearborn, Michigan without being arrested, because Muslims have taken over there, they even run their Muslim prayers over the loud speakers five times a day, but they don’t want to take over. There are many more problems like these, public schools that are forcing students to learn Muslim prayers, and installing foot baths, and taking pork off the menu, segregating boys from girls, and so many stories I can’t even list them all.

    • Patriot1

      Col C — I totally agree, an SS card and a drivers license is enough. If they want to see anything else, they can look at my Birth Certificate proving I which state I was born in, in the U.S. We are not living in Nazi Germany of the 30’s and 40’s where the question of the day was “Papers Please”

    • seen it all

      Sadly, E-Verify doesn’t prevent an illegal from using a stolen ID. It only checks to see if the name DOB and SS number match. It does not verify that the person using the iD is the rightful owner. I’ve seen it many times.

  • Victor Gillings

    I grew up in a country (England) that had National Identity Cards, I never saw anything wrong with it
    and still do not. You carry a driving license but don’t want an ID card. why not, they are similar except it is a state thing instead of a federal. An ID card here, you could carry proudly, because it states you are an American, anything wrong with that?

    • vladilyich

      What this is has become a thinly disguised internal passport. It will undoubtedly be run by an executive burocracy which, like the current State Department, will have the power to refuse to issue one to whomever they wish.

      Case in point. I am an American. I don’t live within the confines of the American border. My passport expired last year. The local embassy refused to renew it. I can not re-enter the U.S. if I ever wanted to. I missed the funeral of one of my daughters because of this.

      What happens if some rogue agent decides that your “work permit” is no longer valid. You can’t work, you can’t get on an airplane and YOU CAN’T VOTE. Think hard about this.

  • Louie Rey

    If this measure culls the herd, so to speak, then I’m all for it. However, if this measure makes it easier for these illegal aliens to become part of the Democratic voting block then I’m sorry, you’ve got to take your sorry butts back to wherever you came from and go through the proper channels to become an American citizen.

  • SA Ander

    If illegals are allowed in, the GOOPS can kiss my donations good bye and DT will loose his voting base.

  • Maxine Albritton

    we, the Americans have a ss card. that is our number which I deplore also. this is a further step in a direction that leads to more problems in the future not less. The reason is biblical so I am not going into that. what do they mean by biometric, an eye scan. what if you have your eyeballs removed. I have friends that have that problem. or finger scan what?

  • David Stewart

    Someone needs to go wake up George Orwell so he can see this……..

  • Tony B

    How about a National immigrant ID that is no longer necessary once citizenship is achieved? Also, proof of citizenship required for voter registration and presented for voting. MAGA

  • Gerry Costa


  • JWB

    Wouldn’t it be “easier” and “reduce” the risk of fraud, if we, the government, implant a chip in your forehead or hand, the “mark” will be “painless”, trust us, they will say next.

  • Publius40

    Regardless of who the congresscritter might be, THIS SHOULD BE A LITMUS TEST for reelection! Anyone is a fool if they cast a vote for anyone supporting this Orwellian tagging. The American people am not chattel for the Government to place what essentially is an ear tag and mark us as acceptable to get a job, or anything else.

    It is the Federal Government’s failure to preform their responsibility to maintain our borders that has created the problem, instead of doing their job the government wants to rob us of more of our privacy rights because they have done such a lousy job in their realm of responsibility.

    NO! The growth of power and reach of this Cerberean creature – the federal government – whose tentacles now wrap around almost every facet of our lives must be stopped lest every minuscule fragment of Liberty and Freedom that remains will be forfeited.

    • William Daniels III

      Eliminate all politicians loyal to the Rothchild/Federal Reserve/ World Bank/CFR/ UNITED NATIONS and to Israel. Make them sign and attest to their allegiance to the United States and not this Orwellian take over. Jail them all for TREASON. US FIRST !

      I am now 60 yrs old. I have been watching this travesty since i was 10. Deeply affected by it when I was 20 and had a trucking business in California. Illegals then, and Congress making deals with Eisenhower with ZERO FULFILLMENT of agreements to “reform” or to set up systems for restricting flow of invaders.

      Reconquista is taught in Mexico’s grade schools and the NWO wants to eliminate any conversation of “boredrs” because the dissolution of all borders is the UN directive.

