Georgetown Univ Prof: ‘ALL White People Are Racist’

(Campus Reform) A Georgetown University law professor recently claimed that “ALL white people are racist” and “ALL men are sexist.”

Georgetown Univ Prof: ‘ALL White People Are Racist’

Preston D. Mitchum (Facebook)

“Yes, ALL white people are racist. Yes, ALL men are sexist. Yes, ALL cis people are transphobic,” Adjunct Professor Preston Mitchum stated in a recent tweet, saying “we have to unpack that. That’s the work.”

Mitchum frequently vocalizes his views on Twitter, arguing in one recent tweet that “everyone has bias, stereotypes, and judgments no matter who you are,” but “what makes this racist, transphobic, sexist is when you add power.”

Georgetown Law School recently hired Mitchum, causing him to boast on Twitter that he “doesn’t just annoy people online,” but now gets “to be an adjunct professor, annoying people in real life…”

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  • midogman

    no group of people can be all things, all the time.

  • Donald Lindsey

    Sounds like this is a Racist idiotic black person who claims to have a brain, the only racist is black and play that card when these babies do not get what they want for FREE.

  • Joe Samo

    All black people are racist, all females are sexist, and all Professors named Preston Mitchum are fools.

    • LBC1689

      . . . and all perverts are heterophobes.

    • vesper007

      Took the words out of my mouth.

    • Ernest_T

      Anytime we say all of anything is something we show prejudice. There are always exceptions! This professor is a fool for sure, but getting paid, for it.

  • Acts238toBsaved

    They need to fire this so called teacher, he is only a teacher of hatred for others. Don’t we have enough of that already? We need teachers who can actually make a difference in this world, not idiots who promote hatred and violence.

    • ekim

      Welcome to the reality brought on by BIG GOVERNMENT ! ALL the blame lands directly in the lap of present and past SO CALLED ” public servants ” who spend heavily to gain a position of lucrative employment and benefits that are not tethered to performance ! IF you look at those who have remained in office more than 2 terms it is because they have enriched themselves by allowing taxpayer funds to be strewn among voters !

  • Polly Dreitzler

    Let me guess – this guy is a liberal progressive democrap! One of those people who accuses everyone else of hating. Yeh, right! Sorry pal, it’s time for you to take a long look in the mirror.

    • rennyangel2

      cretinous maroon

      • Naval Lint

        You seem to agree with the stated premise. If ALL whites are racist, that would include white LIBERALS! Schumer, Pelosi, et al must admit their racism PUBLICLY!!!

        • rennyangel2

          ​If you were old enough to go back to the Civil Rights Movement in the 50s and 60s, King, Abernathy, Gregory, and others never talked about racism 99% of the time. This is an academic phenom that came in with “theory” or deconstruction out of France starting after WW II and positing that ALL Europeans and anyone not of the colonial holdings were haters and oppressive slavers–that actually, the haters were the Nazis and most colonial nations brought hygiene, medicine, longer life spans, food, housing, and law and order to peoples not of the then 19th or 20th C.’s is entirely missing. India today would still be a dozen or more warring small kingdoms ravaged by typhus and cholera plus all the “childhood diseases” and would not be a democracy except for the time it was a British colony.

          • Naval Lint

            I was born in ’56.

          • rennyangel2

            Too young. But you can look up most of King’s major speeches.

          • Naval Lint

            Too bad none of todays blacks seem interested in what MLK actually said. We learned these speeches in junior high school.

        • Deplorable wizard

          This simple minded putz needs to, must, has to, admit by his own logic(?) that ALL blacks are racists!
          Only when this fact is openly realized can true dialog concerning this issue begin.

          BTW, how did this pinhead get to be “adjunct professor”?

          • Mark Strait

            With an education paid for by white taxpayers more than likely

          • Deplorable wizard

            Actually, I don’t think an education is even required to be “adjunct”. I believe that is a title only, given by universities and colleges because a few staff members just like this idiot and his rediculous ideas to shake up and further destroy America.

          • Ernest_T

            What does RACIST even mean nowadays? To me if you see race in everything you are a racist. So this fool is definitely one of the biggest RACIST around. We do not need this kind of “professor ” in power over students.

          • Deplorable wizard

            Apparently, racist means the same as adjunct professor.

        • Teeny Minnick Reprogel

          Get off the LIBERAL nonsense. Not all liberals think the same way. Damn! I shouldn’t even have to say something as obvious as that.

          • Naval Lint

            I might be willing to believe you, if you had said that not all DEMOCRATS are LibProg Nation Socialist. But that’s not what you said, is it? All Liberals DO think the same way, and march in lockstep to their rulers. If this angers you, that’s not my problem.

      • Jim


    • Derek Smith

      Im a older black person I like to know if we really like each other We should ask ourselves
      To me Mr Preston D Mitchum wants all to think young and old Everything is love Stop hating

      • Tradewinds

        For some, it is hard to replace hatred with understand.. Love comes with understanding but first one has to understand himself..

        • Derek Smith

          Very good

        • Brent

          Well put.

        • Ernest_T

          Nice fortune cookie saying. Now, if we could open this bigots eyes to his hate maybe he could change.

          • Tradewinds

            This low life may have eyes but he cannot see.. His passion of hatred is his failure in life..

