FAKE NEWS: Media Target Trump with Unverifiable Russia ‘Memos’

CNN photo

Photo by mohamedn

(Breitbart.com) On Tuesday, CNN reported that President-elect Donald Trump and President Barack Obama had been briefed by the intelligence community on memos alleging there was communication between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials.
CNN suggested the existence of highly-compromising material targeting Trump which was compiled by a former British intelligence officer.

CNN, which was referred to as the Clinton News Network during the 2016 election, wrote:

CNN has reviewed a 35-page compilation of the memos, from which the two-page synopsis was drawn. The memos originated as opposition research, first commissioned by anti-Trump Republicans, and later by Democrats. At this point, CNN is not reporting on details of the memos, as it has not independently corroborated the specific allegations. But, in preparing this story, CNN has spoken to multiple high ranking intelligence, administration, congressional and law enforcement officials, as well as foreign officials and others in the private sector with direct knowledge of the memos…

The cable news network noted that while the former British intelligence officer’s work is credible, the specific allegations presented in the document have produced inconsistencies and have yet to be confirmed.

Among the unverifiable claims, President-elect Trump is accused of participating in extremely graphic sexual fetishism in the Moscow Ritz-Carlton.

While CNN did not publish the report, BuzzFeed did, knowing full well that the unverified memos would off a media frenzy of unsubstantiated rumors.

Ben Smith, BuzzFeed’s editor-in-chief, explained the decision to publish the unsubstantiated claims: “Americans can make up their own minds.”

CNN wrote, “These senior intelligence officials also included the synopsis to demonstrate that Russia had compiled information potentially harmful to both political parties, but only released information damaging to Hillary Clinton and Democrats.”

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  • Frankiev

    Typical Commie News Network stuff. Their involvement with Hildabeast in the past election has been so egregious, that they have lost all credibility with most of America.

  • Enchanted

    The people know the clinton news network will say and do anything to seek revenge for their messiah. In fact all of the obama state run media will continue to lie and make up stories. They have no credibility, no honor and cannot be trusted.

    • Gary Smith


    • kgh57103

      CNN is the lowest rated news SHOW on tv and is trying to break through the bottom of the barrel to fall into the residue of muck they have produced this past 8 years.
      They are the vultures of the news networks, but fabricate stories to make themselves a name, they have not learned yet that they cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

  • Gerald Mitchell

    This is just like the racist, bias news media station CNN to do what they set out to do and that is destroy anyone that wants to make this country strong in the world unlike the Obama administration that destroyed it over the past 8 years. Senator Mc Cain, Polosi and Shummer are good example of what I am talking about. Soros and CNN are huge financial contributors to this campaign as they can not accept the republican party in control and bringing back law and order and respectability to the USA. Bernie Sanders is so weak he could not possible do anything good for us and would have and will if we let him make our country weaker then Obama did. He wants to give away the bank to anyone that wants freebies and nothing in this world comes free. He and all of his Washington backers need to retire on the ranch and count their money because they have plenty of it.

    • Laughing at Libtards

      Bernie the fraud Sanders sold out the first chance he could, now he’s driving around in a 200k sports car…….. so much for redistribution of wealth

      • Fed up!

        Hey commie are all for redistribution of other people’s wealth, just not theirs. Prime example is China, you got high off the hog Marzist and everybody else below them in the rice paddies.

    • kgh57103

      What we need to do is boycott all of the brands that advertise on CNN, that will cut their support and do all of us a great favor. So let us begin, do not purchase products advertised on CNN, there goes the problem of fake news.

      • Fed up!

        One problem with that idea, how do you boycott products advertised on CNN if you never watched the channel. Humm!

        • kgh57103

          This advice is for those who watch CNN, and criticize the news they portray as new facts they have worked so hard to attain.

        • Gerald Mitchell

          O.K. What do you suggest to stop this bias, racist and deadly news media station CNN.

          • Mathew Molk

            They are killing themselves off. From tops during the Gulf War to 200,000 total viewers. by the 4th of july they should be down to 125K

          • Arizona Don

            The only people who watch it now are the dumb liberals.

