Freedom Caucus Says Fund Border Wall or They’ll Shut Down Gov’t

(Breitbart) House Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) told Breitbart News exclusively that the next government spending bill must fund President Donald Trump’s promised border wall, or there will likely be a government shutdown.

Mark Meadows photo

Mark Meadows Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC)

In a phone interview on Monday morning, Meadows—the chairman of the most influential group of House conservatives in Congress, the House Freedom Caucus—said that there are enough members in Congress to hold the line against any funding bill that does not explicitly provide for the beginning of construction of President Trump’s border wall. What’s more, Meadows says, his conversations with President Trump indicate that the president is supportive of such efforts and would veto—or refuse to sign—any government funding bill that falls short of the commitments necessary to begin construction on the border wall.

“There is nothing more critical that has to be funded than funding the border wall for two reasons,” Meadows, a key ally of President Trump, said in his phone interview with Breitbart News. “One is it is a commitment that the president made to the American people and one that he intends on keeping, but the second part of that is for our national security we must secure our borders. And the American people will accept no less.”

The current government funding bill runs out at the end of September, and there will be a government shutdown if the Congress does not pass—and President Trump does not sign into law—a new funding bill by the end of the fiscal year. Meadows told Breitbart News there are enough Republicans in Congress who will block any bill that does not fund the wall construction.

Meadows said:

Without a doubt there is enough conservative members who will not support any funding mechanism that does not include border wall funding and it’s also even some who are probably even a little bit less conservative as it relates to immigration because it is the major impediment for really fundamentally getting control of what we do from an immigration standpoint. Until we secure our southern border, there will be no pathway to citizenship for anybody and we can’t revamp our legal immigration process until we’ve secured our southern border. But, yeah, conservatives are definitely going to support the president in demanding that there be funding for the border wall.

Meadows added that he believes President Trump is supportive of these efforts and will not sign any bill that falls short on this count….

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  • Paul Williamson

    How about Trump and the Freedom Caucus worrying about North Korea, Iran, ISIS, Russia and now China,. which really do threaten the security of everyone in the US? Trump and his gang of idiots have their attention focused on some incredibly expensive boondoggle which is nothing more than a crazy symbolic gesture that will have zero impact on the security of the USA- just because that moron Trump shoots his big mouth off to to appease a small number of crazy right wing wacko racists..

    • helm20558

      Hey Paul, (small number?) It was big enough to get him elected and big enough to do it again. I say build the wall ASAP. Better to be a right wing wacko than a left wingnut lib turd!

    • nocbsfan

      All these countries you mentioned use the mexican border to enter the united states illegally. Go beg Hillery to not let the USA build the wall. In the meantime at least try and realize what you are saying

    • cabowabo78727

      You have NO CLUE Lib-Retard!

    • Jerry Williamson

      A disgrace to the Williamson name…why don’t you pack and go to Germany or France if you don’t like trump…slimy racist maggot

    • Jim

      I hear Venezuela is looking for snowflakes. Make sure you bring $.

  • Kacy Stroud

    Yeah Baby, that’s ” MANLY TALK ” sounds like the Republican found their VOICE …
    After reading another Post today saying ‘ that 57% of the Food Stamps is going to the Hispanic’s coming to AMERICA and only 30 % is to those that are Native Born … These people’s taxes never
    paid for these Stamps or for Housing or General Assistance, and its WRONG that they get these benefits for NOTHING but our Government encouraged it by placing ‘ FLYERS ‘ in their Country saying they’d receive them by coming to AMERICA ….

    Here’s something that is upsetting about these Hispanic Immigrants coming here Illegally or otherwise
    I used to work for ” JP Installation ” out of Tualatin, Ore, they install wire racks in the kitchen pantry’s, hall closets, bedroom closets and Shower doors and mirrors etc in the restroom in Hud Housing / Section 8 # You know Federal Housing to where the Occupant doesn’t Pay Rent because their of the Poverty level … The guy I was working with Derick, ‘ said hey Dude check out the stub on the toilet lid, so I did and it was made out to some Hispanic Man for the amount of $4000.00

    I was Pissed after seeing that – knowing some Business or Contractor was paying this Hispanic Good wages all while living in Free housing, General Assistance $$$, Food Stamps $300 – $500 while we have Grandma and Grandpa living out of a Truck and Camper in some parking lot (Wal-Mart) ..