      • Polly Dreitzler

        I don’t hate anyone. I do hate what some people do. i see that sometimes people get the two confused. It’s not up to me to decide if someone is “good” because God created all of us and we were perfect in His eyes until we sinned. Even then we have to grace of God through Christ to be forgiven our sins if we repent of them. It’s up to Him to judge our worthiness, not me. However, I do hate predgudice, murder, theft, and cruelty. I hate it when people try to escape their culpability by attacking the one who exposes them. That just puts them in deeper jeoperdy and it is hearbreaking.

        • Ernest_T

          I hate hate let’s not hate at all. Hate is too strong an emotion for such little things. Hate sin and evil like this fool preaches if you hate anything.

    • Sylvia Avila

      So true! Sounds like Dem Madness hit him hard! No Hope!

    • kbmiller

      He won’t like what he sees, a whiny Beeotch.

    • Angelswatchingoverme

      Only a racist would say such a thing.

  • Mark V

    Recommending a psych consult!
    nuff said.

    • ekim

      ALL racists are not white ! and this racist should be fired for maligning law enforcers !

      • Mark V


  • Lee Magri

    Well, Professor, YOU, are the raciest, should have been your daughter or your wife!

  • Reggie Smith

    This in itself is a racist remark. It shows the turning tides of blacks being the ones who are the actual racists, not wanting equality, but supremacy. Sad to see these radicals in such places of high esteem, yet still unsatisfied with the work of those true men, like Martin Luther King, Jr. Sadly, they do not understand that we are all one race……the human race. Everything else is in the mind of the beholder.

  • Louie Rey

    Okay, so all Georgetown professors are A**HOLES. This is what passes for higher education in this country nowadays. Anyone shocked that he’s Black? I wonder if these prejudicial and derogatory proclamations and/or actions that seem to be occurring on a daily basis is a result of the lamestream media, with its liberal bias, not demonizing those who commit these heinous acts? It seems that there are no repercussions whatsoever and, therefore, you get guys crawling out from whatever rock they live to get their 15 minutes of infamy? If these people were taken to task maybe there would be some restraint from the Left. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

  • hermio

    He does not seem to grasp the irony that blanket statements about a whole race are themselves racist. And power has nothing to do with it. A powerless person can still be racist.

    • Gary

      Spot on.

  • Gloria Olivieri Perri

    Partly true…all people are bigots. Everyone has their preferences. Some people like blondes, some like brunettes, whatever your preference, it doesn’t mean that you are anti that race, or against that race. I was taught at a very young age that we all bleed the same color blood, and that it’s merely a matter of sun exposure. All men are sexist though.

    • Raymond Miller

      And of coarse women never use what they have to encourage men and get what they want from them, naa women are so innocent, aha, yup.

    • Naval Lint

      And of course, you will agree with me that ALL women are feminists, ALL black Americans are freeloaders and ALL Hispanics are cartel criminal. See how easy it is to be agreeable?

  • Raymond Miller

    So what ?

  • remi gabriel

    Maybe he forgot……… ALL blacks are uncivilized feces.

  • Jim Strong

    This idiot needs to be put to snuffed out.

  • RunnerFriendly

    I don’t know of any black people who hate white people or cops. Yea right! Blacks are the most racist people on the planet. All they do is belly ache because they can’t figure out how to fit in with the rest of the world.

    • GymS

      Or get it fo’ free!

  • ken ptasnick

    well said and oh so true….

  • How would Obama win? Most of his voters were white.