        • Mathew Molk

          I’m in te same boat as you….I even stopped watching Fox, but now that Megan Smelly is gone I may give them another shot.

      • Arizona Don

        Since I refuse to watch it I have no idea who they are.

  • earlwatters

    you know the commies never give up just like hitler the democrats want to take america down now that obama there leader is leaving and jail time is coming the rats will be drowning in there own waste can’t wait to see the septic tank full of democrats

    • Mathew Molk

      Remember what happened to Hitler?

      9 days and hours…Hey,,, Who’s Obama?

  • Jeff Z

    They have an average of 200,000 viewers a day. Thats far less than ANY show that is canceled. Bloggers get more hits.

    They are irrelevant. Take that marxist fool Ted Turner and blow away like the dried up piles you are.

    • Laughing at Libtards

      No wonder FOX destroys these clowns in every category

    • Fed up!

      Take Hanoi Jane and McCain with him!

    • Nicodemus

      Info wars has nearly 2 million subscribers…and that doesn’t count people like me that watch about once a week or so….. CNN is dead….they just won’t admit it!

  • Ron C

    Truth has no meaning to the propagandist’s…that is why the MSM is not a news outlet or has any resemblance to a professional journalist…folk’s it will get worst as the MSM destroys any capital of trust it used to have, or may think they still have!

  • bill14729 .

    Trump is on TV right now shooting down CNN Fake News, GO TRUMP

  • The Help

    HA,HA,HA Trump now getting a taste of his own rhetoric, they did however state that these allegations are unsubstantiated. Purpose to force a real investigation into Trumps connections with Russia nort the faux republican investigation currently being done.

    • Rocketman

      HA HA HA what are you twelve, so you must be one of the fraudulent votes placed in the name of the HILDABEAST!

      • The Help

        Blast off Rocketman your right wing rhetoric and name calling is growing very old, very tired and very very redundant.

    • Thomas Pullen


      Invest heavily in tin foil stocks…….STOP

      Wrap said tin foil around BB container (your head)……STOP

      This will stop the delusional paranoia you are suffering from…….STOP


      ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️

      • The Help

        Sticks and stones mat break ny bones but names will never hurt ne, facts will always support me.

        No facts in post just name calling. Typical alt-right.

        • Thomas Pullen

          FACTS…CIA director James Clapper phoned President elect Donald Trump! He found no credibility to these allegations against Trump. That’s why this was not supposed to go public! The DemonRats, nasty as they are leaked this memo! Investigations are still ongoing. Dems lost the election and need to get over it! They need to stop spreading unsubstantiated bull to further divide this country. Where are your facts?????

          • The Help

            Your statement is FALSE NEWS. Clapper made no public statement saying what you stated. Trump claims Clapper called him saying that the allegations were not credible. Clapper did state just like CNN did that the information has not yet been verified. That is far from not being credible.
            Thats like you taking the word of a person you accuse of stealing telling you he did not steal. Would you believe them?

          • Thomas Pullen

            Check these links



            I also stated the investigation is on going. President elect Donald Trump is innocent until proven guilty! Try to keep that in mind be condemning him.

          • The Help

            I never said Trump was guilty I am however saying that anything Trump says or his people say to discredit the information is not worth listening to. I will wait for our Intelligence community to state what is fact and what is not. I don’t care who won the election both candidates suck.

          • Thomas Pullen

            You are absolutely right! I honestly thought Hillary would pull it off. I just wanted it to be close enough to give our politicians the message,” we are tired of the BS”‘.Neither candidate was very popular. There seems to be so much fake news anymore. Its getting difficult to judge the credibility of what’s true or not true. I guess we just have to wait and see.

  • Klikhir Tulagin

    Note the British source. Who is the MI6 veteran? Where did he stand on Brexit?

    • undeRGRound

      2 VERY PERTINENT Questions!

    • Mathew Molk

      I heard he claimed MI5,,,,which is in GB only. Now they must have changed it to MI6 which IS outside country.

      When you are nailed to the corner with a lie,,,,Change the story.

  • wandamurline

    They haven’t corroborated the conclusions, but they go ahead and report on it anyways…and they wonder why we call them the FAKE news network.

