GOP Congresswoman: If Elected, Moore Will Face Ethics Committee

Rep. Barbara Comstock was the first Republican woman in Congress to ask Roy Moore to resign…

(CNS News) With a special election looming tomorrow, President Trump is making in-person and robocall pitches for Judge Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. Following Trump’s lead, the Republican National Committee last week resumed its financial support for the judge.

And if Moore is elected Tuesady, “he’ll be facing the Ethics Committee,” Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock (Va.) told “Fox News Sunday.”

Host Chris Wallace asked Comstock if it bothers her, as a Republican, to see Trump and the RNC supporting a man who faces several allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls, including one as young as 14.

“Well, I was one of, I think, the first Republican women to call for him to step aside,” Comstock said. “I’m happy to see my friend like Senator Cory Gardner [R-Colo.], who heads up the senatorial committee, Tim Scott [R-S.C.]and many others take the other side of that and say that we don’t need to have him here,” Comstock said.



“Now, the voters are going to decide on Tuesday, but I think what they’re going to have is an ethics investigation. And what we’ve been doing on my (House Administration) Committee is, we’ve been hearing the voices of the women and the victims, and that is what is going to happen, because every woman has a story.

“Jeff Sessions said he believed these women, and I think if Roy Moore doesn’t underperform like he has in the past and he’s here, he’ll be facing the Ethics Committee…”

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