  • Steven Sodar

    Dumb idea. ID card is anti-American freedom for citizens (though illegal immigration is anti-American too and shouod be stopped)

  • NorthPortNurse

    Don’t delude yourselves, you have no secrets from the government. Thanks to Obamacare, they even have a video or photos of your insides if you’ve ever had a colonoscopy. It’s all on-line with hospitals and doctors entering every detail about you to get payment for services. If you think you have secrets, you are only keeping them from your family and friends, perfect strangers know all there is to know about you. The government knows and has seen more of you than your own spouse or even your Mother.

  • Steven Sodar

    Some type of voter Verification card would be a good idea.

  • JWB

    NO! NEVER!

  • Steven Sodar

    Eg. A line on ones driving licence “holder permit to vote” – obtained after presenting proof of citizenship to the DMV: US passport, birth certificate or naturalization papers.

  • Gregg Parker

    A voter ID is one thing… a national ID is way over the top. Let ICE take care of illegals! E verify filing mandatory again solves the rest. We just need to provide security and integrity back into the election process and the illegal problem begins to solve itself as they become useless to the minority party. Kill the bill and #releasethememo

  • Lin

    This is what they should do for the so called DACA… Give them ID’s that show they are not american citizens until they go through the process, this way they cannot vote in any elections, which is what the Democraps want.

  • MontanaMEL

    I saw NO E-Verify per se in this bill…. I see the national ID card… The two are NOT THE SAME AT ALL…
    And, there are all kind of false references to E-Verify being grossly inaccurate, it has never been supported as it should have, or should be, while being used in “pilot studies”, etc… The DB has never been linked to NCIS to the best of my knowledge.
    E-Verify places all the onus on the person to prove they are here legally for work purposes. The DB was to expand as it was used, it had an appeal process as I remember.
    With these states giving away driver’s lic (and, voter registrations!) like candy; no good thing can come from this. The National ID card is a bad idea and needs to be flushed from this bill – which has many “other” great points within it!
    The best outcome for America is for that March date to pass without any Congress action whatsoever – presto, no more DACA to save… Roll the busses!

  • got my licence

    Right, like there would be no way to abuse this. In OR in order to renew a already issued drivers lic. I have to bring in my SS card, birth cert and a bill with my current address. But if I was a illegal you don’t have to show any of that and they give you a drivers lic. We do not need any more new cards or laws, we just need to enforce the laws we already have.

  • Dave C

    There is nothing “Orwellian” about “E-Verify,”

  • God Bless America

    Would this include obama

  • Hope

    I’m not really for a “national ID card”, but we need to have a way of telling who is here legally and who is not. I truly believe states/cities/universities that protect lawbreakers that came into our country illegally should receive absolutely NO federal funding. I also believe that states that provide driver’s licenses to illegal aliens should no longer be counted in our federal elections as only citizens have the right to vote in national elections.

  • Carroll Osteen

    666 ? Just a few more steps and it WILL be here ! I am a conservative and TOTALLY AGAINST THIS !

  • John

    I think free voter registration with pictures is valid. I don’t think illegals should get drivers licenses as it can be used in so many ways as I.D.
    I’m against the I.D. For everyone.
    IF IF we do DACA it has to be like Ellis Island, they are registered, I.D’d , finger printed maybe even DNA in a national data base( may sole some unsolved crimes. Those who this status applies to must be razor thin with very tough guidelines and easy steps to disqualify and deport offenders. NO FRIENDS OR FAMILY PROGRAM,
    If and i mean ONLY IF everything else has been tried. Make sure you get FULL FUNDING for the wall and all security around it plus more ICE and P. O. Types to ensure DACA compliance, no or verrrrrrrrrrrrttry extended path to citizenship, then they are treated like exfelons and CANNOT VOTE.
    STOP lottery migration, refugees, institute merit based legal migration.
    This is not make America white again its MAKE AMERICA RIGHT AGAIN.
    When my ancestors moved here from Ireland, they were not met with open arms, but they worked hard to assimilate and showed their love for this country and instilled that into the generations that followed.
    We want those who will add to our country, and will learn and defend our values not try to tear them down or take away from it.

  • edlorens

    Two bad ideas put together: Amnesty that eventually might increase the illegal migration and the National I.D. card that would give the government too much control over citizens and legal residents from whatever privacy they have left and potentially increase the identity theft.

  • Peter J

    More smoke and mirrors politics from “the establishment wing of the GOP” AKA Democrats in Disguise. No thank you! No ID card, no amnesty.

