FBI: Almost 20 Percent of Race Hate Crimes were ‘Anti-White’

(Daily Caller News Foundation) Almost 20 percent of racial hate crimes during 2016 were committed due to “anti white bias” showing a 15 percent increase in anti white hate crimes since 2015, according to the FBI Data.

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The FBI released its annual report on hate crime data for 2016, revealing that 4,229 single-bias hate crime offenses were done on the basis of race.

Of those 4,229 crimes, 20.7  percent of them (909 total) were carried out due to “anti-white bias,” the FBI noted. The numbers show a 15.2 increase from 2015’s hate crimes, when 18.2 percent of racial hate crimes (789 total) were done over “anti-white bias,” the 2015 FBI report said.

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“Anti-Black or African American bias” still make up the overwhelming cases of racial hate crimes in America. A little over 50 percent over hate crimes were due to anti-black bias in 2016, showing an increase of .8 percent from 2015’s numbers. The 2015 FBI report on hate crimes noted that 52.7  percent of hate crimes were committed due to anti-black or anti-African bias.

Anti-Hispanic/Latino bias showed the greatest increase in hate crimes, rising 23 percent from 2015-2016, according to an analysis of FBI hate crime data.

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  • crazybarry

    Remember, telling the truth about minority crimes, is in it’s self a hate crime. It’s the reality we’ve created for ourselves. Now, we have to live with it.

  • Kenny Albert

    The FBI is probably still counting the fraudulent anti-black crimes that were committed that turned out to be by blacks as committed by whites.

    • Naval Lint

      You’ll notice that that particular detail isn’t a part of these stats.

  • Bill Harrison

    Surprised there are any anti white hate crimes since only white people commit hate crime. At least according to liberals.

    • Concerned tax payer

      Why is this news, it is the lowest of any group of people. African American and Hispanic/Latino are higher, with Hispanic/Latino showing the greatest increase.

      • Aunt Nonnie S

        Because you ditz, hate is hate. No matter who it is against, it feeds on itself. Or do you think white bias is just ok!

      • Raymond Miller

        We’re talking hate crimes, not every day rape, robbery, and general assaults. Most everyday crime is black on black and Hispanic on Hispanic. Of coarse if you count the Dr. in Tenn. that was white Democrat on white Republican.

  • Jack Scarpon


  • Murphmeister

    20% were anti-black, 20% were ant-white, 20% were anti-Latino, 20% were anti-Asian, 20% were anti-Muslim, 20% were anti-Christian, 20 % were anti-illegal, 20% were anti-Semitic. I know that’s 160% but that’s the way they keep the stats. Oh. it’s Brotherhood Week, International Brotherhood Week!

    • Rachel Brock

      Funny! SMH

  • Strangerinastangeland

    Gee, every time there is a crime against white people by non-whites, the police never charge the perps with a hate crime. The percentages are official nonsense.

  • DJT Supporter

    Anyone who involved in the act of hate crime is against the civil rights of all US citizens under the Constitution. Justice must condemn the crimes of hatred, murder, lack of respect, racial prejudice, violence, theft and false witness in the court of the law.

  • Karma

    Funny how the fbi has the time to investigate all sorts of b/s crimes that could be investigated by local or state agencies, or even, like this, by high school kids, but they dont seem to have the time to investigate one of the biggest criminal organizations in this country, OUR GOVERNMENT !..cards are falling.hillary..schultz…etcc…podesta the latest..but i see nothing pointing towards criminal charges or jail for them when there should be…do your damn job.

  • RealAmerican407

    And year after year FBI stats show us that blacks lead the number of arrests for murder and robbery even though they only comprise roughly 14% of the population. They also make up 38% of the prison population.

  • Willie Wilson

    Its not a hate crime if it is anti-white, its their right.

    • Naval Lint

      I thought they called it a “protest”…..

  • Farte’

    The foundation for all the racial tension is the hard work of Obama, Holder, and Lynch, with a supporting cast of the main street media and our mutt liberal university professors.

  • Kathryn Jordan

    Gee, I wonder why the police and the FBI don’t do a percentage of crimes committed against white people by non-whites. Why aren’t these also known as hate crimes? It’s always hate crimes against non-whites when a white person commits that crime. It needs to be the same when those same crimes that are committed against white people by non-whites; those have to known as hate crimes as well.

  • Farte’

    20% seems high, since we all know the majority of hate crimes against whites get swept under the rug.

  • RealAmerican407

    No surprise in the uptick of Latino hate crimes. They are FAST becoming the new blacks. Hot headed, confrontational, lazy and uneducated. Florida is becoming Spanish speaking almost everywhere you go. South and West Orlando are no go zones now.

  • Louie Rey

    All this proves is that there are a lot of people filled with hate. Does it really matter what demographic that hate targets?

    • Naval Lint

      No, but WHO is committing them is of MAJOR importance! If these were all TRUE “hate crimes” I might be concerned. However, many have been found to be lies (the Muslim girl and her bourka), the black AF OCS candidate’s “hate graffiti” ( it was actually done by one of the black complainants!) and then there’s at least one case where an imam burned his own mosque down and claimed it was the neighborhood Jews that did it!). And, let’s be honest, the bar/definition of a “hate crime” is today much lower than in the past, just as the definition of “racist” has been lowered to the point where, if you merely say that you don’t like a particular person and they are of a different ethnicity than you, you are labeled a racist! Don’t get me started on the REST of the Liberal list of “…ists” and “…isms” that Liberals label anyone who isn’t a Liberal.

  • Aunt Nonnie S

    So why are the NFL players kneeling? Wish it was because of the Black on Black crime — ignorant hypocrites!

  • Raymond Miller

    It sounds like that drunk agent made this up. From what I read in the paper it is more like 75% of hate crimes are anti white. Of coarse this is an FBI statistic, so it maybe BS, in todays FBI.

  • Raymond Miller

    If a majority of hate crimes is on whites, then it means that it is Democrats attacking whites, as most of the attackers are not white and are Democrats. we need to ban Democrats.

  • Naval Lint

    I wonder how many of these “hate crimes” have been perpetrated by Leftists in order to generate public sympathy. There have been many where this has been found to be the case, including the “hate graffiti” in the USAF (I think it may have been an OCS environment) where the actual crime was committed by one of those who complained about it. He was black, if i remember the case correctly, and was trying to generate some kind of violent support from his black community. And wasn’t there one where an imam burned his own mosque down and tried to claim it was a “hate crime” by Jews or something? These statistics, by themselves without any expansion, are misleading.

  • omikehawk

    Probably more than 20%, but they just won’t call them hate crimes if you’re a white victim!