  • samnigromd

    RACISM TODAY—White Privilege (hard work & good family life) and BlackLivesMatter (the BBB, today’s KKK, use “black” like old time slavers used “white”–actually: “BLACK TRASH” would be a more accurate name. THEY CREATE HATE, and are is not helpful for anyone.)
    BY Samuel A. Nigro, MD, copyright c 2016
    Blacks have completely forgotten that American Whites freed all Blacks from slavery–All freedoms are due to Whites. Nate Turner and other Blacks failed. Whites freed all from slavery–and Blacks do not give a damn. Blacks actually revel in slavery to excuse their failures and extort reparations. Those of any color, who did not take advantage of self-development opportunities, cannot blame others–not when most are successful. Victimhood is simple excuse-making for failure to develop oneself, guilt-creating to manipulate whites, and hate-creating of intimidating and threatening blacks. Rep. Louis Stokes would say at every speech, that he had been in every other country long enough to know that being in America was to win the lottery. Keith Richburg, a black reporter for the Washington Post after living three years in Africa wrote a book called Out of America, A Black Man Confronts Africa (1997), “Thank God my ancestor got out because, now, I am not one of them. In short, thank God that I am an American.” Indeed, slavery was the luckiest thing that ever happened for Negro Americans with slave ancestry–otherwise they would be dead or destitute in Africa or on the immigrant to the US waiting list. Failing to succeed today cannot be attributed to anything but poor family life, poor mothering, poor fathering, poor education, poor self-development most of the time. All should be encouraging all to have virtue, get educated, and get ahead like most do unless they get paralyzed by pouting poor-me self-created victimism. Four million slaves were freed by a million and a half whites who died winning the Civil War and 20 million Northern whites supporting them. Of 35 million Negro descendants of the 4 million freed slaves in America, 30 million are success stories never possible anywhere else. The five million blacks (and twice more of other races) have been paralyzed by victimhood and need kicks in the butt rather than handouts or riotous exploitation by the racist BlackLivesMatter and others who believe in color, which has never worked for all and never will.
    (Sidebar: The failure to confront prominent Muslims with African ancestry is totally discrediting of victimists and educators. There are no “African” descendant groups in the Islamic Middle East where more slaves were imported for more years than in the Americas where there are over 35 million African descendants of slaves in the U.S. alone and many millions more in the rest of the Americas. The 450,000 Africans brought to the Americas have descendants. In contrast, Islam worked all their fourteen million slaves to death and prevented reproduction, and still does slavery sub rosa–and there is no protest. Black Lives Matter is a fraud; it creates hate; it is blind to whites freeing their ancestors preferring to remember only the wrongs. Where are the 35 million + African descendants of over 14 million slaves taken to the Islamic Middle East over 12 centuries? Islam did not allow slaves to have children; castrated many; and killed all 14 million slaves imported over 12 centuries. There are no Negro descendants groups in Islam Middle East as in the Americas. There was no civil war over slavery in Islamic countries or anywhere else. In the American Civil War, over 620,000 whites died in combat and over 475,000 whites died of wounds, and at least 300,000 white soldiers died of diseases–over 1.5 million whites, overwhelmingly Christians, served to bring world slavery to an end, numbers far exceeding the numbers of the original slaves brought here. For every African slave brought to the Americas, more than three (3) whites of the North were killed, wounded or died supporting the war, to end slavery by the Civil War. The South had almost as many whites dead and wounded and their entire social structure, plantation economy, and cities were destroyed–quite a payback, and nothing comparable ever occurred in the worse enslaving Islamic Middle East. Regardless, any group not protesting Islam’s murderous slavery, which still goes on sub rosa, more than Western slavery is a fraud. Any African descendant joining Islam is a traitor to humanity and their race, and to the millions of aborted would-be descendants deprived of life by Islam. )
    “Instead of calling Caucasians “privileged whites” (like whites did not have to work hard and struggle too as if life was always easy), more friends will be made by thanking Caucasians for their past help, their successes and successful ancestors–beginning with the one and a half million North Caucasians who died in combat or in military related deaths and their twenty million Caucasian supporters of the North, all of whom defeated the slavers of the South in the Civil War–maybe their families should get the “reparations.” Freedom was not free. Also, instead of parading BLACKLIVESFAILURES, more friends will be made by remembering the thirty million Negroes today who ARE successes having descended from the four million slaves freed by the Caucasians of North America! Maybe more people will want to help positive fully human Negroes or African-Americans than angry, intimidating, exploiting, victimhood cry-baby pigment/melanin obsessed blacks.”

    (Rap Music please)
    WHITE PRIVILEGE (white self-affirmative action) AND BLACKLIVESMATTER (black supremacy–which IS wanting to do with “black” what white slavers did with “white”)–

    ABUSING OTHERS TO PROTEST ABUSE–not only stupid, but
    entitling the police to do the same…
    COLOR POWER-MAD IDIOTS, just like slavers of old
    proving the law and all in it are jokes when anarchy reigns
    WHITE “PRIVILEGE” IS MOSTLY “HARD WORK” uncomprehensible
    to those in subcultures paralyzed by self-enslaving victimhood.

    Most African Americans (depersonalized as “Blacks”) know they are better off in the United States, if they LIVE America’s Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness by education, family integrity and self development. Millions of successful virtue-filled African Americans did not play the poor-me, victimhood, runaway angry slave crybaby hoax routine because it is just self-paralysis, self-patronizing, self-stagnation into virtueless classless loud noise automatically identifiable as willful ignorance and inferiority, insulting to their slave ancestors. As US Representative Louis Stokes would repeatedly say: I have been and lived everywhere else long enough to know there is no place better to be than in the United States–Stop whining. Stop blaming others. Stop blaming slavery which, thank God, got us here. Make the most of it! Get an education. Build your family. Work works! Build yourself and your family! Go to school and learn something. You cannot stand tall without hard work for your family. Millions have done so. Bring honor and thanks to your ancestors by virtue instead of begging. And, without Loving Truth, nothing works well for long. Acting out your perceived abuse as if entitled will not work and is deservedly self-destructive. Adoring melanin is stupid ineffective manipulating idolatry. Go for VIRTUE! Be better than they are; not “the same or worse.”
    VIRTUE MATTERS….color is what white slavers used…
    PERPETRATORS WOULD HAVE GOT–that should be the law.
    Samuel A. Nigro, MD copyright c 2016
    The results are protests and riots from BlackLivesMatter to Berkeley–ALL raging rioting protestors NEED Octavio Paz’ “San Ildefonso nocturne”:
    Good, we wanted good:
    to set the world right.
    We didn’t lack integrity:
    we lacked humility.
    What we wanted was not
    innocently wanted.
    Precepts and concepts,
    the arrogance of theologians,
    to beat with a cross,
    to institute with blood….
    became secretaries to the
    to the General Secretary of the
    became philosophy,
    its drivel has covered the

  • Leslie Bryant

    If this is the best Georgetown can do in hiring staff, they should close their doors! What a vile, nasty man Mitchum is!!

    • 1937shirley

      Very well said and 100% truthful!

    • Davey

      Archetypical porch monkey!

      • Tammy Jamison

        neatherals shut up !

        • Derek

          Does that mean all black woman are sexist and racist also? That’s strange it seems Mitcham left a lot of factors out of his equation?

