Gingrich Says Legacy Media ‘Lie’ About Tax Cuts; ‘Hate Trump’

‘They’re just stunned that he’s pulling this off…’

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) A “Fox and Friends” segment this morning started with a clip of Rachel Maddow talking about the tax bill:

“The general shape of this legislation has been clear from its first iterations. That it will hurt people who make less money. It will hurt poor people, working people, middle class people.”

Then Fox showed a clip from “Anderson Cooper 360” in which David Chalian, CNN political director, talks about how the American people hate the bill:

“We see broadly that this bill is unpopular and that the overwhelming majority of the American people believe clearly the benefits do go to the wealthy.”

As the House and Senate prepare to vote on the tax cuts today, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says the media has distorted the American public’s view of the tax bill.


“What do you make of how the mainstream media is depicting this big tax cut?” host Steve Doocy asked.

“They lie,” Gingrich said. “They hate Trump. They’re just stunned that he’s pulling this off. They disagree with people like Paul Ryan who for his entire career has talked about creating jobs, reducing taxes on working Americans.”


He said the left’s ideology of “high taxes, big food stamps, and lots of welfare” is incompatible with the conservative vision of “low taxes, lots of jobs, and lots of take home pay.”

“These are antithetical worldviews,” he said.

Gingrich discussed how the left-wing media has controlled the narrative on the GOP tax bill.

“All of the elite media is lying about the tax cuts. Day after day after day they lie about it. And then you go to the average American and ask what they think, and they say ‘Well gosh, based on what I’ve heard I guess I’m against it,” he said. “Then the media says, “Oh my gosh, this is an unpopular tax cut.”

Gingrich says the real results won’t show up until February or March.

“Wait until people get doubling of their deduction, wait til the child tax credit comes in, wait until we see job creation, wait until that average small business suddenly has a big tax and more money at home, and wait until people who don’t currently have a job suddenly find out…they have a choice of three or four jobs because the economy is doing so well.”