‘Fixer Upper’ Stars Accused of Wrecking Earth w/ Children

People, made in God’s image, can be creative and productive stewards, making more resources than they consume…

(E. Calvin Beisner, CornwallAlliance.org) You’d have thought congratulations were in order when HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines, of Fixer Upper, announced they’re expecting their fifth child.

Some congratulations did come, but so did some nasty criticism.

The gist: With four, they have too many already.

The world’s overpopulated, and it’s selfish of them to add more children.

US Magazine headlined its story, “Some People Are Pissed About Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Baby News: ‘I Hope This One Will Be Your Last’,” and quoted from some social media responses:

I like them ok but enough with the kids already. Their own children begged them not to have any more children on a previous episode already+overpopulation= 😶.

Thank you for contributing to the over population of the planet. I hope this one will be your last and you will use wiser judgement.

Here’s how Kristen Pyszczyk, writing for CBCNews, put her complaint:

While having a child or five is a very personal choice, it’s also a choice that affects everyone who inhabits our planet.

So while many people might find the backlash unwarranted, it’s actually a conversation we need to have in order to challenge our uncritical acceptance of the life-fulfillment-through-procreation story.

Population control is a fraught topic, and carries with it associations with eugenics and other nasty historical events.

But we still need to talk about it, and people who reacted strongly to the Gaines’ pregnancy announcement know this on some level.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the survival of our species depends on it. …

In the global West, where the environmental footprint of one person is far larger than in developing nations, it’s crucial that we begin to present all people with alternatives to the traditional nuclear family.

This inevitably involves calling out people who have kids like they’re going out of style.

Shame is a powerful tool for changing behaviour: it’s how we introduce new and existing social conventions.

'Fixer Upper' Stars Accused of Wrecking Earth w/ Children

Chip & Joanna Gaines/IMAGE: HGTV via YouTube

It’s unfortunate that Chip and Joanna bore the brunt of changing attitudes, but let’s learn from the reaction and examine our own actions.

Climate change is getting measurably worse, populations are multiplying exponentially and economic inequality is not getting better.

And to top it off, Prince is dead.

Don’t bring a child into this.

Procreation is becoming a global public health concern, rather than a personal decision.

So when people do irresponsible things like having five children, we absolutely need to be calling them out.


Pyszczyk, identified as “a writer and IT communications professional living in Toronto” whose “areas of focus include feminism, mental health, addiction, pop culture and digital media,” doesn’t appear to have much expertise in the economics, science, or ethics of demography (population dynamics).

But that happens to be an area of expertise for me, having written a whole book on it 30 years ago.

As I argued there and in chapter 7 of my book Where Garden Meets Wilderness: Evangelical Entry into the Environmental Debate, people, made in God’s image, can be creative and productive stewards, making more resources than they consume.

Julian Simon made the case thoroughly in The Ultimate Resource 2.

So here are some facts:

  1. The Bible teaches that God created people in His own image, to be creative and productive as He is (Genesis 1:26–28).
  2. The Bible also teaches that children are a gift from the Lord, that the fruit of the womb is His reward, that they’re like arrows in the hand of a mighty man, and that he whose quiver is full of them is happy (Psalm 127), and that they’re like olive trees around one’s table (Psalm 128). The Gaineses, an outspokenly Christian couple, probably know these passages and rejoice in them as do millions of other Christians.
  3. Rather than depleting the earth’s resources, as some fear, people make resources—and on average they make more than they consume. That’s why each new generation tends to be richer than the last, as people leave inheritances to their children.
  4. The history of resource abundance confirms this. The long-term inflation-adjusted price trend of all extractive resources (mineral, vegetable, and animal) is downward, and since price is a measure of scarcity, the falling price means falling scarcity, i.e., rising abundance. The fears of running out of resources are based on bad theory, not good theory, or for that matter good empirical observation.
  5. Except—the long-term inflation-adjusted price trend of one other resource, people, is rising, not falling, demonstrating that people are getting more and more scarce, not less and less, even while their absolute numbers are rising.
  6. There is no objective, empirical definition of “overpopulation” or population growth that is “too fast.” Those concepts can’t be defined by population density, population growth rate, or age distribution—the demographic factors that matter. Instead people tend to think of a place as “overpopulated” because it’s poor. But there is no statistically significant correlation between high population density and poverty; in fact, if anything the opposite correlation is true. Because people make wealth, and they make it better when they’re working together, high-density places tend to be wealthier than low-density places.
  7. Higher population density correlates with better health, not worse, so population wouldn’t be a “global public health concern” if it weren’t for the anti-human attitudes of population fear mongers.
  8. Although population has grown rapidly for the last three centuries, the reason isn’t that people are multiplying like rabbits but that they’re not dying like flies. Declining death rates brought on the upswing, not rising birth rates.
  9. Indeed, birth rates are falling all over the world. Nearly every highly developed country’s total fertility rate is too low to sustain population. Until immigration rates rose, Europe was losing nearly 900,000 people per year. Russia, a million. Japan’s population, too, has been falling. And China’s and India’s? Though still growing, they’re set to peak and begin declining in the next decade or two, respectively. The U.S. would be declining in population if not for immigration.
  10. Based on trends in total fertility rates—driven downward by rising prosperity and the consequently rising costs of raising a child to adulthood—global population is likely to peak around mid-century and begin a steady decline after that. The only way that decline will stop is if something happens to drastically change the way people respond to the rising costs of child raising—and so far that hasn’t happened in any country. (Christian revival is the most likely way to bring about that change.)
  11. In the absence of that turnaround, total world population could fall as low as 300 million—about 95 percent less than today’s—in the next two to three centuries.
  12. The big challenge facing the world so far as population is concerned is how to take care of a rapidly aging population. Life expectancy is rising rapidly all over the world, even while fertility rates are falling. The result is a declining ratio of workers to retired people, making old-age retirement programs increasingly difficult to fund.
'Fixer Upper' Stars Accused of Wrecking Earth w/ Children 1