          • Tammy Jamison

            Why do people hate to hear truth! My reply is to the uneducated person that referred to black people as monkies. Listen to your white scholars tell the truth of white peoples existance. I do not have time for stereotypes. I’m talking facts! Black people are the only humans in existence. White people are the closest species to monkies / primates! Research before you spill your hate !! Neatherals are the Caucasian race ! Have a blessed day !#truehistory #Facts

          • Ernest_T

            Facts???? Do you know what a fact is?????

          • Derek

            Lmao!!!! I never stated white scholars are smart infact most of them have a deep liberal mentality. So you understand that means they are equally as stupid as Mr Mitchum! And your neanderthal theory is very funny. It shows you are highly educated in stupidity. If you are going to insult a person’s intelligence by calling them a neanderthal you should probably learn to spell it correctly? Mr Dave did spell monkey correct. Please understand there are blacks that are VERY human but unfortunately you are not one of them. My advice is stick a bone through your nose and ride into the sunset on a zebra. And please attend another university # you’refullofshit. And you have a blessed day also 🙂

          • Tammy Jamison

            Salty little devil aren’t you ?All this for me? Bless your heart!

          • Derek

            Well Ms Tammy I have to admit my respect for you has grown over the past couple of days. You are a woman that talks the talk but also walks the walk. Unlike many others with your views. I had a disagreement with a person on another thread yesterday. They said their piece and then had me banned before I could reply. Needless to say that’s a spineless person. You on the other hand at least let me speak my mind EVEN if we disagree on pretty much everything. I still can’t help but feel that if we were ever around each other that our differences would be worked out and in the end we would probably be friends. So I apologize for the mean things I said I was wrong about you. You’re a real person with backbone and I do admire that. Have a good day.

      • Dee

        Definitely !

  • ECwashr

    You wonder why our nation is in the no morals gutter? Liberals FOOLS like this teaching our children!! That is how we ended up with an America hating moooslim from Kenya for 8 years!!

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      He is the only one I truly hate. He was not my president.

      • LBC1689

        Thankfully, not any more. Nor Hillary. We will be years cleaning up the mess Obama left us. Hillary probably would have buried our nation.

        • Nihle65

          No probably to it.

    • Dee

      Yep and they should be shut down fast !

  • pilot77

    And with his attitude, he needs about one full year of Marine Boot camp. I saw a number of people like that change and become men instead of the boyish attitudes they came there with.

  • Jorge Rivas

    It’s remarkable how the cultural Marxist mental disorder is affecting so many so-called “educated” people. It seems to affect those the most. They then go forth and confuse the mindless masses through the mindless media. Yes, Satan is alive and well in this country.

    • Kevin Carl

      That is a good analogy.

    • Allyx Young

      I agree, and we need action to change the brainwashing.

    • Ernest_T

      TRUE THAT!

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    It is easy to see who the racist is here, he just needs a mirror.

    • Derek

      That explains a lot. You see he’s so stupid every time he looks in one he thinks it’s another alpha male in his territory and shoots it.

      • Tammy Jamison

        You would never be considered an Alpha male ..please. You are too emotional and soft!

        • Derek

          Lol Ms Tammy I’m not too soft or emotional. And I would never want a person to follow me out of fear as the so called alpha males do. I would much rather people followed me by choice and trust. As far as Mr Mitchum goes he’s only an alpha in his own mind. If given the opportunity to have 10 min in a room with him by the time we finished he would be questioning his own existence. You see this poor guys head is as empty as interstellar space. And in a one on one conversation with no block buttons. He wouldn’t be able to take the pressure and things would most likely become a physical altercation like they so often do with people cursed with a liberal mind set and when I have to cripple him in self defense then he will claim it was a hate crime and weak minded people “liberals” would agree. They can’t understand the concept of a person does not have to agree with every dumb thing another person says? It’s pretty sad.

          • Tammy Jamison

            Indeed . Everyone is entitled to their opinions . I’m no snitch either lol. Have a great day !

  • GymS

    Come on down and ‘unpack’ pres boy. You’ve forgotten a couple key facts; 1. The kkk was started by southern demorrhoids. 2. Slavery in this country was initially started by negros selling other negros. 3. 600,000 soldiers in the Army of the Potomac died to stop to free the slaves started by negros.

  • Gary Holveck

    All people have “evil thoughts and feelings”, but rational, sane grownups don’t act on them. Mr. Mitchum of course has included himself and his entire premise is elementary. These discussions are for pre-teens. What is it about Preston, that he thinks this is so necessary?

  • Jay Redmon

    This ‘professor’ is an insult to higher learning.

  • John Centonze

    Oh geez Preston, you’re breaking my heart. The terms “racist”, “sexist” and “transphobic” have been so overused their continued use has become laughable.
    Speaking of laughable…what in God’s name does:”We have to unpack that.” supposed to mean?

  • Gary

    “Professor” of what? Stupidity? Is he a mail order Professor?

  • Bernie

    If his aunt had balls, she’d be his uncle!!

  • BuddyBoy53

    A perfect description of a racist is one that declares all whites as racists. The question is, why are universities like Georgetown hiring racists and terrorosts as Professors of anything?

    • Naval Lint

      It’s a university…

  • Bernie

    Like I’ve always said, LIBERAL WHITES are the most racist of them all!!

