FBI: Almost 20 Percent of Race Hate Crimes were ‘Anti-White’

(Daily Caller News Foundation) Almost 20 percent of racial hate crimes during 2016 were committed due to “anti white bias” showing a 15 percent increase in anti white hate crimes since 2015, according to the FBI Data.

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The FBI released its annual report on hate crime data for 2016, revealing that 4,229 single-bias hate crime offenses were done on the basis of race.

Of those 4,229 crimes, 20.7  percent of them (909 total) were carried out due to “anti-white bias,” the FBI noted. The numbers show a 15.2 increase from 2015’s hate crimes, when 18.2 percent of racial hate crimes (789 total) were done over “anti-white bias,” the 2015 FBI report said.

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“Anti-Black or African American bias” still make up the overwhelming cases of racial hate crimes in America. A little over 50 percent over hate crimes were due to anti-black bias in 2016, showing an increase of .8 percent from 2015’s numbers. The 2015 FBI report on hate crimes noted that 52.7  percent of hate crimes were committed due to anti-black or anti-African bias.

Anti-Hispanic/Latino bias showed the greatest increase in hate crimes, rising 23 percent from 2015-2016, according to an analysis of FBI hate crime data.

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