  • Klikhir Tulagin

    Stalin sent hundreds, perhaps thousands of agents to the US – some old ones are probably still here – but we didn’t need a National ID. Any card they produce now will have your biometrics recorded and an RFID chip – so the Deep State knows where you are at all times – and they will require you to have it on you, so you are always ‘on the grid’. Yes, there are already facilities minding the grid, just like in the movies. They will incrementally add encroachments, such as showing your card to get a cell phone. And E-verify already has problems with false negatives, denying born citizens employment because there is something they consider inconsistent in the record keeping. So – just ‘No’!

  • Al Chemist

    If a person can not speak English and is trying to vote, that might be a clue that said person might be an illegal alien. National ID card? No.

  • TXGal819

    “Read the Bill” – It specifically states “no national identification card” on page 125 of said bill. I still have my own doubts, but so far the 400+ page bill specifically stipulates it is not authorizing the national ID card.

  • Liberal Idiots

    The Democrats will not go for this. They might get 1.8 million new voters with the dreamers. but they’ll lose far more votes with the dead people who vote, that don’t have a ID card.

  • David

    Some sort of legalization of the children aliens (of this country) brought here illegally (they didn’t have a choice because their parents chose to break immigration law, presumable to find a better life) is needed! Because of what Jesus said (Matthew 25:40- “Truly , I say to you, in that you have done it to the least of these, my brethren, you have done it to me”) deporting them is UNWISE!!!! The idea for ANOTHER NATIONAL ID CARD is bad [1) it would INCREASE the similarities to the 3rd Reich 2) could be a starting point for THE MARK OF THE BEAST].

  • ADRoberts

    E verify? Yes.
    National ID cards? NO
    This is one step in the move by the elite to bring us to ONE WORLD ORDER and fulfill the prophesies of the antichrist. Do they know they are doing what the Bible says? Maybe? Maybe not? I don’t think they care as they don’t believe in God or the Bible.
    God help us.; Elite who gained money and power and now are determined to gain total control.

  • Lizard

    Um ah, i do not believe E-verify works very well. Obama failed E -Verify
    Just sayin

  • Alan404

    What is this hogwash over and about National ID Cards, and whose idiotic, objectionable idea is it to begin with?

  • rocky63

    This is a very bad idea. We should all rise up and oppose it. The Republicans must have lost their minds to be supporting this.

  • Beeker D.

    Any Fool Can See How This Is Going To Turn Out! “LEGALLY HIRE”(?) What If They Want To “ILLEGALLY HIRE” Them? What’s To Stop Them From Being Hired? ISN’T IT ALREADY ILLEGAL TO HIRE AN ILLEGAL?
    You can hear the Krats Now:”They’re Just Coming Here For Work” So Why Do They Need An I.D. Card, THAT’S RACIST”!

  • mwood13

    national ID cards destroy freedom

  • kassa1

    Everything that has been created for the good of man, at least on the surface, was in the end used against him. From the national ID card we will go to the chip installed in your hand or somewhere on your body, because it will be said the people lose cards and they get stolen or they can’t vote because they don’t have the card or they can go cash your check because their card was lost, and the litany goes on which will in the end result with the chip.


      How about guns?

  • Jose Cisneros

    National id is bad, we have Social Security number, birth certificates, drivers license to verify who we are, to add another form of id is redundant, unnecessary, and another form of tax we’ll have to pay to get and renew. Let “We the People” vote on this political stupidity. Why are we going to punish law abiding people because of illegal aliens, criminals and communist democrats. At the local level we should have voter id that only states that person is eligible to vote in that county and state and nothing more and not at the national level. National ID and biometric’s are unconstitutional. The GOP is wrong.

  • RonBeau

    What the he double toothpicks!! This is not 1933 Germany. And Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler. What an idiotic idea. Most certainly a RINO fantasy. That is why conservatives hate them so much. Are NC senators Burr in the Butt and Thom Tillery supporting this or did they propose it??

  • Carole

    My thoughts for what it is worth. Let the DACA expire, start sending them and their families back to their country’s they came from and let us get on with having a LAWFUL country again. MAGA

  • parthenon1

    Although I dont like anymore federal govt oversight than we already have but I would be in favor of a photo ID voter registration ! Yes, it is a state jurisdiction but we have already seen some states who want to subvert the election process so the fed would have to handle this !

    • OldSilk

      They aren’t going for photo ID voter registration. It is a classic case of imposing on everybody else for the sake of the criminals.

      • deerflyguy

        They always try to sell us a bill of goods by either telling us it’s a step against law breakers, OR ………’s for the children! Then, after it’s passed, they uncover what it really was for all along!
        Politicians lie and many are sucked in by their deceitful rhetoric!