    Its no Wonder, why You see these Immigrants that can’t Speak a Lick of English driving around in

    ” BUILD THE WALL ” and get the Needed funds from those CORRUPT DEMOCRATS that have been ” Robbing ” the Tax Payers all these Decades to go on Extravacant Vacations and Golfing Trips ?

    • Sylvia Avila

      So right, saw the same in Casino’s, their Illegal’s work, and steal everything they can carry out! YES! Build the Wall, Electrical Wall, so we can Zap! them, they will never return! smile!

  • denis

    I just realized how easy it would be for Trump can get the Mexican Government and its people to pay for the wall. How many Mexicans are working, legally or illegally working in America. Millions. How much money do these working in America Mexicans send back to Mexico. I have heard Billions of $$$$$$$. All he has to do is impose a “Mexican Wall Tax” on working Mexicans in America. Not a big tax. Maybe 2 or 3 percent. If some Mexicans Americans actually object to this tax, prove that they and their entire family are citizens of America. Then they are exempt. Also make it compulsory for all enterprises hiring Mexicans to deduct a Mexican wall tax from all pay checks. What will happen is that less dollars will flow south to Mexico and more to the Mexican Wall Fund. Once the wall is complete the tax is rescinded. Good idea, Bad Idea.

    • cabowabo78727

      Why not 10-20%, like what the IRS does? That would send those ILLEGAL ALIENS back home to their motherland! NEVER rescind the tax on non-taxed monies earned in this country going to another country. BTW, that is probably Federal Wire Fraud; if anyone in this glorious gov’ment cares.

    • chris VN

      Why rescind the tax, keep it to pay for the illegals who will always be in the US.

      • Mountain_Dew_518

        And also to pay back America for all the years we spent on all their freebies while they have been here including health care, food stamps, WIC, housing, schooling, etc….

  • cabowabo78727

    Shut it down. Shut it all down and send the lifers home without pay, like in the real world.

    • Jim

      I like your symbol. Thanks for the chuckle..

  • rev_dave

    It would be helpful if this time the shut-down included not paying monies to illegals or sanctuary jurisdictions. It’s just not a threat if you only close national parks. Ah-hem!

    • Mountain_Dew_518

      I agree. Also if it does come to a gov. shutdown then congress, senate, and all the rest of the gov. should not be allowed to draw unemployment. The reason is because the last time the gov. shut down they all drawed unemployment and then when they went back to work they drew their pay that they did not get while the gov. was shutdown. They were asked to pay back but most all of them refused. If they draw unemployment then they should NOT get NO BACK PAY, only one or the other. They made oddles of $$ off the shutdown that they DID NOT DESERVE.

      • chris VN

        Should be like Australia, where you can’t get an unemployment benefit unless you’ve resided there for 2 yrs, or if you do became unemployed, ” financial support for people looking for work, is available to people between the age of 22 and pensionable age who are actively seeking paid work. It is income- and assets-tested and may not be payable immediately if an individual is deemed to have sufficient funds available to them.”, many can have between a few weeks and up to a 6 month wait, they check your bank accounts, etc.

        • Mountain_Dew_518

          I would rather it be that way than like Omaggot, DemonRats and Rinos did giving unemployment for 99 weeks and most of them got used living off my tax $$ and didn’t even try to find work. I will admit some did and those are the ones that tried and did not depend on gov. supporting them. They would rather live of taxpayers.
          I remember when I was working in a factory for 15 yrs. the factory closed going overseas, (Thanks Clinton for nothing) but I drawed $90 a week for 1 week because I got another job in a factory for 6 years and again that one left also. But then I went to work flipping burgers until I could find something better. Thank the Good Lord that I am still working but not flipping burgers but thank the Good Lord at least it was a job and I survived that.
          It just irritates me to see that happen with 99 weeks when there are jobs out there although there are not many around this small town U.S.A. I also saw some work while getting paid cash $$ just so they could continue $$ their unemployment. They got so mad when it stopped and they had not worked for all those weeks that some could not get a job and their unemployment ran out finally. But they survived off others like the churches and hitting several churches up for food, clothes, etc… How did they continue to get their cigarettes, booze, etc… when they were continually getting other help for their needs and not their wants?

      • Carole

        No unemployment! This will flush out the Obama hold overs who are working against out President.

        • Mountain_Dew_518

          It would nice if everyone could have the same benefits they have, same pay, same vacations they have, same security, same health care they have, and get paid like they do for doing nothing. The only thing is I would rather work for what I earn and if I don’t work then I don’t expect no pay. They always seem to have their hands in the cookie jar since it is our $$ paying them. I say NO WORK, NO PAY to congress, senate, etc…

        • Sylvia Avila

          Yes, so right, God bless

    • Sylvia Avila

      Yes, Big Fine, for breaking LAW!!

