Former CIA Director Brennan: Russia May Be Blackmailing Trump

Brennan said Trump lacks integrity, is dishonest, and mean-spirited…

(CNS News) Former CIA Director John Brennan, the author of several scathing tweets directed at President Donald Trump, told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday that President Trump must be afraid that the Russians “have something on him…”

“Why won’t the president…read the cards and say the things that you say need to be said to Vladimir Putin? Do you believe he is somehow in debt to the president of Russia?” MSNBC’s Willie Geist asked Brennan:

“I think he’s afraid of the president of Russia,” Brennan said. “Well, one can speculate as to why — that the Russians may have something on him personally that they could always roll out and make his life more difficult.”

“Clearly, I think it’s important for us to be able to improve relations with Russia, but the fact that he has had this fawning attitude toward Mr. Putin, has not said anything negative about him, I think continues to say to me that he does have something to fear and something very serious to fear.”


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“You believe Russia has something on him?” Geist followed up.

“I believe that the Russians would not — um, um,  they would opt for things to do if they believe that it was in their interest. And the Russians, I think, have had long experience with Mr. Trump and may have things that they could expose and reveal.”

“Something personal perhaps?” Geist prompted.

“Perhaps. Perhaps,” Brennan said…

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