Gen. Mattis Warns N. Korea Not to Invite ‘Destruction of Its People’

( If Kim Jong Un won’t listen to President Trump, the Mad Dog could make him heel.

Photo by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis echoed his boss’s fiery warning to the dictator of North Korea with harsh rhetoric of his own. And this time, the words came from a battle-tested, four-star U.S. Marine Corps general.

“The DPRK must choose to stop isolating itself and stand down its pursuit of nuclear weapons,” Mattis said in a statement. “The DPRK should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people.”

Mattis provided a powerful follow-up to Trump’s warning that Pyongyang would face “fire and fury” should it continue to test missiles, build nuclear warheads and threaten to attack the United States. Lest anyone think Trump was speaking without the counsel of his top military man, Mattis said Trump is well aware of the depth of the North Korean threat.

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“President Trump was informed of the growing threat last December and on taking office his first orders to me emphasized the readiness of our ballistic missile defense and nuclear deterrent forces,” Mattis continued.

“While our State Department is making every effort to resolve this global threat through diplomatic means, it must be noted that the combined allied militaries now possess the most precise, rehearsed and robust defensive and offensive capabilities on Earth.  The DPRK regime’s actions will continue to be grossly overmatched by ours and would lose any arms race or conflict it initiates.”

Tuesday’s report that Pyongyang has missile-ready nukes, combined with months of missile tests and threats from Kim, has brought the world to the brink. Punishing sanctions passed last week by the U.N. only served to increase Pyongyang’s hostility toward the world, and in particular, the U.S….

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  • omikehawk

    Is Fathead ever going to realize that he can’t intimidate us? Kimcheese Un will never jeopardize his lifestyle and Twinkee supplies by firing a missle at the US or an ally!

  • What’s that you say?

    It’s time

  • John Doe

    F*** Him……Smoke Check his A**!!!!!!!…..

  • RealAmerican407

    A week ago the media could care less about North Korea’s acts of aggression or possession of nuclear weapons. The leader of the greatest nation on earth takes a firm stance and lays out a bold statement against their aggression and the media has a meltdown and then proceeds to vilify Trump.

    Their hatred and vitriol truly knows no bounds.

    • John Doe

      You’re exactly right. These A** holes haven’t seen War…The desperation of a Third World country, and how a F****** Crazy leader can poison a whole nation. They are like arm chair quarter backs. But if this Gook lifts an ICBM, and we WILL knock it out of the sky, they will be the first to kiss Trumps A**. Worst part is?…Their will be collateral damage, as with any War. But it will be brought on by the hands of the Gook.

  • richjack4

    This Korean nutcase lens credence to the old saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. In fact however, he is more ruthless and intellectually lacking then both his father and grandfather! It appears he has no more than a Jim Jones wanabe

  • richjack4

    Obviously this kid has a severe ‘Jim Jones’ complex. You don’t think he’s actually going to wait around to see the last flash of his life, do you?

  • Mikial

    Obama would be apologizing for being American by this point. The reason these people are pushing so hard now is because they recognized that Obama was all talk and no action. Now they need to make a major paradigm shift to the fact that a real president will not put up with their nonsense.

    • doctorbob

      I’m surprised Trump has let them go this far.

      • taliesin319

        The President appears to be a past master at giving his adversaries ample rope to hang themselves and a drop to leave them dancing at the end of a very long drop.

  • William Prosser

    It is time some North Korean with half a brain to knock this little fathead off before he brings destruction down on his own people. There is no way the people there could believe he could defeat the United States. Kill his little insane butt before he kills you all!

    • John Doe

      The Gook censors all media & intel coming into NK. The ppl have no clue of what is actually going on outside their border. They only believe what the main Gook in charge tells them.

  • doctorbob

    All these phony NK Generals walk around with rows and rows and rows of combat medals and ribbons, even though they’ve never been in a shooting war in their lives. They look like something out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. But for one brief 1/1000th of a second, they may all finally get their final battle… a millisecond before they are all vaporised. And it wouldn’t even take a U.S. nuke to level their karma. Wonder what a MOAB would do when dropped on Kim’s head, with all his Generals clustered around him? I think we’re about to find out!

  • Gregg Parker

    No Kim he didn’t say it was time for lunch. He said ti was time to launch! Can you say;
    “In coming!?”