    • Mike from Burnsville

      CNN…Counterfeit News Network….

    • badass

      i’ve stopped watching it since 6 months ago.

      • Nicodemus

        I stopped after I realized they were lying about 9-11! I remember the reporter covering the Pentagon and how confused he was that there was obviously no airplane wreckage…. CNN, which repeats and repeats the same stories for a day or two, quickly pulled that one…but it survives on Youtube! I hope Trump is so pissed-off by all the Fake Polls and now the Fake Russian narrative that he gets Congress to overturn the “Joseph Goebbels” Act that allocates $180 million for….more fake news!

        • badass

          GREAT IDEA……

      • Arizona Don

        I quit when Fox started!

        • badass

          I’ve tried ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox, Fox is a way better TV channel than those BS. OAN is also a good one.

  • Radman414

    CNN and BuzzFeed are practicing the after-dark teenage prank where a bag of fresh manure is put on someo ne’s front porch, set on fire, the door bell is rung, and then they go watch from the bushes and laugh when the homeowner comes out and stomps out the fire.
    With them, “journalistic integrity” is an unknown concept. It’s never about whether an item is true and provable; it’s just the seriousness of the charge.

  • SJane

    CNN should be humiliated to have such high profile commentators report unsubstantiated TRASH…
    Live in the garbage pile, be buried in the stench, just dues…YOU are NOT journalist…IMO

    • Fed up!

      High profile, who made them high profile, more like journalistic trash.

  • wandamurline

    The Democrats were stopped by Trump before they transformed America into a socialist/communist state and they are angry. They are soooooo afraid that Trump will keep his promises and he will make America Great Again, that they are wetting their pants and throwing hissie fits….they are afraid that America will do well under Trump and that they will go the wayside as irrevelent, so they have to continue to attack because they have and have had no plan to help America, only to continue the communist agenda….and America decided that they like to have a free Republic. Quit watching these aholes.

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw

    The democrats/lead by Hillary Clinton/MSM and Obama will never stop destroying President-elect Trump by all means. They violate the will of the American people to take away the victory given to the elected president Trump. These political schemes will never stop. Hillary Clinton to prevent Trump’s administration to prosecute her. For Obama, tor restore his power and to continue helping the Muslims multiply in the US for Islam control.

  • Maggietish

    Why is CNN still on the air? They clearly are doing nothing but trying to demonize Donald Trump and are still on a witchhunt against him and his supporters. The New York Times refused to report this story because they said there was no evidence or validity to it. CNN didn’t care whether there was any validity or truth to it they again reported fake news against Donald Trump as usual. CNN were the ones who gave Hillary Clinton debate and Townhall meetings questions in advance of those events and also cleared stories with her and her campaign before they reported them. They were absolutely in her pocket then and obviously still are. That’s why they got the name of the Clintons News Network which continues to this day. It’s clear that CNN are the leaders in this biased liberal news media and that they are totally out of control. i’m a firm believer in having the Free Press in the United States but what CNN is doing is not Free Press it is out right lying. Once Trump is elected he has the right to initiate an investigation in an effort to have CNN and others of the biased news media prove the stories that they are reporting and present the evidence that they are basing their stories on. It’s time Trump does that.

    • Mathew Molk

      Couldn’t prove they were still on the air by me. I haven’t watched that clown act for years.

  • biilyjoe

    Straight from the Corrupt News Network that contrived with criminal thief Donna Brazile to violate our fair election laws by stomping on Sanders and then invading the debate by stealing questions, giving them to hildabeast, and trying to trip up the Republicans. That whole CLINTON NEWS NETWORK needs to be investigated by a newly-appointed FBI/CIA after they indict and jail hillary and podesta.

  • Vikki

    CNN are you still on the air. All you tell are lies. No one listens to you anymore.

  • Joe the Nobody

    My,my, my they just won’t give it up. Like wood pecker climbing all over the tree looking for the next bug.

  • Joe Sam

    anything to stir up the left they belive anything right or wrong .

  • gmeades

    This has already been thoroughly debunked.