The Gaines Family/PHOTO: HGTV

The reality is that the Gaineses should be not only congratulated but also thanked for having another child.

Won’t it be ironic when those who criticize them for it reach their retirements and are supported, in part, by the Gaineses’ children’s taxes?

To learn more about population, its growth, and whether the world is overpopulated, see “Total Takedown on Paul Ehrlich and Fears of Overpopulation,” “The Haunt of Jackals,” and—on whether population growth should be controlled in the name of preventing global warming, “Is Pope Francis Contributing to Human Trafficking?

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  • Al Zabel

    Simple solution:
    Have a few Liberals, self abort themselves.
    Which will decrease the surface population and make life, much easier.

  • Yosemite Sam

    Chip and Joanna Gaines are a God fearing, God loving, close knit family. Brain dead Leftist libtards always want to destroy, never nurture or cherish all that is sacred. This amazing couple have grown their nationwide brand, they can actually claim; “We built that!” The Gaines ability to make such a claim, is driving the immoral godless degenerates who make up the leadership within the Demo-Rat Party over the edge.

    My advice to Chip and Joanna; Pay the detractors no mind, just keep on keeping on …loving God …loving each other …loving the life God Almighty has provided.

    • James in Texas

      Sam, the Best thing that ever happened to me was when I found myself with 4 children to raise. Well, it turned out that those 4 kids “raised me” to become a Dad, and I have been Blessed everyday of my life since the day my Lovely Wife gave me her children to make me a much better man than what I would have been without them! This lady, Ms Pyszczyk, and is a part of this issue, can just go away, she is a lost cause, Period!

      • thelordlives2011


    • slk5

      talk about hypocrites, whites avg less then 2 children, while all minorities, avg more all the way up to muslims(middle east and africa), who avg close to 8…but not a sound to them!!!

      • GrizzMann

        Muslims need to refill their suicide bomber ranks. They are for one time use only

        • slk5

          and it’s always the elder talking the young into doing it!!!

        • chris VN

          Friday afternoons.

      • sdyankfan

        It’s hard to emit a sound to middle eastern and african populations who cannot read and the avg IQ is around 80.

  • peanut1000

    The left are just angry because this is a strong, religious, white family whose children will likely not grow up and vote democrat. Instead, these same angry people want to import millions of illegal immigrants to have their children here. You know the ones that will vote democrat.

    • Shelba J. Holmes

      I think you are right. They are so afraid that Christians will reproduce and those children wil become politically active and put some sanity baCK INTO THIS WORLD.

    • Joseph Miller

      And will eventually become slaves to the remaining failed democrap leaders of a failed nation that was once America.
      True Americans (if we don’t win) would be long dead after the democrats had us all killed in a civil that they started via race and sicio-economic division based on lies

    • Rob Colli

      The left is just a bunch of angry anti-God people. They love to adopt children from these third world countries and parade the around while we have thousands to adopt here. I applaud them for having a another child and wish them many blessings!

