REP. GOHMERT: Migrant Caravan is an ‘Invasion’

‘President Trump is not going to send troops into Mexico but he’s made clear, that this…needs to be stopped…’

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) Texas congressman Louie Gohmert didn’t mince words on Monday about the so-called migrant caravan heading toward the U.S. southern border.

In a Fox News interview, he said the migrants are “trying to force their way in” and that the caravan should be called what it really is, “an invasion.”

Gohmert, a Republican whose home state of Texas shares 1,254 border miles and 28 bridges and border crossings with Mexico, expressed outrage at the flood of Central Americans on their way north to the United States in defiance of the Trump administration, now between 7,000 and 10,000 in number.

“We have got to have the DOJ investigate the where the funding is coming from to send to these thousands and thousands of people to the U.S.,” he said.

By some estimates, the cost per person is about $6,000, or upwards of $60 million in total.

Images of migrants getting on buses were broadcast across cable news channels on Monday afternoon, with the crisis expected reach the southern border only days before the midterm elections.

Gohmert, a former district court judge, suggested using federal RICO laws to identify and prosecute whoever is funding the mass migration.

President Trump was in Texas on Monday to rally support for Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, who is campaigning for reelection in November. Gohmert attended as well.

A day earlier, Trump called the caravan an “onslaught of illegal aliens.”

“People have to apply for asylum in Mexico first, and if they fail to do that, the U.S. will turn them away,” Trump tweeted. “The courts are asking the U.S. to do things that are not doable!”

In a follow-up tweet, he stated: “The Caravans are a disgrace to the Democrat Party. Change the immigration laws NOW!”

Gohmert told Fox News host Bill Hemmer, in a bit of Texas history, that the precedent for the president’s proposal of sending the military to protect the border has already been established — by Democrats.

He referred to President Woodrow Wilson, a staunch progressive, who in 1916 deployed 75,000 National Guard troops to the southern border after Pancho Villa’s marauding gangs crossed into America and killed innocent people at will. He recalled that Wilson also sent General John J. Pershing into Mexico.

“President Trump is not going to send troops into Mexico but he’s made clear, that this is basically an invasion and it needs to be stopped,” Gohmert said.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was dispatched by the White House to Mexico over the weekend to exercise diplomatic leverage over the Mexican government in the hopes that it will block the caravan from travelling any further.

In a statement, Pompeo cited several concerns, including violence, as many of the migrants are young men from extremely violent places.

“We are concerned that these migrants might be victimized by human smugglers or others who would exploit them. We also are deeply concerned by the violence provoked by some members of the group, as well as the apparent political motivation of some organizers of the caravan,” he said.

“Thank God we have a president who will stand up to an invasion like this,” Gohmert said on Fox News, as he explained that the Constitution also allows governors to call forth National Guard troops.

“Fortunately, Gov. Abbott (of Texas) won’t need to do that because the president is going to take care of it,” Gohmert said.

“It’s an invasion from another country,” he continued, adding that “there’s nothing unconstitutional or illegal about doing what Woodrow Wilson did.”