Federal Court Orders FBI to Release Comey Memo on Trump

The court shows it doesn’t trust the FBI or Justice Department’s representations about Comey’s memos…

(CNS News) Although the Department of Justice under Attorney General Jeff Sessions was fighting against it, the D.C. Federal Court ordered the FBI to turn over the Feb. 17, 2017 memo written by then-FBI Director James Comey, which Comey leaked to the press to trigger a special counsel investigation of President Donald Trump.

The court ruled on Jan. 11, 2018 that the FBI must release the memo to the court for in-camera, non-public review of the memo(s) “allegedly detailing conversations” Comey “had with President Trump,” reported Judicial Watch, which had filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to obtain the memo.

“The court, in seeking to review the documents, shows it doesn’t trust the FBI or Justice Department’s representations about the infamous Comey memos,” said Judicial Watch in a statement.

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“We hope now that Americans are one step closer to knowing the facts about these memos, which were written and leaked for pernicious purposes to target a sitting president with a criminal investigation,” said the government watchdog group.

“It’s high time they begin to see the light of day. We’re glad the court followed up on our specific suggestion that it review the documents directly.”

The court ordered the FBI to turn over the Comey memos by January 18.

“In doing so, the court rejects arguments by the Sessions Justice Department to dismiss the lawsuits seeking the Comey information,” said Judicial Watch…Original Source 

  • Yosemite Sam

    James Comey is a deranged criminal degenerate. It would appear the future is not looking bright or good for Mr Comey at the moment. With any luck, the smoking gun will be discovered amongst the soon to be released memo’s, through which will put Comey away in a Federal Prison [preferably Leavenworth] for the rest of his worthless natural life. Woo Hoo! MAGA

  • CCblogging

    The extremely corrupt FBI is also going to allow Election Tampering Andy McCabe to retire in 2 months with a full pension when he should be behind bars.

    • meddah4

      You got that right!

    • robert sanders


  • Gerry Costa

    It’s about time !!!!!!

  • Maxine Albritton

    well I am glad the court decided to check into this as sessions did not seem to want to. In a real world Comey would probably get jail time. Let’s see what actually takes place.

  • Askjrsk

    Breaking news? Maybe last week. We know that Comey is in deep and this will get deep. Kallstrom high official with the FBI has called for facing a firing squad last week, for Hillary. This will get very interesting. I do hope this doesn’t offend LIBERTY HEADLINES. They are so easily offended.

  • deplorable312

    Why is it he has not been charged with leaking FBI information. He said under oath that he did and is still walking around. WHY

    • Jjb54

      I’ll submit one answer:

      If he talks, then a whole lot of other ” heads ” will roll and he then might now be around to ‘ talk ‘ any more. ” Dead men tell no tales. “

  • jcrawdad

    Federal Court Orders FBI to Release Comey Memo on Trump

    They should have went to collect it. You know the FBI will pull a Hillary and try to destroy as much as they can .

  • Lynn Salton

    Look-up the definition of a “leak” and then explain how Comey can leak his own memos? Those memos are his… if decides to share them it is NOT a leak… it’s his own work.

  • cindy galt

    Since Comey was smart enough to have telepathic abilities when it came to what President Trump said to him, I “hope” that he understands that I “hope” he gets the book thrown at him!

  • John

    LOCK HIM UP!!!!!

  • Frank Budz

    Why is Jeff Sessions trying to keep this out of the public eye? He is part of the problem not the solution, it seems that he has dragged his feet on multiple issues. I honestly feel that he is part of the deep state working to keep our President from accomplishing his agenda. Anyone else would have been sitting in jail by now if they pulled off all the crimes that Crooked Hilldabeast did, yet we have nothing. The indictments handed down this week is the first of its kind but it does not necessarily mean that Clinton will be charged with anything. As for James the Traitor Comey, this man should not be allowed to remain a free man. How many laws do you have to brake before you are indicted, it seemsthat in Jeff Sessions world that number hasn’t been reached yet.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Everything about the PHONY FAKE SHAM or WHATEVER you want to call this PACK OF LIES of a Dossier and all that came from it should be made public. This would do several things 1) Stop the witch hunt Mueller is conducting to get revenge on Trump for FIRING his political hack friend Comey. 2)Comey will be exposed as will Lynch and Obozo for Politisizing the DOJ and FBI. 3) It will show to what DIRTY lengths the Democraps will stoop and what LIES that will SPEW to get power. 4)It will allow America to see the LIES and know who was trying to STEAL the Election TRUTHFULLY not the LIE the MORON MEDIA and the LIBERAL LIARS are trying to sell.5) It will show that Trump was right to fire Comey and all those at the top in both the FBI and DOJ. 6) That Comey is a CRIMINAL for his actions and that he,Lynch and Obozo all should be in jail not collecting benefits for the offices they held. Obozo should be awaiting either a bullet or NOOSECfor his TREASON as well.