REPORT: Voter Fraud Rampant in Sanctuary Cities

‘One thing is clear, aliens are getting on the rolls, aliens are voting, and in sanctuary jurisdictions they aren’t being prosecuted for doing so…’

DMV line in California

Long lines at a California DMV after the state began offering federal IDs to noncitizens/IMAGE: CBS News Los Angeles via Youtube

(Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) Continuing a series of reports on rampant fraud in voter registration and participation, the Public Interest Legal Foundation this week reported that more than 3,100 non-citizens registered to vote in just 13 “sanctuary cities” in the past decade.

This comes on the heels of a report last week that 19 illegal aliens were charged with voting in North Carolina in the 2016 presidential election.

The new PILF study, titled “Safe Spaces,” sums the situation up like this: “One thing is clear, aliens are getting on the rolls, aliens are voting, and in sanctuary jurisdictions they aren’t being prosecuted for doing so.”

Not only that, but PILF said some sanctuary jurisdictions, such as Los Angeles and Alameda Counties in California, have ignored multiple requests for voting data, in violation of federal law.


A “sanctuary city” or jurisdiction is one that refuses to enforce federal laws against illegal aliens.

One of the most brazen of these jurisdictions is Fairfax County in Virginia, where 1,334 non-citizens actually were on the voter rolls. In 2017, PILF found some 5,500 non-citizens had been registered to vote statewide in Virginia during the prior decade, with at least 1,852 of them actually having cast votes. At least 1,065 of them were cast in the presidential election of 2008.

And, as reported by the Washington Times, “The PILF said those numbers could be just a fraction of the problem given that they only cover noncitizens who somehow admitted to state officials that they weren’t legally able to vote.”

Earlier this year in Pennsylvania, PILF filed suit to force a fix in a glitch that PILF said allowed some 100,000 illegals to be registered there. The state admitted the glitch, but said the numbers weren’t actually that high. The state claimed in a later review that the number was less than 9,000.

PILF is carrying a similar lawsuit in Harris County, Texas, and has filed a report about significant irregularities in New Jersey.

PILF president J. Christian Adams, a frequent expert analyst on Fox News, first made headlines as one of the main two whistle-blowers who complained that the Obama Justice Department had ignored what essentially was an already-won voter-intimidation case against two New Black Panthers, armed with night sticks or nunchucks, menacing citizens outside a polling place in Philadelphia.

Adams was a Justice Department veteran who prosecuted voter-fraud cases against both whites and blacks, Democrats and Republicans, in the years before resigning in disgust over the mishandling of the Black Panther incident.

Of course, the political Left has spent years claiming that voter fraud is essentially non-existent, and even suing to keep voter rolls from being cleaned up.

As Liberty Headlines reported last year, there is a virtual cottage industry on the Left that works overtime to belittle the problem of vote fraud–writing, for example, that “most reported incidents of voter fraud are actually traceable to other sources, such as clerical errors or bad data matching practices”–even as conservative columnist Deroy Murdock compiled copious evidence that vote fraud is quite real.

goldfish photo

IMAGE: epicioci (CC) via Pixabay

(To this day, the most exotic example of a vote-related irregularity was when an absentee ballot was mailed to a dead goldfish named Princess Nudelman in Illinois.)

National Review columnist John Fund and Heritage Foundation expert Hans von Spakovsky, a former member of the Federal Election Commission, wrote a well-reviewed book on vote fraud called Who’s Counting? How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk. It details many of the sorts of problems that PILF’s lawsuits are aimed at fixing.

PILF does recommend solutions, listing five major ones again in its “Safe Spaces” report. Most include simple steps such as cross-checking voter registration with other, easily available government documents. And the last one is a timely verbal warning:

“Improve public education efforts to warn legal permanent residents and other [illegals] to refuse voter registration offers by any party or they risk deportation when naturalizing.”