Father of Illegal Alien Crime Victim: Trump Only One Who Cared

(LifeZette) Don Rosenberg, a father whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant in 2010, said that President Donald Trump was the “first and only” major political candidate to reach out to those whose loved ones have been killed by illegal immigrants and the first “to reach out to the United States to talk about us” during an interview Tuesday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

Father of Illegal Alien Crime Victim: Trump Only One Who Cared

Drew Rosenberg

Rosenberg’s 25-year-old son, Drew — a second-year law student in San Francisco — was killed on Nov. 10, 2010 when when an illegal immigrant driver traveling the wrong way on a one-way street struck him. Noting that Trump called him up and asked to meet with him and other grieving families about four weeks after he announced his presidential bid in 2015, Rosenberg said Trump was “genuinely interested” and “cares about what happened to us and stopping it from happening to lots of people.”

“And that was the first — I’ll say first and only [time] that a major political candidate or major political person in office ever not only reached out to us, but also reached out to the United States to talk about us,” Rosenberg said. “Everybody else was either mum on the issue or were, you know, praising people that were here illegally and how important they were.”

“I met with [Trump]. He cared,” Rosenberg added.


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In response to complaints from Democrats and those who are more sympathetic to illegal immigrants’ interests that Trump isn’t “sincere” when he reaches out to those who lost loved ones to illegal immigrants, Rosenberg said Trump didn’t reach out to them for mere “political reasons.”

“I mean, [Trump’s] been doing this for now, what, two and a half years I guess it’s been since this started? No, he’s very serious about this. And yes — he’s met with many of us,” Rosenberg said. “You know, is he the best communicator on the issue? Maybe not — especially when you’re trying to convince people who are against you. But is he sincere about the issue? Absolutely. No doubt in my mind whatsoever that he is.”

Rosenberg spoke with LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham the week that the trial for Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, the illegal immigrant accused of murdering Kate Steinle in San Francisco in July 2015, began. Trump highlighted the murder during the course of his presidential campaign as he pledged to crack down on illegal immigration and ramp up enforcement measures.

Trump angered illegal immigrants’ rights activists and liberals when he brought “angel moms” and other family members who lost their children or siblings or spouses onto the stage with him during a speech on the campaign trail on Aug. 31, 2016.

“These are amazing people,” Trump had said on stage. “Now is the time for all of us as one country — Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative — to band together to deliver justice and safety and security for all Americans. Let’s fix this horrible, horrible problem.”

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Rosenberg said Trump truly cared about the issue when he placed it at the forefront of his 2016 presidential campaign platform in way that former President Barack Obama never did.

“None of us ever got a response from Obama — not one person. Not even an intern who writes a card, ‘sorry for your loss.’ They just completely ignored us,” Rosenberg said. “He had illegal aliens sitting in his presidential box at State of the Unions. They had them on stage at the Democratic [National] Convention.”

Noting that the state of California spends billions of dollars each year supporting illegal immigrants, Rosenberg said it is time for Congress to act on Trump’s mandate, enforce U.S. immigration laws and allocate money toward building the border wall.

“This is not an issue of money,” Rosenberg said of Congress’s fight over border wall funding. “This is an issue of desire. And unfortunately, this is one issue where many Republicans and all Democrats agree, ‘We don’t want to stop illegal immigration.'”

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