    • Bob D

      Good one! LOL

      • Gregg Parker

        I bet when they sift through the rubble they’ll find his fat mouth stuffed with hot dogs as he was blown to dust!

  • Danielle L Smartt


    Have any of you idiots ever read up on how long radiation lasts, how far/fast it travels, how it will affect your health. Even if they hit Seattle, the east coast and the south will get fallout.
    You can watch your kids take years to die, literally rot away.
    And if they take out the utilities, how will you survive without your electric frig, stove, etc…

    Say goodbye to your phone, internet, news sources, fake or otherwise.

    I know you don’t like what I say, but that is your problem not mine.

    As long as I tell the truth, that is all that matters.

    How many family members have you lost in a war, or later to suicide? How many of you are caring for a disabled Vet??

    Doesn’t matter whether you are left or right, the radiation doesn’t care. You die anyway.

    Go read up on the consequences of nukes before you talk about how great war is.

    Those of you on the right will suffer the same consequences of those on the left, and your faith in any politician will not save you.

    • I am a disabled vet. America is screwed. Obama left our so-called allies not trusting in America’s “protection” anymore. Now, these little “rogue” nations are challenging SUPER POWER nations. See the trend??? Great Britain used to control 2/3 of the worlds population at one time (America included). To make a long story short, This “dynasty” is coming to a close. And it is all written down as “prophecy”. AND there is NOTHING that we can do about it.

      • Danielle L Smartt

        You are 200% right.
        Being a liberal or a conservative has no bearing on this one.
        Either way, you are right, we are screwed if either side drops a nuke.
        Radiation has no respect for anyone’s political beliefs.
        Equal opportunity.
        My late husband was a disabled Vet.
        Idiot John Doe has no idea what he is talking about.
        He is an abusive person who didn’t know how to discuss anything intelligently, all he knows is how to insult people. Probably was never in the service, let alone combat.
        Insults won’t help him live any longer than the rest of us if this all falls apart. Might even get him killed someday when someone tries to steal his food.

        Bless you for your service. I hope you will do well.

        • Danielle, (my daughter is named Danielle), I have been through several wars. Beginning with Nam. What is coming to this country is unfathomable. BUT, I WILL FIGHT BACK!!! I’m a well trained black man and I will fight for my freedom. God Bless You Danny (That’s what I call my baby).

          • Danielle L Smartt

            Thank you so much. It is a pleasure to communicate with someone who gives thought to their comments.
            My family came from eastern Europe about 1905.
            I am 3rd generation.
            I have often heard comments from family left behind about what really happened on the ground during both Works Wars.
            It is much worse than people here can imagine.
            Vietnam was bad too, with children carrying grenades to throw at our troops. Not what the public here wanted to believe.

            Stay strong, stick to your knowledge and beliefs.

            My husband always said if you follow the money, both sides are paid by the same people in the shadows.

            They play us against each other, get us riled up so we miss what they are doing.

            It is exactly like the line from The Wizard of Oz, ” pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

            I will keep you and yours in my prayers.

    • John Doe

      Shut the F*** Up!!!!!…..That F***** Gook won’t get an ICBM 1/4 mile out of his silo before we blast it back in his face!!!!…So F*** Him…and F*** You!!!!!

      • Kirk Bauder

        So you know how to use a star on your keyboard! Idiot!

      • Danielle L Smartt

        Never going to shut up. Going to tell the truth and don’t care if you or the liberals don’t like it.

        You need to get a brain and a new vocabulary.

        I am sure many people e who post here will agree with me.

        If course, since your posts are always the same, maybe you are a ‘bot?

        That would account for your lack of intelligent, relevant comments.

        • John Doe

          Well, go buy a radiation suit…..and don’t forget the dog collar….and when the time comes????…kneel to the enemy and die a P****…

          • Danielle L Smartt

            Again insults and stupidity.
            Obviously you know nothing about the consequences of nukes, nothing about the length of time it takes for radiation to dissipate (Do you even know what dissipate means?)

            Are you capable of looking all this up and learning?

            If not, there is always Google. Or If you can’t figure out how to do that, there is always the local library.
            I am sure there is a nice lady there who could help you overcome your glaring lack of education on this subject.

            Duck and cover, bomb shelters, etc. do not work.

            And see, you still are not capable of intelligent comments.

