FEC Vacancies Protect Ilhan Omar from Alleged Campaign Finance Violations

FEC officials can begin an investigation into the allegations before the commissioners are able to act…

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Ilhan Omar / IMAGE: NBC News via Youtube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) The Federal Election Commission cannot take immediate action against Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-MN, for alleged campaign finance violations because of vacancies on the commission, according to Hans von Spakovsky, a former FEC commissioner.

The FEC, which enforces America’s election laws, has a six-member board, but it cannot “take any action” unless there is a four-member quorum, Spakovsky reported in a Fox News article. The board currently has three members and three vacancies.

The board is traditionally filled with one Democrat and one Republican in a package deal. President Donald Trump nominated Trey Trainor in 2017 for the Republican seat, but Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who is responsible for nominating a Democrat, has not offered a candidate. 

The National Legal and Policy Center filed a complaint against Omar last week that alleges she paid her campaign consultant and possible lover Tim Mynett with money from her congressional campaign finance account.


Omar’s campaign account has paid Mynett’s E. Street Group LLC $230,000 since 2018.

Campaign finance law forbids funds from being used “to fulfill any commitment, obligation, or expense of a person that would exist irrespective of the candidate’s election campaign.”

Omar’s campaign paid Mynett for travel expenses, but the expenses were not itemized, so it is unclear what he spent the money on.

Peter Flaherty, chairman and CEO of the NLPC, said FEC officials can begin an investigation into the allegations before the commissioners are able to act.

Both Omar and Mynett are married but not to each other. 

Omar is married to Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi, but the couple is separated.

Mynett is married to Dr. Beth Mynett, a medical director at the Department of Corrections in Washington, D.C., but she applied for a divorce, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Beth Mynett said Tim Mynett revealed in April that he is having an extramarital affair with Omar, according to divorce papers obtained by the New York Post.

So far, Omar has denied the allegations and refused to answer reporters “because they’re stupid questions.”

“I will just say I have no interest in commenting on anything that you are about to ask about my personal life, so you can chase me all you want,” Omar said.