    • Naval Lint

      Nope. Liberal BLACKS are WAY more racist than ANYONE! This asshat is living proof.

  • Aardvark

    Georgetown U. produces many of the members of congress and other political leaders (including Bill Clinton). This explains a lot.

  • Patriot

    Sounds like he is the one with all that hate.

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      Yeah, cause he learned it from the master racist, Owebummer.

  • Slufoot

    Yes white peoples are racist but not as racist as black people that is for sure guess when all your heros now days are criminals you have to throw as much BS in the air you can

  • chief1937

    With people like this teaching law school no wonder our country is in a mess.

  • jdamsforall

    Whites and Indians were also enslaved in the south both before and during the civil war in numbers far higher than most people have any idea…wealthy blacks and Indians owned slaves in the south ,…slavery was never race specific it was caste specific …white slavery was the real reason behind the civil war not just black slavery…..this also gives irrefutable proof the real motive behind civil rights is nothing more than black supremacist hate crimes leading to nothing more than a desire to murder white people …..blacks have enslaved and killed more people in the history of this earth than was ever so done by browns and whites combined….this is directly from the Bible. …Muslims especially black muslims are rabid racists and heavily invested in slavery and murder to this day….just look at the Sudan…..this black miscreant is a hate criminal …

  • I suppose Georgetown gives a pass to Islam. Does this guy actually have a degree or is he someone hired to profess his drivel.

  • Sharon Melvin

    This guy is a racist and hatemonger! He is teaching this crap to students. No wonder my daughter became a liberal and atheist after attending this University. Parents be careful where you send your kids to college.

    • 1937shirley

      Right on. Parents … don’t fund your kids’ education at Georgetown or other universities that teach hate and liberal garbage.

  • Chief Tain

    Of course we have biases. The straight guy thinks the homosexual is a deviant and statistically speaking he is correct. The racism and sexism comes with power. That is correct. I have lived in black-dominated and ruled countries and I can testify that that is absolutely correct but even more open and damaging than white racism in this country! America got a taste of Black racism when Obama was in power and the White House only had black guests for sleepovers in Lincoln’s bedroom!

  • Ron Poole

    ok he now has his 15 minutes of fame. at least I belong to a large and successful group of people

  • Jack

    Get this guy out of GU! Jesuits are liberal but they are not stupid.

  • The Old Ranger

    If this guy is so unhappy here, he needs to move to another country, preferably an African one. Racism takes all forms, but as a kid (60 years ago), I remember how blacks were racists back then. I taught in a school system in south Texas years ago, when the state decided to close the black schools and have those blacks move to the “white” schools (which already had already had about 15% representation as it was). The main reason the other blacks didn’t want to move over was because the academic standards where they were were very low, expectations were low, and they could graduate without having to do much. When the school district worked to hire as many black teachers from those schools to come into the regular school district, it was discovered that 70% of those black teachers didn’t even meet the bare requirements, many of which had not completed a college program of any kind. Another 20% had a “college degree” from a black college, but did not meet the state requirements to teach. Of the 10% that met state requirements, most were hired by the school district. However, several decided they preferred to move to another town that still had black schools because there wasn’t the same pressure to perform to meet standards. I have several good friends who are black who are just as sick about idiots like this one and they feel they need to apologize, but I told them that there are idiots in every race and every nationality. My friends work hard to educate all students, work in community efforts to make things better for everyone, come to the same churches, work to promote working as a team, and really want the best for all US citizens. I applaud my friends because they continue to work to better this country rather than tear down other people to make themselves feel important. I suggest that Preston pack his bags, move to another country, and preach his doctrine there. We won’t miss him. By the way Preston, take some of your crones with you… like Sharpton, Shabazz, Farrakhan, Obama, KA Muhammad, Jackson, Coates, etc. Go build your “empire” in Africa, I’m sure you will be welcomed there.

  • Sounds like he just wants to keep Racism going to me or he would re-frame from the negative and start being more positive.

  • chase

    Well well well–this guy is White (me) and this so called prof. is a pile of dog dew

  • Jack

    Get this guy out of GU. Jesuits are liberal, but they are not stupid.

  • rennyangel2

    Unpack him and students should immediately claim under Title IX that he runs a “hostile classroom” and get him axed.

  • Betty Sakai

    Everyone feel more comfortable– Africans, Europeans, Hispanics, Asians, Indians– identifying with and being around others who look like them and share common life experiences. This is not racism. It’s culture. Racism is a power play, a name-calling diversion employed by Democrats (who were slavers and KKK members) to make Republicans like Abraham Lincoln (who wanted to free African slaves) into bad guys. The fact is, most Democrats are not educated and seek government jobs. Most Democrats are willing to follow their leader even if what their leader says is a bald faced lie.

  • E Scott Hollingsworth

    If Preston hates cops so much, he had better shut his mouth or they just might make his life a real nightmare. It is something that they have a knack for doing. A very special knack.

  • KJHanover

    Real intelligent guy here. Makes “a part” in this context, “apart.” Real smart.

  • Timothy Draheim

    That is the kind of Hateful, Racist person Georgetown has as a professor????? Really? What does he teach? Hate/racism and Cop killing 101? I am ashamed of them.