            Poor little boy needs to grow up.

    • John Doe

      Oh yeah. Take your, “I’m A Lover, Not A Fighter” sign and move your liberal A** to Syria. Because the rest of us are tired of this little Gook F***** being a little S*** Bag!!!!!….your kind make me F****** Sick….Pathetic F******.

    • John Doe

      F*** Me…..One last comment….Buy a candy bar, bottle of water, a candle and a dog leash. Because when we go to war?….Your going to be someone’s B****!!!!!

      • Danielle L Smartt

        You dont have to be a liberal to know the dangers of nuclear war or fall out.
        Perhaps you are trying to say that conservatives are somehow protected from this stuff? Or are they too stupid to know what will really happen?

        Sorry, but Trump will not throw his body over your to protect you anymore than Hillary would. Didn’t vote for either one, wrote in another Republican.

        And yes, I may get $!#^!,
        but so will you, so you might as well bend over now. They will get you too.

        Neither love of Trump or any other politician will save you.

        You are no different than that crazy man in North Korea, just as nuts and abusive, dumb as a post, and the way you abuse other people with your posts proves your lack of enough intelligence to discuss things in a civil manner

        Bet you were a school yard bully.

        • You must be an expert on nuclear war and the fallout from one. Ever been in a REAL WAR?…… NO?…. Well, it may do you good to start training for one.

  • What kind of idiot, NO… WAIT… You’ve got 3, 4, (maybe) 5 nukes. I have (what?) 5 or 6 hundred advanced nukes. Now WHY would you test (or provoke) me to war??? Somebody is pulling this hedgehog’s strings (China)??? A US “first strike” would open the door for all other countries to attack America!!! BELIEVE IT!! Obama weakened our military but; NOT to the point of no return. A North Korea “first strike”??? I can’t even fathom the outcome. North Korea is by no means the “Big Kid on the Block”!! Somebody is supporting little kimmey!!

    • John Doe

      Good….We’re in dire need for a good fist fight. Last time Chine was at war, Japan kicked their A****. Like they say…”Ya gotta die sometime”….Don’t die being a P****!!!!!!!

    • taliesin319

      No this clown is well and truly as crazy as an outhouse rat. He has totally lost the use of reason. This happens when a spoiled little brat cozened and bribed from birth has never been told NO. President Trump is the first real man who has told him he will take his toys away and his Generals know their heads are on the block. They have hostages to fate and their nation means nothing to them. Trump will be da%ned if he does and if he dies not by the entire commie loving left.

  • Did you know that “dog” is a delicacy in Korea?

  • John

    Unfortunately this can has been kicked down the road about as far as it can be. The ineffectiveness in dealing with them in the past has come to bare. All these handwringers from past admins and weak as water politicians, are more upset about what POTUS TRUMP SAID , than what this communist dictator has DONE, typical but sad. Of course the left has no use for the military except as a social science experiment.
    Our enemies and allies alike have gotten used to exPresident Failure’s pillow fight on terrorism , I mean man caused disasters, erasable red lines and leading from behind.
    If there were any other way, short of appeasement, I think TRUMP and his excellent team of military, diplomacy, and intel staff would do it. McCain talked of Teddy Roosevelt, I think of the way Reagan demanded action from USSR.
    POTUS I think follows my favorite saying “Don’t write a check your AZZ can’t cash.”
    I also like that he doesn’t telegraph details of what and when we will do something.
    Bottom line it’s in NORKOs hands.

  • Glenn Hendriksn

    …. TRUMP aint sittin’ waitin’ “YOU CAN BELIEVE THAT” WE THE PEOPLE while sleepin’ in bed at nite will wake up in the AM with the little ‘weasel’ NO LONGER !

    • Glenn Hendriksn

      ……. “DAMNnnnnnnneeeeeeedddddddddd STRAIGHT” !!!

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    They know we won’t nuke them because the fallout would wind up in China and Japan, but we could turn the entire country into rubble if we use every conventional cruise missile, FAE, and MOAB we have.

  • Ted

    No way could NK be using the time honored strategy of starting a war with the USA then losing so we will spend multi billions of dollars to rebuild then supporting their country for years to come.

  • OldSilk

    General Mattis is a wise man, giving sage advice to the dough boy with the bad eyebrow and facial wax.