        • OldSilk

          Well, we are soooo onto them. The illegal aliens can have the special biometric ID, not us. We are American citizens, and these RINOs and their Democrat cronies violate the Constitution by requiring us to have it.

      • parthenon1

        Sorry man but with no id card its impossible to tell ” the criminals from everybody else. the require a license to drive, to fish or hunt, even to buy a handgun (this one I hate), to start a business etc. etc. why not for one of the most important rights we have, to vote. . . .I dont want to live where dead people or non-citizens or felons (yes felons) are allowed to help pick our leaders !

        • OldSilk

          I have no problem with photo id. I have a problem with national database biometric markers. Let the illegal aliens get the national biometric marker id. I do not appreciate being lumped in with the criminal aliens, and I do not care if their feelings are hurt. You wanna play nice with the establishment just remember they aren’t doing anything to protect you, but to make criminals feel comfortable and welcome.

    • deerflyguy

      Voter proof of identity is fine with me, but
      George Orwell warned us about this!

  • OldSilk

    Kill it. Imposing on me for the sake of criminals. How establishment of you!

  • Mike

    Does anybody else sense what this is REALLY all about? It isn’t only about a national ID card. it is about keeping tabs and the ability to track every person in the country, If passed and it may well pass with all the deep staters and one worlders of both parties having group think. But my point being it isn’t just about having an ID card. It is a very short step from a card to a chip being implanted on the back of the hand or on the forehead. Think about it. Understanding Bible readers and believers should know what I’m talking about.

  • barbarakelly


  • Estell Newton

    Send ALL illegals home.

  • Busdriver Bill

    Absolutely NOT!! “Your papers please!” (picture a uniformed and heavily armed “local” policeman – steely eyed, expressionless, and formidable). Just like the image of fascist enemies in the movies. Do we want to give up our sovereignty for that very lopsided sort of pseudo-security? We are on the verge of trashing and burning our “Founders'” precarious republic – so costly purchased in blood. “Securing America’s Future Police State,” is more like it.

  • Ernie G


  • larry harvey

    A national identity card should never be imposed. It is the first big step towards a police state.

    • Harleyrose

      With 30 million foreign invaders in our nation, myriads of terrorists and international crime gangs purposely brought to the US by the Mongrel Kenyan, and the insane liberal progressive SJWs looking more like they need to be in internment camps every day????
      I submit the #Resistance has firmly established it’s abject ignorance and it’s time to get with the Program…with civilization.
      Hating America and a normal, healthy society is not going to work out for them much longer!

      • larry harvey

        Harleyrose– I do not see thirty million foreign invaders in our country unless you consider the entire population, except for the native Americans who were here prior to the first European. Our country is based on immigration and thrives on diversity, not on narrow tribalism and racism.

  • klsparrow

    HR 4760 should be the immigration bill that Repub’s support with amnesty for 700K DACA people if the Dems want amnesty for DACA like they say this is the final offer take it are leave it no bill is better than a bad bill

  • Lynn Johnston

    I’m good with that, what’s the problem?
    I carry every other identifying cards to get me in to everything American, the grocery store or Costco, or …. so what?

  • Farte’

    Americans don’t need any more forms of ID. It’s the “undocumented” illegals that have the problem. They are the sole reason why the Dems fight ID’s at the voting booth.

  • Harleyrose

    Excellent! In fact, it should be made an imprisonable offense to be wandering around our nation without a national ID.
    We just happen to have all those empty FEMA camps Obama built and Hillary planned to fill with American patriots. But now we have these destructive fascist Antifas and the ever-ignorant, violent blacks who are much more trouble to civilization than they could ever be worth!
    Rounding up the illegals is covered by the ICE pros. But these leftist nuts are everywhere!
    National ID for American citizens!! Death camps for all others.

  • J Whitehurst

    Another misguided attempt by our ignorant politicians that punishes the law abiding CITIZENS of the USA. Stop your excessive overreaching and really deal with the problem. You politicians are paid over 185,000 a year to do your job and you consistently fail miserably at it. Stop the profuse influx of ILLEGAL immigrants and require them to have proper identification or deport them.

  • Lynn Johnston

    So just get one card, we all have many! Maybe we could deduce it to one card, for all Americans. Real Americans! I don’t have a problem with one card I can show everywhere!!
    How did the discussion become about Sharia Anything? Dounce the Sharia crap cause they DON’T belong here ever…unless they assimilate

  • America1st

    Not all states require birth certificate verification. Many states have a box to check confirming you are a US citizen.

  • Dorothy Foster

    I don’ want to give them amnesty or anything else!!!!!!!!!!!!