  • Forest Jackson

    To the one’s complaining about the baby and over population. Here’s an idea that will help reduce the effect. Go kill yourselves please. That would help in two ways. One less person destroying the world and one less left wing clueless piece of human waste.

    • novote4obama

      liberals should stop breeding

  • ggrdr05

    at least the Gaines children are raised with VALUE’S unlike the demoncrats who raise brain washed morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shelba J. Holmes

      Yes they are and they are wonderful children. NO wonder the Gaines wat another since they make beautiful people!!!.

    • Salemtheblackcat

      Nancy Pelosi’s grandson wants to be brown like his little friend Antonio, from Guatemala. What has she told this child? We need more consertive families.

  • novote4obama

    Nancy Pelosi had 5 kids, destroying the earth, look at the other politicians that have more than than 1 child.
    Oh i get it a good christian families are not allowed to have as many children they can afford, only god hating people can have multiple children.
    Does that include illegal immigrants that breed like fleas.

  • flashy0ne

    Boy Oh boy, this ‘overpopulated’ world syndrome has really gotten OUT OF HAND. These are the people who praise abortion (as long as it’s not them) but fail to realize that zero growth REQUIRES 2.1 children per married couple — a goal Europe failed long ago and without immigration, a goal the United States would be failing now!! These are the same idiots who defend the illegal immigrant while criticizing Chip and Joanna who are bringing LOYAL, RESPONSIBLE, SELF RELIANT U.S. citizens into the world. Please, give us a break !!

  • Aaron Burr

    Lets not talk about muslims with 3 wifes and 5 kids with each wife.

    • Shelba J. Holmes

      Bingo. One thing you can count on with a left wing liberal is that they have no brain cells and are always and forever inconsistent.

  • TheNomdeguerre

    Does anyone really believe that the press, or anyone on social media for that matter, would say a single, solitary word to this couple if they were black or Mexican? It’s only “irresponsible” when white people do it. It’s like countless other double standards they hold. Despite the incredibly low birthrates in the white community, I guess they’re just not low enough for the anti-whites.

    • Salemtheblackcat

      They want to replace middle America with illegals it seems.

      • TheNomdeguerre

        Well, yeah, they’ll vote Democrat in perpetuity, so it serves their purpose to import them en masse. They’ll give the state whatever it wants because that’s the default programming of Hispanics.

        • Salemtheblackcat

          Tucker said today, that 75% of Mexican immigrants are on welfare. They tend to have big families too.

  • SA Ander

    This line of bs has been thrown out there since the 50’s. The author must be a racist since he doesn’t hold the AA population to the same standard, who for the most part will be on the welfare roles from day 1.

  • Richard L. Deich

    First off She is not White. She is mixed . But so what ? Next how about the Libs say something about the Muslims ? Six plus kids and up to 4 wives each ! These are the people the Libs want to import !

  • sue

    They can have all the kids they want let the haters hate! Hello God promised to replenish the earth libs are so close minded. Open your brain a little

  • BruceB

    It should be no ones business how many kids they have. If they can afford them and give them a good home, so be it.

  • Shelba J. Holmes

    I hope and pray for a plague to visit the US Magaqine imbecile who assumed to decide how many children this couple can have. Arrogant twit.

    I bet the US Magazine is all for the invasion of our country by illegals who come here and have 7,8, 9 children, all on welfare.

    The left wing liberal has horse manure for brains and you can smell their jealousy a mile away.

    These are some of the finest people in this country and they are obviously involved with their children with love and patience and teaching. Leave them alone.

  • William Hutchinson

    It is their decision along with the Lords blessing to add to a family. I am very happy for Chip and Joanna and a large family is a great blessing. My mother in law was one of 18 and my late husband had13 siblings and lived on a farm and it was a great life of going to church and helping one another. I also grew up on a farm and life was great.

  • Apollo704

    Well, Ms. Pysczcyk, whether you have no kids or ten kids, it’s no concern of yours how many kids Chip and Joanna have now or decide to have in the future. Your criticisms might be better spent if you focused your ire on the hundreds upon thousands of young and mature mothers alike, who continue to have babies with no fathers at home and tag the govenment for a monthly stipend every time they add another one to their litter. Solve that problem and then I’ll listen to your complaints about a family with five siblings who have two loving, responsible, committed parents to raise them.

  • cactusbob

    The complainers must be a liberal group, and they have no business criticizing any family about how many children they have. In the Gaines’ case, they can afford to bring them up without government assistance and in a manner that improves America. The Democrats want to flood the nation with unlimited numbers of unvetted immigrants, in violation of immigration laws, and the only goal can be to gain more Democrat voters. The majority of the illegals now here are using our taxpayer dollars to live on. Go complain about something that is a problem!

