Gillibrand Pushes Gun Control Platform Ahead of Possible 2020 Presidential Run

Interviewed on ‘Late Show’ in the wake of a mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, Calif…

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) Sen. Kristin Gillibrand may be laying the groundwork for a 2020 presidential run as the Democratic Party’s progressive gun control candidate.

Gillibrand appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Thursday evening to discuss her new book “Bold and Brave,” and offer her thoughts on how to repeal gun rights.

Colbert conducted the interview in the wake of a mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, Calif., and began with a not-so-subtle gun control pitch, that “Now is the time for action to keep our communities safe.”

“Things are changing,” Gillibrand said, while dressed in all-black and striking a somber tone. “We had candidates in the last election run on this issue,” she said.

The New York senator has an F-rating from the National Rifle Association, and blamed gun violence on “the greed of gun manufacturers and the greed of the NRA.”

She did not mention the that voters, including many in upstate New York who are overshadowed by liberals in New York City, support the NRA and gun rights.

Likewise, she failed to mention deep-pocket liberal billionaires when she pivoted to “money in politics” as a connected problem.

“We have to get money out of politics because it overwhelmingly corrupts the system,” she said.

Democrats benefit immensely from vast political contributions made by billionaires like San Francisco hedge fund manager and climate change activist Tom Steyer, global left-wing activist George Soros and anti-Second Amendment ex-New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg, who ran New York City during Gillibrand’s first senate term, spent $80 million on flipping the House of Representatives to Democrats in the recent midterm elections, according to the New York Times.

In 2016, Bloomberg spent $65 million, with much of the gigantic sums in both election cycles going towards gun control issue campaigns — and amounting to far more than NRA political donations made possible by its 5 million members.

After naming several female Democratic candidates who won elections on Tuesday while running on gun control platforms, Gillibrand said, “We’re in a place where we will fight this until we get it done.”

Gillibrand also weighed in on the recent resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and said that President Donald Trump’s appointed replacement, Sessions’s chief of staff Matthew Whitaker, was unconstitutional.

“You need the advice and consent of the senate,” she said.

Whitaker was a Senate-confirmed U.S. Attorney under President George W. Bush and was appointed Acting Attorney General on Wednesday after Sessions officially resigned, although he was likely forced out by the president.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Mainstreams Gun Control on Colbert

Kirsten Gillibrand/IMAGE: CBS via YouTube

The real concern for Gillibrand and her fellow Democrats is that Whitaker will now oversee former FBI director Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation that many Democrats have been hoping will lead to Trump’s impeachment.

Gillibrand complained that there was a clear line of succession that was violated.

“It should have been Rosenstein,” she said, referring to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, an Obama Justice Department holdover.

Rosenstein appointed Mueller after President Trump fired FBI director James Comey shortly after taking office.

Rosenstein also signed one of the FISA court surveillance applications that was used to spy on the 2016 Trump campaign and presidential transition.