    It’s already been confirmed that 3 individuals named in the report were falsely accused, One never left the country as the report claimed he did, and another had no Russian dealings at all.

    This report was OPPOSITION RESEARCH, which apparently CNN doesn’t know the purpose of. The purpose of “apposition research” is to slander an individual, it is put together in an effort to discredit someone… in this case, Trump. That was it’s purpose. Not to provide verifiable facts.

    Once again, CNN has outdone itself, showing just how unworthy of credibility they really are.

    At this point, CNN has no credibility left, and with reports like this, they’re just scraping the bottom of an already very dry barrel.

    • Mathew Molk

      Just like the rest of the Marxist NWO Gang. They are all in full panic mode. — But beware, a mortally wounded animal is very dangerous.

      BTW,,,,Who’s Obama?

  • cgretired

    After what they, and all the msm, have done to America, they,CNN, expect us to believe any of this phony garbage? Wandamurline said it right.. rename from cnn to fnn.

  • regulus30

    YES IT WAS QUITE A SPECTACLE; Jake Tapper and his cadre of left wing sycophants sitting there with the head phones/mikes attempting to look so authoritarian and official spewing more “fake news”, don’t these dumbaces realize their game is no longer in play;; nope.

  • Ben

    We’re going to take America back. Each town that experiences BLM terrorists, Muslim terrorists, liberal democrat screamie-mimies, will need to dig large trenches at their city’s outskirts. These will be for live-burial of the enemy and traitors. There will be a special place in that pit for news people who lost their objectivity.

  • dahniuru

    Shhh, CNN and Buzzfeed. A laugh a day from the VLTs (ViciousLiberalTwits). I hope an investigation is made to see just where their money is coming from. I believe in free speech, so they can say what they want to say; but I’d like to know who is paying them….

    • Mathew Molk

      That’s easy —- Ted Turner.

  • Christina50

    This fake news has got to stop! Everyone……….stop watching CNN. Their ratings are in the toilet and this is what they do to increase viewership. CNN is despicable. Boycotte CNN and hopefully they will go away soon.

    • Laughing at Libtards

      I will post a link to my petition for boycotting CNN and others once it’s done. We can and will hold them accountable

      • Christina50

        Thank you!

  • Laughing at Libtards

    CNN and buzzfeed should be labeled as propaganda organizations who are not to be considered as neutral reporting agencies.

    The people have had enough, let the protests commence.

  • Louie Rey

    You mean the Clinton News Network is still in business? I thought they rode off into the sunset with Hillary. Oh well. It seems logical that they’d resort to something like this. Let’s face it, they’ve been in bed with the queen of fake news forever so this is just another example of their overwhelming liberal bias. It’s also another example of Trump Derange Syndrome. They still just can’t handle it.

  • Thomas Pullen

    There’s no end to fake news!

  • Donovan Blaylock

    The Clinton News Network died about 30 minutes ago. Goodbye and Good Riddance

  • HopeforAmerica

    Our own Intel has confirmed. It’s NOT Fake News! Trump is spinning it as fake news.

    • undeRGRound

      “Our Own Intel” is headed up by Obama Appointees, in large part.
      Fvckin’ Brenner (CIA) converted to Muzzie, I read somewhere.

      GAME OVER, “regressive lib-turds” just go away for a while,
      lick the scars where your nuts “used to be” and come back
      later, when you have some new material… :p

    • Thomas Pullen

      HopeforAmerica⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ LIBTARD ALERT
      ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      Proof please…

  • stopspending4

    I am so confused – the left is always yelling to “keep the gov out of our bedroom” now they want to publicize what supposedly went on in trump’s bedroom. Does the left really think we CARE what goes on in his bedroom?

  • Stan Joy

    Folks, this is something that we will have to put up with for a period of time. When Trump, (and he will) starts straightening things out in our country, I firmly believe that the people who are so anit Trump will come around. Trump handled himself brilliantly this morning at his press conference today. I am more convinced than ever that Trump will be a very good if not a great President. Please keep on praying for our country and also President Elect Trump. Thanks a lot & God Bless all.

    • Fed up!