  • Willie the 6’snake in the barn

    we have to unpack that. WOW. Thats a professional idiot statement. So the only reason he is a professor so they can fill the racial count at Georgetown. This man just spouted HATE speech to label a whole group of people racist.
    He is a moron and a RACIST. He is also a SELF ADMITTED SEXIST by his own words when he says all men are sexist.Not a very well thought out statement mr alleged professor..He should be fired and federal funding removed from Georgetown for hiring un qualified, racist, sexist staff..

  • disqus_7EcB0kPDrU

    Georgetown university is operated by imbeciles.

  • Dr. Jeff Koloze

    How did this guy get into Georgetown? The university should neither condone nor tolerate such hate speech.

  • Wenda Kennedy

    Why would he want to display the very qualities and attitudes that create hate? Life is way too short and too precious for his petty rants and small mindedness. His degrees and education sure haven’t improved him! I think he should spend his days working in an inner city making a real changes, for real people, with real problems. He could start by picking up trash and helping to clean up the neighborhood. And, for lunch he could eat a little bit of humble pie, after he helps to serve meals a the homeless shelter.

  • Jim Wagenmann

    Black university professors are racist, bigots. They align themselves with the party of slave owners who fought the civil was to protect their slave owning. The passed the Jim Crow laws to keep blacks from getting citizen rights. They support democrat education policies which keep blacks uneducated and unemployed.

  • DrJeffKoloze

    How did this guy get into Georgetown? The university should neither condone nor tolerate such hate speech.

  • Sueja

    I have never in over 50 years heard a white family preach hate for blacks but I have heard black families constantly tell their children to hate white people. I even had a black student tell me she hated a new kid in our class before meeting him and her reason was because he was white. She even said “you don’t like white people do you”. Never had a white student say that. Hatred of whites is preached in black homes and this hate speech has to stop if we are going to work together to further everyone’s lives.

  • Tex Bentley

    I find it amazing that he knows all white men and what they think. In fact he knows everyone in positions of authority and what they think. I find him rather sophomoric, he knows just enough to think he knows everything.

  • John

    I think anybody who says everybody of a particular race, gender, religion or national origin is something or other is a RACIST and an ignorant bigot. Blanket statements about any group is sadly pathetic.

  • marla1

    We never had a reason to be as racist as we now have! The criminals and trash we tax payers are forced to provide for is a penality forced on us by the life long scumbags in congress! THE FIRST LAW THAT SHOULD BE PASSED IS TERM LIMITS !!!WE the people are to stupid to have it on the ballot to vote for!!!!

  • Manuel Jose Diez Lopez

    if his stament is for blacks too, I agree with him

  • stevenlehar

    ALL Liberals are CRAZY!

  • kenrmer

    Mitchum, if you promise to give up your USA citizenship, there will be funds for you to fly first class, one way, to Africa where you can become part of the majority race.

  • Steven Sparkuhle

    You make racism easy, Mitchum! (Or am I supposed to say..NIGGA!?)

  • Lance Diamond

    I guess this guy must really be a woman – otherwise he just called himself a Sexist – and please speak for yourself. I hope this character never needs the help of the police. In fact, I trust the police are reading his comments so they won’t respond to a 911 call from this “professor.” I think it is time for this professor to take a permanent sabbatical without pay.

  • Tradewinds

    Apparently this is the only way this jerk can get any recognition for his academic incompetence and failings.. Shame on Georgetown for debasing its academic standards with this kind of maroon on its law facility.. But then what do you expect from the BLM subjective mentality of racial hatred.. Admissions departments hold students to high academic standards and achievement, so why don’t university hiring practices adhere to highest standards in hiring new facility members.. Then the students would be exposed to facility standards they can look up to with respect.. Time for so called academic institutions of higher learning to drain the academic swamp..

  • Simple_Man

    Let’s take it to the obvious conclusion and simply recognize all animals are wary of outsiders and those who appear different than them. I have lived and interacted with blacks, latins, asians, and indians in a manner that permitted me to be exposed to their natural prejudice against whites and those who were different. I thought it was normal. How about, “short people don’t like tall people” or “homely folks resent handsome people?” Whatever.

  • Tom Langstrom

    University professor? His intelligence level is clearly illustrated by the fact he has no idea how to wear a baseball cap and his repeated dislike for law enforcement. Is Georgetown that hard up for teaching staff that they are bring them out from the projects?

  • Charlotte Lazaro

    then ALL blacks are RACISTS moron

  • Truthteller

    Fire this moron!

    Shame on universities for hiring these libby freaks… our children deserve better.. and our tuition dollars demand better

  • This guy espouses hatred and then makes nonsense claims against others? He is a professor? He is a scumbag at best. Unfortunately he passes his crap on to students.

  • Ron C

    And why do parents give their hard earned money to these colleges…??? And why are young men & women wasting their lives there…???

  • Ron C

    So nowadays they give professorships to lunatic’s…???

  • mlentz

    This guy is himself obviously a hate-filled racist.

  • kenneth slater

    Georgetown had devolved into a cesspool of these low IQ racist libtard professors. Save your money and go to college elsewhere.

  • Karl Vilseck

    This racist’s of a professor is nothing but a paid “Black Lives Matter” activist and I now suspect that George Soros’s, the payee of BLM, is a Georgetown Donor as well and he needs to be recognized by the works of these BLM stooges.

  • vesper007

    Not all but; the vast majority of racist people I’ve encountered are Black. I’m 65yoa, in Vicksburg Mississippi, and I know what I’m talking about.

