Former CIA Director Brennan: Trump’s a ‘Disgraced Demagogue’

Internal DOJ investigation determined McCabe leaked information to reporters and misled investigators about his actions…

(The Independent) President Donald Trump has been branded a “disgraced demagogue” by former CIA director John Brennan following the sacking of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, as Mr Trump’s feud with the bureau shows few signs of abating.

Mr McCabe said after his dismissal, which came just two days before he was due to retire and claim a number of government pension benefits, was the result of him being a crucial witness regarding whether Mr Trump obstructed a federal investigation into possible collusion by members of [the Trump campaign] with Russia.

Mr Trump had welcomed the dismissal of Mr McCabe – who he has frequently taunted both publicly and in private  – as “a great day for democracy,” which led to the rebuke by Mr Brennan.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions said late on Friday that he felt justified in firing Mr McCabe after the Justice Department’s internal watchdog said in a report – the contents of which have not yet been made public – that he leaked information to reporters and misled investigators about his actions.

Mr Sessions said Mr McCabe had “made an unauthorised disclosure to the news media and lacked candour – including under oath – on multiple occasions”.

“The FBI expects every employee to adhere to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and accountability,” Mr Sessions added.

Mr McCabe has denied these allegations and called his firing part of a concerted effort by the Trump administration to discredit the FBI… and the efforts of the Special Counsel investigation…

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