Fox News Confronts Homosexual Who Harassed Ivanka Trump

(Infowars) Fox News reporter Jesse Watters tracked down Dan Goldstein, now infamous for the outrageous conduct of he and his husband, Matthew Lasner, who berated and menaced Ivanka Trump and her three small children while aboard a JetBlue flight last month.

When confronted by Watters, the cowardly Goldstein, who is a lawyer, covered his face in shame, and refused to answer any questions before scurrying into his New York City residence.

“I wanted to talk to you about your behavior on the flight, sir,” Watters began. “Do you regret verbally abusing Ivanka Trump on the plane?”

“You harassed a woman with her baby on a flight. Are you proud of that? Real class act, aren’t you? Now you’re afraid to show your face?”

As Goldstein rushed back into his building, Watters offered him a final chance to redeem himself.

“I’m giving you an opportunity to apologize. Nothing to say?”

Goldstein slammed his door in Watters’ face.

Watters visited Hunter College, where Goldstein’s husband Lasner is a professor, to gauge students’ opinions on the behavior of the two vicious crybullies, and whether or not the school should take disciplinary action against Lasner.

He also briefed the students on a petition that has been signed by over 62,000 respondents at the time of this writing, seeking that the administration penalize Lasner for “his immature and cruel harassment of Ivanka Trump and her family…”

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  • Mary Beth Remai

    Mr. Goldstein, this is your moment to turn your behavior of
    the Trump Family into something worth-while…like an
    apology….Letter writing is great! Doesn’t that speak to
    your heart of hearts?

    • Jeannie

      He is a DEMONcrap…no heart there…

  • Mach Nyne

    I love the expression “cry bully”! It is such a fitting description for the neo-liberal mindset. They claim to stand for equality but in reality its either their way or no way. The claimed the DNC stood for unity of the USA and as soon as the republicans won, they are the ones that started to riot. I guess what they were really saying was, if you don’t vote the way we want you to, then we will cause chaos. Cry Bullies. I love it!

  • Tome

    I think it is time to get off the subject! They screwed up and know it. They seem to want to put it in the past. Every day somewhere some news is coming up with articles about them. They got the Publicity they wanted now we are getting tired of it.; I don’t like gays. I think it is wrong to have kids saying Daddy/Daddy. This a screwed up world we don’t need gays raising kids. But I would think all this time Fox News could find another thing to be of interest. Yes they did something wrong with no reason for it other to get publicity! They have had enough! We have had enough!

    • The Capatin

      What’s the matter, are your divisive attitudes causing discomfort? Well, if the shoe fits, wear it!

      • Tome

        Stick it where the sun don’t shine! There has been enough of this crap! People wonder why the News services are going down the tube! I damn well would not want to wear your Shoes!

        • The Capatin

          The world is SO worried about these “special snowflakes”… NOT!

          By the way, these boys stick it where the sun doesn’t shine on a regular basis! 😉

    • Louie Rey

      Sorry but I don’t seem to recall ANY media attention to these two jerks other than Fox News. If they really want to put this incident “in the past” they could very easily do that by making a public apology. However, I suggest you don’t hold your breath. They, along with the rest of the liberal world, think that the next mistake they make will be their first.

    • Amber

      They deliberately set out to intimidate and humiliate a woman with three small children. Why should they get off the hook. They have never apologized so if they continue to be harassed it is only fitting. They are an attorney and a professor so they should have known better. Somehow gays have the idea that anything they want to do or say is perfectly okay. (And by the way Fox News is the only media with enough balls to challenge what they did. This is why in this election, it was not only a rejection of the liberal Democrats, but a rejection of the mainstream media.)

    • Jeannie

      sorry but it is not enough until these people get punished for what they did. If this had been their dear chelsea they would have already been fired…..this left wing bias has to STOP….even though they don’t think so …no one is above the law…

      • Tome

        Nothing is going to happen to them. It is not Politically correct to step on Gays toes! I get tired every time I look at the news this is all that is on!

        • Jeannie

          I don’t care what these people do in their own home behind closed doors. But when they this type of thing, GAY, STRIGHT OR should be rebuked and the person held responsible for his actions.

    • undeRGRound

      Apparently these gay men agree, that kids NEED mothers and fathers!

      • Mary Beth Remai

        I wish they would stop trashing the word “gay”. It means happy, that’s all.
        Your either homosexual, lesbian, transgender, yadda yadda yada…There is
        no peace, happiness in this behavior. I sure miss the Cleavers…..

        • undeRGRound


        • John

          I always just call them what they are…queers.

          • Mary Beth Remai

            I don’t call them anything. I’m in shock that they
            parade about it. Jesus said as he lay dying on the
            cross “forgive them Father, they know not what
            they do”.

    • John

      Why does everyone give them the term “gays” when in fact they are only queers. I think everyone should use the proper term, queers, not the term they prefer “gays”. I guess it is not politically correct to call them queers, even though that is what they are and will always be to me.