  • comanchewill


    • Mountain_Dew_518


  • Christian_Prophet

    Oh my, here we go again. The extreme right wing of the extreme, immoral republican party wants to shut down government. Why is it that they want to harm people? Isn’t it enough to speak badly of people, but do they really want national parks closed, seniors to not get social security payments, military bases to close, the FBI not to enforce laws, there security agencies not to protect our borders. The tea party is simply a bunch of cry babies when they cannot get their way. I thought America was a democracy, with legislative rules. Oh, the tea party doesn’t care about the rule of law. They would rather have chaos and a dictatorship. Yep, and they have one with autocratic Trump.

    • Jim

      STFU scumbag snowflake.

  • I may get feedback on this but I do not favor wall except in some areas like along the California border and near border crossings. Walls basically have not worked. They are breached over and under consistently. So far our ability to detect tunnels under the walls has not worked. Also, many walls near border crossings have been breached by individuals going over them. We need a better game plan before we start building more walls. Walls are not going to fly with land owner along the Texas border. From what I see on the Justice Network on a program called “Border Walls”, he manpower is lacking. If we are going to add a lot of manpower, we do not need anything else. We have the technology that works. Let’s use it along with some increase in manpower.

    • chris VN

      ” Manpower ” is still corruptible. Maybe you should do some research on Israel’s wall, hundreds of lives have been saved since it was erected.

      • chris,

        I have looked at the Israel wall. They have a shorter wall and thus enough manpower to make it work better. still they get breaches of the wall, mostly under.

    • Carole

      No worries Jerry. They are even considering a SOLAR wall, this way part of the money would come from Global Warming budget in the EPA. How cool is that. That should shut up the liberals.

      • Carole,

        That would be a better idea. Use of manpower could be used along with electronic equipment with the electricity to make it work right at the wall. But it would have to be protected from vandalism and shut downs due to illegals trashing it in order to get over the wall. At least we would get some use for a large amount of electricity.

  • Carole

    Building the Wall is non-negotiable for the voters who elected our President. Trump knows this and if Dems balk then shut her down!!

  • Bob Cherry

    This so-called freedom caucus seems to getting its way lately. maybe they want freedom for themselves, and slavery for everyone else. Sounds like a group of Nazis.

    • SGT Scientist

      How does enforcing current law make people sound like Nazis? The wall has been the law of the land for several years already.

  • Gregg Parker

    Hip hip horray!!

  • James Higginbotham

    well what do ya know, A LITTLE BACK BONE FROM THE RINO’S.

  • John

    POTUS Trump needs to work with the Freedom Caucus , they, not the DEERS(democrat enabling elitist republicans) have the country’s best interest at heart and can help him get things done. Cut overall spending, reform taxes, repeal o-care, drain the swamp, and BUILD THE WALL.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    It’s about time.

  • Dead Toad

    Thank God finally the GOP is doing something Brave by demanding this wall. I live in the Silicon Valley California we are heavily overrun here almost everybody is from a foreign location I couldn’t imagine them being legal there are so many. It’s so bad here I moving away in August to Texas as wages drop here and rent and cost of living are on a heavy rise due to illegal immigration. I’ve been trying to figure out how immigrants are paying for all their brand new cars now I realize the government pays for their food and housing they have nothing else to do with their money but by brand new vehicles. It’s hard to watch while I’m driving my old hooptie I paid for myself while paying rent and food on my own income. A large majority of these people did not cross the southern border they’re Asians and East Indians. We don’t just need a border wall we also need visa bonds to prevent people from overstaying their visa. If these people overstayed their visa the government will collect their bond and use the money for their deportation. We need to get tough or we will lose our country to this horde of illegal immigrants.

  • Meteorlady

    Happy I am if this happens. Now just repeal Obamacare and stop the government meddling in our healthcare. I want the old system back where I still had my doctor before she quit practicing.

  • jesse

    Do us all a favor, shut er down, preferably for good! The corrupt government screws up everything they get their hands on, who needs it!

  • Bob

    There won’t be a Wall built AND nobody’s going to shut down the Government. You gotta have balls to do something like that so it’s NOT going to happen. All show and NO GO. FYI – 72% of folks on food stamps happen to be white!!!