  • kenneth slater

    This is what Affirmative Action breeds.

  • leslie hudson

    Teacher has an inferiority complex…. that’s all. Nothing to see here but another maladjusted liberal useful idiot.

  • Altitude

    While he is probably right, it also means all Black people are racist and all women are sexist. Try unpacking that.

  • Willard Weems

    This POS posing as a Professor is high, or just not connected to reality. Being white or any other color and being in a position of power does not a racist, transphobic or sexist make. Just another nut case left wing Liberal who has a real problem with hating.

  • Jim

    This is a VERY sick puppy. Whomever “raised” him made sure he was very well soaked in racist etc. BS
    Should NOT be anywhere near any sort of “teaching” job. Definite BAD news.

  • monongahela

    Just another dumb N who got his job playing the race card and affirmative action because he has proven to be dumber than a pile of rocks.

  • katfan

    And Preston D. Mitchum is the biggest racist and sexist and he is teaching America’s children. God help America!

  • Mat50

    I really, really, really,, really, really, really hate PrestonMitchum. His mother should have kept the after-birth, and bucketed his sorry a$$.

  • Stephen Griffith

    I strongly disagree with Mr. Preston D. Mitchum. As I am a 58 yr. old sometimes referred to as a Red-Neck. I have many Black, Latino, Asia, & other ethic groups as very good & respected People as friends. Many that I attend Church with, & others that I meet on the street. I was taught to respect my fellow Man & or Woman or child. To show respect , love & kindness as my Dad & Mom taught to do, as is the right to do. I hope & pray that this young man will wake up to the fact that all souls & lives matter to The Lord Jesus Christ. As God is True Love.

  • minefinder624

    Why didn’t he say “All people favour , or have a bias favouring, their own race ?” Singling out , in this case , “…white people … ” is a racist statement. I surmise that one would be able to , with a high degree of accuracy , determine Mr. Mitchum’s biased attitude towards whites.

  • barry1817

    college professors have power, and seems to me that all college professors are anti american, and need to be removed as enemies of the state.

  • Roman

    he learned a new word. His face tells most of it. He needs to go for anger management. He is angry that he was born the way he is.

  • Steve

    All university professors are socialist idiots!

    • R. T.

      I think that is a prerequisite of their employment !!!

  • Nonpc

    In psychiatry this is called projection. He says these things because this is how he sees people and he projects his own views upon other people. The Democrat party does this all the time, they promote hate and division using identity politics.

  • Jesusprotectus

    The only fear I have is God’s wrath. This person needs prayers, to see truth.
    He needs God.

  • William Markey

    Who cares what this person thinks if he actually does.

  • Janelle

    Preston, there is no need to prove you have the I.Q. of a potted plant.

  • Airycat

    I don’t judge people by the color of their skin, but I do judge them by the content of their character.

  • temporary guest

    I wonder, should I conclude from Preston Mitchell’s comments that all black people are just really down home dirt stupid? Or just black “professors”?

    Or should I just conclude that Preston Mitchell is an ignorant, racist, fool twit trying to make a name for himself by broadcasting hate/stupidity as if it were a virtue?

    “Nothing pains some people more than having to think” ! Martin Luther King, Jr. (Republican)

  • Richard

    “All white people are racist”, well we know from what this guy says and so many of his bros say, that all black people are racist. What do we learn from this dufus. Simple, all people are racist.

  • usmcltc

    This guy is one sick puppy, and to think, he is “teaching” our young folks. He is full of hate and makes a fool out of himself with his absurd and ridiculous statements. Mitchum is a danger to our country and should be fired from his position as an “adjunct professor”.

  • Chat1

    There should be NO PRESS for this liberal progressive democrat. Persons of his ilk are the reason this country is in such a mess today. Clean out colleges and universities of those who seek to destroy any rational thinking by its student body.

  • Eliot Schickler

    If all men are sexist, isn’t this cretin a sexist?

  • billjohnso20

    This is yet more proof that Liberals always accuse others of doing what in fact they themselves are actually doing! He is obviously a racist and to ease his own conscience he is accuse others of racism and sexism! I’m a conservative and I’m neither a racist nor a sexist!

  • He is a racist idiot to say such thing

  • Wilma

    What ignorant statements this jerk has made. I take it he is a sexist and a racist. I know there are a lot of racists in this country, but they’re not all white. I’ve met MANY black racists. So hang your stupid hat on that! By the way, you’re too old to be wearing your hat backwards. Grow up before you enter the classroom.

  • Howlingmad

    So much for so called . . . HIGHER EDUCATION !

  • Sylvia Avila

    What in the World? Dems have completely lost their minds? or gone off the cliff? or just pure Evil in their hearts? He sounds insane, time to start locking up these mentally unstable people, they are becoming a plague in our Country!

  • U.S. Marine

    Interesting Statement: “All white people are racist”. Isn’t it amazing that statements like that continue to come from the mouths of black liberals who are the true RACISTS in our country, starting with Obuttface. If people like this A–Hole can’t find a way to live together, than move to Kenya or some other country where there are very few whites or no whites at all and go back to living in the dirt.

  • Kent San

    F the pavement monkey.

