Google Censors Natural News to Silence Mercury in Vaccines Debate

(Natural News) Over 100 million American parents have no clue that every time they get their children injected with some kind of inoculation or immunization, they are indirectly abusing their children with chemical violence. Of course, if they really knew what was in those vaccines and the caustic effect that even just parts per billion of mercury has on the central nervous system and brain, they would start asking more questions and doubting the validity of “modern” Western medicine, as they righteously should.

If anyone would dare to read the vaccine insert that lists the ingredients, warnings and side effects, they would be left in a state of horror, knowing that most vaccines contain all of the allergens and toxic “preservatives” that are responsible for the very chronic, severe health trauma from which many children are suffering.

What happens when you repeatedly inject mercury — which can be found in the annual flu shot that doctors recommend — formaldehyde, MSG, genetically modified bacteria, other people’s blood (human albumin), and aluminum into your child’s muscle tissue? Google certainly won’t provide you with any of these answers, as they have chosen to delete from history everything that exposes the dangers of untested, unsafe, experimental vaccines…

It would seem that the popular search engine Google has completely black-holed over 140,000 very popular professional articles about natural remedies, dangerous food ingredients (like GMOs), and some of the most toxic, dangerous medicine on planet earth today – the dreaded “flu shot.”

Never before has the danger of a medicine been more underestimated, under-researched, and untested than the mercury-loaded influenza vaccine – yes folks, it’s a vaccine. No American is even allowed to debate whether the flu shot works or if it’s safe. Now, thanks to Google, you can’t even find out that the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, already tested flu shots and found 25,000 times the mercury in them then you can legally find in fish or tap water…


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