Conservative Radio Host FIRED After Wealthy Liberal Harasses Advertisers

Former WEEI personality Gerry Callahan removed from Boston airwaves after pressure campaign over LGBT comments…

Conservative Radio Host FIRED After Wealthy Liberal Harasses Advertisers

Gerry Callahan/IMAGE: WCVB via YouTube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) A wealthy Boston area investor has successfully seen that a popular morning radio host was removed from his 20-year position, over provocative comments regarding transgenders, after a years-long campaign pressuring the show’s advertisers to stop backing the program.

Sports talk radio station WEEI announced last week that morning personality Gerry Callahan, a pro-Trump conservative, would leave the station.

In 2015 millionaire Bob Murchison heard Callahan and his former co-host Kirk Minihane say that a mother should not encourage her 5-year-old male child to think that he is a female, blog Turtleboy Sports reported. Murchison has been reported to have a transgender son.

Callahan, who supports Trump but more often opposes far-left Democrats, and Minihane reportedly made other controversial jokes about homosexuals and transgenders.

Minihane said Murchison mounted a campaign to pull advertisers from the show, according to TB Daily News.

Callahan’s departure came months after Minihane, who co-hosted the “Kirk and Callahan” show, left in November. He recently joined Barstool Sports.

Minihane tweeted about Callahan leaving WEEI, directly referencing Murchison.

In another tweet Callahan said “dark forces” worked against him.

Twitter users overwhelmingly responded with support for Callahan and Minihane, expressing their frustration at Entercom, the broadcasting company that owns WEEI, for putting politics ahead of business and listeners.

Twitter user @InTheWoo summed up many comments, saying “Every show stinks. Dawn till dusk. Not one good personality.”

Callahan and Minihane also received support from Alex Reimer, a sometimes controversial WEEI employee who often appeared on “Kirk and Callahan.” Reimer is gay and seemingly left-wing (many tweets on his page support radical progressive Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-MN), but praised his former co-workers.

“I have had several ICE COLD BEERS and feel sentimental. @GerryCallahan and @kirkmin hosted a No. 1 morning show and gave a weird 20-something with a screechy voice a seat at the table. They supported me and didn’t give a s**t about mean texts. They are the best. Today sucks,” Reimer tweeted.

Murchison reportedly began the campaign to oust Callahan and Minihane in 2015. Turtleboy Sports obtained email exchanges between Murchison and advertisers.

One message to a local insurance company executive said, “I am writing today again about your advertising on the ‘Kirk and Callahan’ morning show on WEEI in Boston. You may be aware that these radio ‘personalities’ have a long history on race, gender, and sexual orientation talk on the radio. Please see the latest homophobic comments by Minihane and Callahan…”

Callahan said in the allegedly “homophobic” segment that 7-year-old children should not undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Turtleboy Sports speculated that Murchison took offense at Callahan’s comments about transgenderism because Murchison’s daughter Caroline now describes herself as a man named Gabe.

Callahan and Minihane also made sexual jokes about convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez, a former tight end for the New England Patriots, whose lawyer said he was gay.

Minihane: “She [journalist Michelle McPhee] had sources telling her that Hernandez had this double life. Had this gay life.”

Callahan: “Michelle knows the real motive.”

McPhee: “Let’s just say that Aaron Hernandez was a former ‘tight end’  before he was kicked off the Patriots.”

Minihane: “A ‘tight end’ on and off the field as well.”

Callahan: “And then he became a ‘wide receiver.'”

Callahan’s twitter bio summarizes his departure from WEEI:

“When a conservative doesn’t like a radio show, he changes the station. When a liberal doesn’t like a radio show, he demands it be taken off the air.”