Four Ann Arbor City Council Members Kneel During Pledge of Allegiance

(Michigan Daily) The national spotlight placed on the debate over kneeling during the national anthem was brought Monday night to the Ann Arbor City Council, as four council members knelt during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Council members Jason Frenzel, Sumi Kailasapathy, Chip Smith and Chuck Warpehoski all knelt in silent protest during the Pledge of Allegiance, which is traditionally said prior to every City Council meeting.


Warpehoski announced his intention to kneel during the pledge prior to the council meeting in a post on his website. In that post, he compared kneeling during the pledge to kneeling during a football game for an injured player.

“I can’t speak to what is in each person’s heart, but for me to ‘take a knee’ is an act of attention, of concern, and of respect. And it is in that spirit that I take a knee at tonight’s City Council meeting,” Warpehoski wrote.

In the portion of the council meeting designated for announcements from the council members, Kailasapathy explained why she joined Warpehoski in kneeling.

“For me democracy is more than just symbolic, it’s actually holding up  democratic practices,” Kailasapathy said. “I would want others to judge my patriotism by my actions when I uphold these values.”

Following the protests, the council members returned to their scheduled business….

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