  • rocquedog

    These 2 represent their perverted culture quite well. Nuff’ said.


    why oh why is it the ethnic twits that engage in the human abuse found in todays “human abuse” both public and private. . . . . personally, I find it exciting. . . . . .

  • Louie Rey

    What a despicable piece of excrement. And AGAIN, if this were someone who harassed Chelsea Clinton or a member of Hussein’s family the liberal elites in Hollywood and the media would be calling for a public hanging. But Ivanka Trump? Not a peep. Speaking of excrement, who was walking who here? I bet it was the dog walking the pig.

  • dhartley231 .

    The LGBT are ALL mentally challenged !!!

    • Nacoochee

      that is correct..

    • davinci38

      Well, I am gay, but I am not mentally challenged. The gay left is disgraceful and does not represent me in any fashion.

  • Daniel Gray

    Seems that they dont want your name on their petition. I just tried to sign it and it would not work. I tried to click on the link to read the whole letter and it would not work. Why bother to ask for our help and then have the site refuse to allow it?

  • needful

    i like her pink coat,ha,haa,ha!!!

    • Richard cianfrone

      The pervert had Anthony’s Weiner photo it was hiding.

      • needful

        you better watch or she’ll get her man after you!!

        • Richard cianfrone

          Hahahaha, you know you should tap into info wars, this so-called liberty threads been blocking my comments !

  • Rick D.

    Well, it’s pretty obvious who the “woman” is in this relationship, because Goldstein is a true P****!! Not only was his behavior despicable and deplorable, but he was such a coward that not only did he refuse to answer his questions but he his his face life a real coward.

  • This was a trump “Set Up.” No Secret Service. She and her husband turn maybe $250,000,000/year. Do they know what NetJets is? They knew over 1/2 of the people in “Coach” were going to hate them and they flew “Coach” from N.Y. to Hawaii with no protection with this going on. What a joke.
    How stupid is everyone with this Fascist takeover of our country? This is what happens when you allow 22% of LAUSD to not come to school to pump up the budgets of LAPD and the Sheriffs including the court system and all the other agencies of ridiculousness.
    Do the work and think. No Secret Service. This has never happened with the children of a president elect in modern history when so many hate him. Get real there will be riots soon. Go read Cooperative Agreement Number 2003-HS-EX-K040 and see how the Feds let 25,000 die according to the DOJ latest numbers on those killed by police when in their custody.
    Then go to George Buzzetti-You Tube to videos lafa7c and la9106db and at minute 2

    • John

      Buzzetti, you are one dumb O crat!

    • Jeannie

      Your ignorance is showing. A lot of things have not happened in modern history until this administration. For instance, black panthers intimidating voters at the polling place, attorney general not enforcing the laws of our country, but the laws of hussein obama, a criminal running for the office of the presidency..Is there a law that states a person must fly private jets because their father is running for president? If they had done just that you would be on your soap box about them wasting money and you suggesting that they are too good to fly commercially. Typical of the double standard that you DEMONcraps practice on a regular basis.

  • minute 23:10 watch my lips move and listen to the L.A. City Council. They erased the audio of the meeting and this is a P.C. 132, a Felony with no “Statute of Limitations.” When posted to the web it is now “Interstate Commerce” and now eligible for prosecution under the Federal Hobbs Act, government corruption and RICO, organized crime.
    Do you believe in criminality by law enforcement? What if they did this to you?

  • Alicia Noda

    Give him a break! He is a dog lover. Mentally ill liberals.

  • Derek

    He wanted to say sorry but Waters caught him at a bad time his make up was a mess and he had a 5 o’clock shadow.

    • John

      NOW that made me smile…..

      • Derek

        Well good my friend I smile knowing that I made someone smile:) you have a great day and I wish you many smiles in the future the world would be a better place if people did it more often. So lead by example:)

        • John

          Thanks Derek, best wishes to you!

  • Sylvia Avila

    Well, that goes to show you the liberals are all mentally ill! I first thought they were just jealous! Now I believe they are mental, and all have social disorders. All liberals are just plain evil! Can’t we just move them all to an island some where by Alaska?

  • charliesix

    Really sickening to hear a supposedly married man refer to another man as my husband. But then again we are supposed to be in a better world, better society where nothing is absolutely moral, immoral, right, or wrong, but everything is relative. Soon some sicko will refer to a dog or another animal similarly.

  • robert sanders


  • Jim Johnson

    We shouldn’t group all LGBT into the group that this no class college professor and his lawyer husband chose to be in. I know many LGBT folk that are good, sane, considerate people. Sadly these two seem to have none of those qualities.

  • Pat Warnock

    An attorney and a professor indulged in this harassment! No apology, no motive, no censure. These men would self-regard themselves as educated elites instead of the bullies they really are.

  • Swampfox

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • LiberalVoiceOfReason

    Butt, butt, butt aren’t homosexuals supposed to be so brave and tolerant and proud? This is a typical example of the lot.

  • Mike Jackson

    You No how Homo’s are there like Science projects