Fake News Jake Tapper Says He’s ‘100 Percent Against’ Lies

‘I love CNN and the people I work with there…’

Jake Tapper Says He's 100 Percent Against Lies on 'The View'

Jake Tapper/IMAGE: ABC News via YouTube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Jake Tapper, chief Washington correspondent for CNN, joined the “The View” Wednesday morning to discuss President Donald Trump’s treatment of the media and the standing of journalists in the Trump era.

Tapper presented himself as an independent journalist who criticizes the president because of his pursuit of truth.

Co-host Meghan McCain, the daughter of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., asked Tapper about CNN’s bias.

“I — like many conservatives — I do think CNN has a bias, but for some reason, I hang out with a lot of conservatives off the record…it’s always like, ‘but Jake Tapper understands.’ Why do you think that you haven’t sort of come into that criticism?” McCain asked, not explaining exactly which “conservatives” she hangs out with, as most conservatives see Tapper as much a shill for the Left as his network.


“Well, put aside the part where you’re criticizing CNN because obviously I love CNN and the people I work with there,” Tapper said. “I really am not a member of a party. If I weren’t a journalist, if I were a cartoonist or whatever I would still be an independent.

“I don’t think either party has a premium on good ideas or good people, and I really try to be as agnostic as possible in my private life too. I’m the jerk at the table who says, “Well, on the other hand…”

McCain continued to credit Tapper for his allegedly unbiased approach, referencing his interview with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel about the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“Especially with the gun debate,” McCain said. “In particular, I was happy that you went after that sheriff, and really I was like, ‘Someone is seeing both sides of this.’ which I’ve known you since I was 12 so maybe I can’t be biased anymore, I don’t know.”

But none of “The View” panelists questioned Tapper on issues such as his lie about Trump mocking a disable reporter, having to issue a correction on an earlier story after testimony by former FBI director James Comey vindicated the president, or downplaying his own wealthy upbringing to appear relatable to the “working class.”

Co-host Joy Behar asked Tapper why Trump started to criticize the media as fake news.

“People hate the media if you’re being covered, right?” Tapper said. “I remember when I was on the ‘Straight Talk Express’ in 1999 and 2000, your dad [Sen. McCain] had issues with the media, but he understood the need for a vigilant media, and he would take issue with a story here or there — he never took issue with the need for the fourth estate.”

“Why does he never give a press conference, Trump?” Behar asked. “Why do you think?”

“Because he doesn’t want to face questions from people like me, Jim Acosta, and others,” Tapper answered.

Co-host Sunny Hostin said people are worried that reporters “aren’t just reporting facts — that reporters are editorializing.”

“You’ve taken some criticism,” Hostin said. “People point to your facial expressions, your political cartoons…”

“This is just my face,” Tapper interrupted. “You know that this is just, when I hear unrepentant BS coming my way…Tell them to stop saying those things and my face will go back to normal.”

“People are using it to say that CNN is biased, that you’re biased, that you’re editorializing. What do you say to that criticism?” Hostin asked.

“I am absolutely biased against lies,” Tapper said. “When there are people lying, I am 100 percent against it. When people say things that are indecent, and not to invoke Meghan’s dad again, but somebody that has been a big part of my life — I’ve been covering him since I was a young reporter. When the president says that ‘John McCain isn’t a war hero because he was a war hero and I prefer people that weren’t captured,’ that’s indecent, it’s an indecent thing to say. We revere our service members and we revere our POWs and that is just how adults behave.”

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