Gillette Plunges $8 Billion after ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Ads, Beard Trends

‘The #GilletteAd denouncing “toxic masculinity” is ironic considering @ProcterGamble funds the most toxic form of feminism—abortion…’

Gillette Ad Slamming 'Toxic Masculinity' Sparks Online Controversy

Scene from Gillette ad/IMAGE: YouTube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Procter & Gamble announced Tuesday that it wrote down Gillette, its shaving supply brand, by $8 billion.

Conservative corporate activism organization 2nd Vote attributed the write-down to a successful boycott by Americans upset over Gillette’s  “toxic masculinity” advertisement that aired during the 2019 Super Bowl. Gillette also donated $3 million to fight “toxic masculinity.”

Mainstream media outlets, however, said that P&G reduced the estimated value of Gillette due to “currency devaluations and lower shaving frequency,” CNBC reported. Beards are in.

Gillette faces additional competition from Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s, which offer convenient at-home delivery and affordable razors.


Despite the write-down, Gillette sold $7.5 billion worth of shaving supplies in 2018, and company officials remain optimistic about its future 2nd Vote reported.

“Grooming continues to be a very attractive business—organic sales up year over year,” CFO Jon Moeller said.

But 2nd Vote believes P&G and Gillette could suffer long-term consequences by insulting their male customer base.

When 2nd Vote surveyed its supporters, they found that 80 percent of respondents said they would not buy Gillette razors any more.

2nd Vote rates both Gillette and P&G as “liberal,” and their corporate activities offend many customers.

For example, P&G paid $300,000 for Planned Parenthood, ironically “the nation’s largest enabler of toxic masculinity,” to continue and expand its murderous mission, according to Radiance Foundation.

Gillette seemingly tried to atone for its anti-male advertisement by airing an advertisement “celebrating military men who sweat during work and risk their lives to save others,” 2nd Vote reported.

For those upset with Gillette and P&G, 2nd Vote suggested buying from Schick, a company owned by Edgewell Personal Care, which has remained politically neutral.