      Your a optimistic, you can’t fix stupid. They will never come around their brains where sucked out by the Commie Goverment Education System they infiltrated. We must start with removing at the grass roots of our education system. Re-train the ones you can teachers, remove the others, revamp educational material to reflect pro and true American history. Till we get hold of education system we are going to let these commie teachers and Professors produce commie snowflakes.

      • PRINCE4EVER O(->

        That one of the planks of Communism, take over education of children.

      • Stan Joy

        You are so right about our education system. I still think there will be some that will come to their senses in due time. But again you hit the nail on the head. the strongest union in the country is the NATIONAL TEACHERS ASSOCIATION and they are no friend conservative cause. Almost ALL professors in our colleges spout anti comments about all of us who believe in our Constitution and our system as was set up by our founding fathers. You know, I’m not sure if we can turn this around with-out a lot of possible bloodshed. I don’t really feel it, but I know I am an old man (85+)and never in my wildest nightmare could I EVER believe that our country would have sunk so low as it has!! Keep praying folks & Bless you all.

        • Mathew Molk

          NEA I believe,,,and no matter what you call them they have to go….Start by getting all the weak knee “give the teachers what ever they want soccer moms off the school boards and replace them with people that have the interest of the kids and the country first when the next contract comes up. it will not at all be hard to replace the “teachers” if they want to strike. They haven’t made a saleable product in 30 years. How hard is it to replace slugs like that? Just remember. Elect no one to a school board that will allow “tenure” to be part of a union contract. (They brought it on themselves)

          And BTW,,,I am Pro union and anti “right to work” the teachers have just gone WAY too far.

    • Mathew Molk

      Agree 1000% Stanly. As time goes by more and more will see the light and come over to our side. It’s happening already. I will say by this time next year a good 1/3 of the democrats will have come over. You have to remember, There are a lot of people in the democrat party that are not commies, but up to now voted a straight ticket. Those days are over for them.

      The hard core communist liberals will always be there but i do not see them being even close to 20% of the country and they will be about as much likes as the moslems.

  • minefinder624

    It will be interesting to see how CNN tries to wiggle out of this fiasco. They’ll probably blame some kind of Russian misinformation conspiracy which took advantage of their “stellar” news operation -ie they are victims too- and perhaps offer some half-hearted retraction/ apology.

  • r d mcclure

    Communist news network doing propaganda as usual. Rumors, opinions, conjecture, slant & misrepresentation but no evidetiary facts, proofs, or substantiated documents. Since liberalism is a mental disease they will believe anything that sounds “good” (read that as subversive or seditious).

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Please don’t forget, the Communist News Network a/k/a CNN is part and parcel of the Democrat Terrorist Organization. PERIOD

  • Del Bauman

    Nothing would surprise me. Donald Trump is an idiot.

    • Fed up!

      Well you should know!?
      Your envious is apparent, piss you off he successful and your a loser!

  • Keith Phillips

    CNN, They are all liars. I never listen to them anymore and never will.

  • Fed up!

    Just like the Clintons, CNN need to be bygones. CNN is nothing more than a anti-American terrorist propaganda organization.

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      All MSM is just government mouthpieces!

  • DWKeller

    This will be the end of CNN – please, never use it as a source of news again.

  • Mike from Burnsville

    I wonder if I started a rumor about CNN and repeated it often enough whether it would at some point become true. These people are disgusting. I will in future refuse to watch CNN. I would rather watch FOX and if they bore me I will switch to Pawn Stars or Forensic Files or maybe a 7 year old episode of COPS.

  • stevenlehar

    Well just because this story turns out to be true, we KNOW for SURE that Trump does stuff like that and worse all the time! Who needs evidence when you have dogmatic presumptions? Trump is guilty of everything as charged, even if we can’t quite prove it yet.

  • amimissingsomething

    Clinton News Network needs to be taken off the air for reporting fake, unverifiable information as news. Wolf Blister and Anderson Gooper are the worst offenders and would probably give their mamma’s wedding rings away for a story. They are so prejudiced that their stories deserve the same amount of attention as Saturday morning cartoons. Drain the Swamp!!!

