Bill Gates, Elite Universities Face Fallout from Alleged Epstein Financial Ties

New Yorker report said Epstein had an ‘extensive fundraising relationship’ with three top-tier schools…

Bill Gates, Liberal Universities Face Fallout from Epstein Financial Ties

Jeffrey Epstein / PHOTO: New York State Sex Offender Registry

(Associated Press) Bill Gates’ private office is denying any association with Jeffrey Epstein following a report last week that ties the disgraced financier to a donation made by the Microsoft co-founder.

The New Yorker reports Epstein arranged at least $7.5 million in donations to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, including $2 million that he claimed to solicit from Gates.

A Gates representative on Monday said the money given directly to the university in 2014 wasn’t dedicated to the program that Epstein was fundraising for, and Gates’s office wasn’t aware of any discussions between the lab and Epstein about the tech billionaire’s grant.

Emails published by The New Yorker claimed the Gates money was directed by Epstein, who asked for a write-up about the One Science program so that Gates could help fund it.


At least two other exclusive universities were also implicated in the report linking Epstein to the funding for the media lab.

Brown University has placed a fundraising director on administrative leave following a report that accused him of helping cover up disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein’s connections to the lab.

Brown spokesman Brian Clark told The Providence Journal Sunday that Peter Cohen, director of development for computer and data science, is on leave pending a review. Clark says Brown hasn’t received donations from Epstein.

A phone call seeking comment from Cohen was made Monday.

MIT says Media Lab director Joi Ito resigned Saturday. The New Yorker reported Friday the lab had a more extensive fundraising relationship with Epstein than previously acknowledged and tried to conceal its extent.

The story included emails from Cohen about Epstein.

Harvard Law School has also accepted Ito’s resignation as a visiting professor.