  • Mad Scientist

    How did this fellow ever get thru law school?…

  • kbmiller

    If 13% of society commits 33% of the crimes, drops out of high school at around 50%, has a higher illiteracy and lower job performance rate, draws welfare at a higher rate, has illegitimate children at a much higher rate, is involved with drug gangs at a higher rate, etc. ,etc., Can the other 87% of society, who have to listen to IDIOTS like prof. Mitchum, form rational opinions from this data? Or is that racist too? He, apparently, has formed his conclusions from his data. This boneheaded A$$WIPE is part of the problem, not the solution.

  • Bill Harrison

    He states everyone has bias etc but then fails to understand that he to is racist. And to think they let this nut teach young minds.

  • bob laford

    This piece of crap is the result of affirmative action, so called social justice, a perverse culture of bleeding heart liberals & a true sign of the end of times predicted in revelations . GOD HELP THE USA

  • Roy Veteto

    he must be a miserable person to hate so many people . will he be asle to grade all students fairly ?

  • Steven Cornett

    Let me make it simple. He has as much right to be bigot as I do.

    Either that means that everybody should be punished for bigotry, or nobody should be however unpleasant having to say “sticks and stones…” may be.

    Otherwise it’s just a unjust double standard, and don’t pretend it’s anything else.

  • Dee

    Well put totally agree !

  • Sean Rickmin

    A black libercommie that probably makes five times what i do,i am 78 and still have to work because of A,hole obama and chicago hood madigan,SO,shut you racist ugly face and get a real job.It is a well known fact that so called educators are very smart,but,have minus10,000 common sense.


  • Eileen Carman

    Georgetown Law School should shut their doors now they have hired this blathering idiot.

  • Roger

    He’s another Jungle Monkey that thinks he’s intelligent and is only playing a Forrest Gump moment as Stupid is what Stupid does. He got his degree out of a Garbage Dumpster during the last 8 years of the monkey eared Obummer administration.

  • Derek

    If all whites are racist and all men are sexist does that mean all black men are as stupid as him?

  • Busdriver Bill

    Mr. Mitchum, so are all races racist, yours especially. It is a subconscious natural reaction when the issue is presented to be proud and wish to defend ones racial heritage. There’s nothing wrong about it – UNTIL a person or group within a race start to physically injure members of another group. In truth, Race has really very little to do with all this. It is an inferiority complex within the individual or group which gives the appearance of “Racism” to the confrontation. So, stop feeling sorry for yourself, and start to rejoin the HUMAN Race.
    Yes, I’m damned proud of my “Nordic” Caucasian racial heritage, and nothing you may wish to claim will ever change that.

  • patriot2015

    Just look at this black liberal calling all white people racist,but he does not think of one split second that we is also a racist????????????????????????????

  • Ernest_T

    He is the most hateful Racist I know of, he has the power. Fire this assclown NOW. He is professing hate and bigotry and getting paid for it.

  • Dean R White

    he is Racist for sayin what he said = plain and simple

  • Carl

    According to DOJ statistics, black males are 6% of the population and black males between 15 and 34 are just 3%…that 3% demographic (black males between 15 and 34) commit over 50% of all MURDERS and other VIOLENT crimes….I am not ‘racist’ I am intelligent….I avoid blacks males….
    PS: Hypocritical liberal DEMOCRATS like the Clintons and Kennedys live in lily white areas which are GATED…..they profess to like black people but have nothing to do with them whenever possible….

  • Carl

    The term ‘RACISM’ is the most overused word in our lexicon….invented by Jewish liberals to DIVIDE Americans for their own power….

  • Is this ranting racist idiot what passes for scholarship at Georgetown Law? Fomenting racism is a despicable pursuit that should never be tolerated under the guise of academic freedom. What if Georgetown Law hired a law professor who tweeted that all black people are racists?? The outrage would be deafening. Mitchum is a disgrace and should be fired and never allowed to return to campus.

  • Nina Ferguson

    This “person” was just named an adjunct professor at the Georgetown Law School and is a screaming racist. He tweets how he “really, really, really, really, really, really hates cops”. That was how many times he said “really”.

  • Teeny Minnick Reprogel

    There’s good and bad in both races. Although the youth today are the angriest I ever seen. Anger and hatred is learned, it starts at home. If your parents are ignorant or just blind to the fact that they could be the problem, refusing to see beyond their own hatred and bigotry and yes jealousy then that’s what they’re kids will see and learn, unfortunately!

  • Doug001

    He is partially right, everyone is racist, everyone is sexist to some extent, it’s whether they show it that matters. What he is wrong about is the need for power in racism, a crippled, penniless, guy living on the streets can be racist, he doesn’t have to oppress anyone to be racist, he just has to treat people of one ethnicity differently than he would a person of another ethnicity. In fact if you treat some differently because of their ethnicity (preference for black over latino for example) you are racist! So black people can be racist too, so can Chinese, Indians or Hispanics.
    This guy is a racist if he singles out one ethnicity to complain about, and he does, over and over.

  • Michael Paul

    According to this moron then I guess all blacks are racist and all women are sexist and all gays, lesbians and whatever other things there are in that community are all prejudiced against heterosexuals and all old people are prejudiced against young people and all young people are all prejudiced against old people and all brown, red and yellow people are all racist. Have I covered everybody yet? If there’s a group that I left out then you are sexist or racist or ageist or something!!!!!

  • Philomena


  • Sharon Melvin

    This idiot is racist!!!!