  • BRAIN S.

    CNN must be proud of themselves… desperately publishing trash to obtain a following.

  • L.Lawrence

    It’s a matter of time and so much stuff is going to come out on Punk.

  • Rick D.

    Anything coming out of the Clinton News Network (CNN) is garbage and needs to be disposed of as such. These clowns will go to any extent to discredit Trump. That is what is truly “deplorable”!!!

  • badass

    CNN M.O.F. (calling your dirty name) who provided the debate questions to Hillary’s campaign team? your reputation has down to drain….you’re finished…

  • tammy

    CNN always reported Fake News. Been doing it for a long time

  • Lori

    McCain is a traitor and should be treated as such. He needs to be held accountable along with Lindsay Graham. There is something very wrong with McCain too hawkish.

  • coconuisse

    CNN seems hell-bent on replacing MSNBC as the most unreliable source for “news”.


    I’m a Russian hacker, and I create Fake News!

  • Gary Von Neida

    Little the Clint News Network (CNN) does has ever been a surprise, They are HACKs and not worth watching, unless You Yourself are : Progressive, Liberal, Left Wing, Communist or Marxists—like Lee Harvey mentioned as different.

  • Bob

    Looks like Putin and the Kremlin have the Orange Head, Tax Evader, Pervert by the short hairs. Ouchhhhhhh!! Of course, he can prove them as liers by releasing his Crooked Tax Returns. Oh no, that would be a stupid decision, wouldn’t it? A few weeks ago the Republicons made a stupid accusation, then said Americans should consider it true unless the Dems proved otherwise. OK Chump – the Russians accusations ARE TRUE UNTIL YOU CAN PROVE OTHERWISE – LOSER!!!

  • Shelly Shannon

    CNN should be careful. Putting fake garbage out there about anyone even Trump and slandering someones reputation falls into the category of libel. They are probably getting pretty close to being sued. CNN is the most slanderous and bias network there is. I hope they get boycotted right into the toilet. I started boycotting CNN a long long time ago at the time Obama started campaigning for his first election.

  • Mathew Molk

    Miles, They are done for. The Commi-crat party will never again be a viable force for the rest of the century. All you are seeing is their death throws.

    • Ron C

      I pray you are right, because we have a lot of gullible people in this country…almost as bad as Europe.

    • Arizona Don

      It does seem they are committing political suicide.

      • Sicklesteel

        Yes. I have noticed that. Acting like it doesn’t matter…..perhaps in anticipation of “a new deal” that is coming they know about but not us? Just an observation…..

  • Ron

    Yep, put together by John McCain and handed to the FBI. It is all false and made up by the evil Senator McCain.

  • Lynn Salton

    “The cable news network noted that while the former British intelligence officer’s work is credible, the specific allegations presented in the document have produced inconsistencies and have yet to be confirmed.”
    Responsible journalism. They didn’t mention the alleged details (which sound pretty fake) and said point blank that there are inconsistencies in the document. From the CNN report alone I quickly came to the conclusion that the story is suspect and until the lurid details are confirmed by a credible source (which probably won’t happen) the CNN report stands on its journalistic integrity. They said there’s an accusation, but the story has inconsistencies. In other words, there’s a story out there, but it lacks credibility… end of story until further notice.
    BuzzFeed the true offender in this story, is on the other hand just internet junk, sensationalist partisan nonsense… like Breitbart.

  • Arizona Don

    This is exactly how the progressive communistic democrats roll. We can look forward to this type of thing for the next four years. However, they the progressive communistic democrats, are committing political suicide. They are just to damn stupid to see it.

    Sooner of later Donald will perhaps throw them out of the press conferences. I thought he handled it rather well on Wednesday. I’m also certain he will have many. They seemed shocked. I guess there is, after all, a new sheriff in town. One who has the stones to handle them as needed. Seems Donald does not plan on being politically correct. My my who would have guessed. Guess the liberals do not realize that is one, but only one, of the reasons we elected him!

  • Arizona Don

    There is no journalism at cnn whatsoever!

  • Bob

    Surely, you can’t be as dumb as you pretend. Or maybe so!!