  • Reggie Smith

    Congratulations Chip and Joanna. Don’t be concerned about the stupidity of people who have no clue what a loving family can be.

  • Naval Lint

    So the Libbies PUSH abortion and birth-control here in the USA while SUPPORTING the population expansion of 3rd-world nations? I smell an AGENDA in this…I WONDER what that AGENDA might be? Hmmmmm…….

  • Voldman

    They can afford them and who are you to complain? Why don’t you complain about the idiots having kids (or abortions) that just can’t afford them? It’s not a right!
    Go Gaines!

  • skier69

    Who died and Left the Libtards in Charge? The need to shut their mouths, focus on there own lives

  • mac mcintire

    Why worry about what trolls think, their selfish, self absorbed children , haters, who have nothing to say. Welcome to New York. City of hate

  • Joseph Miller

    “People” that criticize this couple or any other that have children and love and care for them are evil. No one wants to hear the stupidity about population control and other drivel that runs out of your mouth. Having children and caring for them is better than the demoniac women that get themselves knocked up because they are loose and expect to be able to legally murder their unborn children instead of being responsible productive adult members of them and caring for anyone other than barely for themselves

  • Cheri Mecham

    I cannot believe the comments being made about the Gaines’ new pregnancy! This couple makes enough money to raise their children without anybodies help! They also contribute to society & are deeply loved by the people for which they assist in realizing their American dreams!! Shame on you for raining on their happiness!

  • Murphmeister

    ZPG has been an issue since I was a teenager. An interesting argument Global climate Change people might make is that each human being and all our livestock are producing greenhouse gases in copious amounts daily. With every breath with exhale carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring gas that drive global warmists into a frenzy. Of course, they don’t remember or were never taught that CO2 is food for green plants and that those green plants produce O2 for all breathing creatures. What a balance God has wrought. My only concern as we expand is our ability to keep the balance in order. I hope our intelligence and technology stay ahead of the problem.

  • Estell Newton

    And the politicians are adding too much hot air. Leave them alone. they need to bar democats/liberals not people.

  • James A. Walker

    Could “racism” be the reason for the criticism. Why no negative comments from self appointed environmentalists about welfare mother’s having 15 or 20 babies. Usually by different anonymous fathers?

  • Bernie

    Hey Kristen,
    Go tell that to all the unwed mothers having kids by multiple fathers on the South Side of Chicago, you racist, White elitist, left-wing putz!

  • azcowboy

    Typical liberals…always preaching how we should be living our lives…to THEIR satisfactory standards. How ugly they are…

  • Randy

    This leftest sorry SOB needs to go away. The Gaines are the best people I have seen on any TV series. They are very loving parents, work hard and play hard. They deserve the best of this world and God’s grace when they leave. Good luck to the Gaines in their future endeavor.

  • parthenon1

    This is no ones business but the Gaines’es ! I am sure the complainers are Dems and since they are pushing their supporters to have abortions they are now afraid they wont have as many potential Democrat voters in the years to come ! I am wondering how they can complain when they encourage illegal aliens to come here, use our public assistance programs all in the intent to find ways not all legal to get them voting rights !

  • Klikhir Tulagin

    Hey, my wife gave birth to five wonderful kids, and, when you counted our siblings and their offspring, we didn’t even catch up to the replacement rate for our generation in our families.

  • gpo1913

    They can take care of their children, not like some people on welfare, who have them just to get bigger welfare checks. Don’t twist my words, due to some circumstances not any fault of their own, some people legitimately have to be on welfare.

  • richjack4

    Can’t have too few whites, can you?

  • mioahu

    I hope the braindead leftists will make no kids, we will have fewer indoctrinated idiots to deal with

  • Dale P Patterson

    A)This is America, the number of rug rats these folks have or want is their business (and having 5 of them IS a business).
    B)If those jerks that gave the Gaines b.s. really feel that way then why don’t they complain to the countrys in Africa, Asia, and South/Central America that have 6, 8, or more kids per family and can’t feed them.
    Better yet complain to the U.S. government about the immigrant families with 3 wives, 12 kids, and a useless goat herder father that moves them right into government assisted everything while still looking for wives 4 and 5.
    C)Finally Jo and Billy Gaines, America SALUTES YOU.

    • ADRoberts

      Not a peep from these same tyrants about Octo mom? Why not?

