‘Gays for Trump’ Founder Runs for Public Office in NC

Peter Boykin focused on convincing the progressive LGBTQ community to join the conservative cause…

Founder of 'Gays for Trump' runs for North Carolina State House

Peter Boykin/PHOTO: Facebook

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) The founder of Gays for Trump, Peter Boykin, announced a bid for the North Carolina House last month.

Boykin, a staunch supporter of gay rights, gun rights, and President Donald Trump, filed as a Republican to run for House Seat 58, the Washington Blade reported.

He’s currently running unopposed in the Republican primary, according to Ballotpedia.

If he wins the primary, he would face either the Democratic incumbent Amos Quick or challenger Katelyn Flippen.

Boykin owns and operates MagaOneRadio.net, which features talk hosts like Alex Jones.

He produces his own hour-long radio show, Maga First News.

He founded Gays for Trump in 2016 with his “husband” David Smith.

Boykin and Smith, an African-American, became famous during the campaign for wearing Gays for Trump shirts to Trump campaign rallies.

Quick, a 49-year-old African-American, is the pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in High Point.

He also served on the Guilford County School Board and as executive director of the Boys and Girls Club.

Flippen is a student at the University of North Carolina Greensboro studying public health.

The 58th House District leans Democratic, mostly represents Greensboro, and has a 52 percent majority black population, Ballotpedia reported.

Boykin’s message may struggle to gain traction in the area he’s in, yet he’s focusing on Trumpian issues such as economic security and gun rights to bring in voters.

Boykin’s activism has focused on convincing the progressive LGBTQ community to join the conservative cause, which he said defends gay rights better than Democrats and liberals.

He flips the narrative that homosexuals support liberal policies, saying that Trump has a good record on LGBTQ issues, the Triad City Beat reported.

“He is not against the gays at all. He is for all Americans and protecting all Americans,” Boykin said, according to the Daily Beast. “Donald Trump has always been pro-LGBT. He owned pageants, hotels, he works with gay people.”

A spokeswoman for Boykin’s campaign said the president doesn’t focus on promoting LGBTQ issues because they aren’t the most pressing matter.

Plus, Boykin doesn’t pursue special treatment for the LGBTQ.

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He views equality as a reciprocal concept.

“I want to ensure people of all walks of life are treated with dignity and respect so long as they also return the favor,” he said according to the Triad City Beat. “Equality is treating everyone with equal respect regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, political party, or opinions.”

Boykin said his support for equality did not conflict with Trump’s policy decision to stop allowing transgender people in the military.

“It was more of an economic thing to make sure the military didn’t pay for the transgender surgeries, which are elective,” Boykin said. “The school of thought is still out if there is a mental disorder. I hate to say that transgenders [sic] have a mental disorder because at one time homosexuals were considered mentally challenged.”

The Daily Beast published an article yesterday that described Boykin as “against transgender troops.”

He said the decision to ban transgender troops prioritizes military funds for more important things than sex changes.

“As long as there are troops and veterans out there who are not getting the care that they should… I couldn’t care less about transgender [people] getting an elective surgery,” Boykin said. “People already have enough problems with PTSD, I don’t think it’s a good idea to give someone going through that type of change a weapon. They might snap and turn it on their fellow soldiers.”

Boykin’s campaign announcement heavily focused on gun rights and gun safety, which may resonate considering the recent shootings.

“My goal as a representative for Greensboro, N.C. is to ensure our children and our families feel secure and safe when attending school, church, or public events knowing trained individuals are present to safeguard their lives and they will all make it home each and every day,” he said in a statement.

He has pointed out an inconsistency among Democrats.

They support “Muslim terrorists that want to throw gays off buildings,” yet they claim to have the best interests of the LGBTQ community in mind.

“There’s been people who have been murdered and killed by people following sharia law,” Boykin said. “They will try to get in an area and try to change it.”

He added, “I am someone who understands that the law is based on a Christian structure, and there is a separation of church and state.”

He participated in the Raleigh March Against Sharia, which Act for America organized.

He’s also spoken at rallies that nationalist groups like Identity Evropa attended.

He denounced their radical views and white nationalism but defended the idea that radical Islam cannot coexist with Western values.

“We will not stand by while our women are draped in scarves, while our children are mutilated and while our men are emasculated before our very people. This is not what our Western civilization is all about. This is not what the West was founded on. This is not what America was founded on, and we will not stand for this.”