  • sixlittlerabbits

    The lies of the Population Bomb hoax of the 1980s are being resurrected–with the sheeple self-righteously attacking those who have more than two kids. DON’T LISTEN TO THESE IDIOTS. Children are the greatest natural resource; where would we be without them?

    My “six little rabbits” are all grown. We had the guts to have kids and didn’t listen to the population controllers then; don’t listen to them now.

  • jrg from nc

    Maybe the Gaines are catholic, a religion that discourages any type of birth control and are thankful for all of their children

    • ADRoberts

      Most likely Baptists. Waco is where Baylor sits. You see, these are GOOD people who have a right to live their own lives. IF they had been illegal latinos, those same people would NOT HAVE SAID A WORD for them having 5 children

  • Rolpho Signetti

    Simple solution… where no solution is needed. In other words to the liberal mud stains on the highway of life: MIND YOUR OWN FREAKING BUSINESS!

    You blast the right for getting into your bedrooms over Gay marriage, you blast us because we disagree with you on the Gay, and other freak alphabit life styles. You bash us for opposing abortions because it is your body. I could go on and on!

    But I see you have a problem with a TRUE LOVING COUPLE, between a man and a woman procreating some normal kids! I bet they will not have any problems with questioning if they are a boy or girl or both. I bet they will not have any self-loathing about their race.

    So let me restate:


  • CJ

    Congratulations Chip & Joanna !
    We have five kids and love them all.
    Now we have 13 Grandchildren too who are the best!
    God bless you & your beautiful family!

  • John

    It would be one thing if they had more kids than they could afford, without state aid, or more than they could take care of and love , without Child Protective Service, coming in.

    I wonder if theLefty nutjobs say anything to the large illegals families, or to those who can’t afford the kids they have, or who have kids out of wedlock especially by multiple moms or dads.

    They seem to be a good nuclear family, providing home and heart to their kids. They didn’t whip out the charge card and buy some and seem to grounded enough to provide a somewhat normal life for their kids.

    • ADRoberts

      They are devout and excellent people and are also real Christians. Now the whole idea of OVERPOPULATION is by elite. And it goes hand in hand with Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood and the successful effort to kill millions of babies.
      So according to these elite, killing babies is great. Having more than THEY think you should is not.

  • ADRoberts

    The ONLY overpopulation is by those who complain of overpopulation. They want to control someones life. Let them start with their own. And since it is obvious that they can’t function in society without making a mess of their own lives, STOP GIVING THEM A SOAP BOX to stand on. Ignore them

  • Willie Wilson

    These comments about the Grains having another child are just plain STUPID! Maybe child birth should be limited to people that can afford them and are capable of raising them.

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    I have no use for the Leftist, who attack families who want to have children. It is no business of theirs if other people want to continue to extend their family. Who gave the leftist the right to judge?

  • mike moore

    Well we can let 11,000,000 illegal immigrants in and take care of most of them with very little comment. Now a family that appears to have the financial ability to have another child is highly criticized. Way to go America. Hoping the criticism is from single people or childless couples who just don’t understand.

  • Farte’

    Blah blah blah. At least they aren’t dependent upon welfare like the Muslims, Asians,Latinos,and Africans. Go after them you Coward!

  • Linda Fogleman Kalkbrenner

    My God what will the left think of next ? This world is adding way to many crazy people who need to get a life or just go away.. What in the world did their parents teach them, then again maybe their parents should have never had them!

  • J. C. Smith

    Bottom Line: It’s no one else’s darned business how many kids Chip and Joanna have.

  • gotcha1

    The “world” can get over it and grow up!

  • Sharon Melvin

    The Muslims have tons of kids so they can be future terrorists. This couple should have as many kids as they want as long as they can support them. Liberals if they feel this way should not have many kids. There would be fewer hypocrites and maybe hope for our nation.

  • Judith Maxson Limbach

    Julian Simon made good points. I believe Chip and Joanna Gains have a farm/ranch where they garden and have farm animals. By all rights, they could very easily be self-sufficient. If the critics would complain about those parents with 8, 10 or 12+ children who could not be self-sufficient, then maybe their words would hold weight.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    I have an idea for all these population control idiots why don’t you abort yourselves??? I mean if they are TRULY so concerned about over population then ending their and their offspring lives would go a long way to lower the population numbers. That would be a win for all people if they would just off themselves. Not only would it reduce the population thus lowering greenhouse gases from them but it would also stop their NOISE POLLUTION which would help the World GREATLY.