NOT HIS KID: Illegal Enters US Carrying 6-Mo.-Old Across Rio Grande River

‘Cases like this demonstrate the real danger that exists to children in this disturbing new trend…’

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Texas National Guard observes Rio Grande River, Photo by The U.S. Army (CC)

(Brian Freimuth, Liberty Headlines) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) has reported that since mid-April, at least 95 fraudulent families have entered the United States using fake birth certificates and other falsified legal documents to take advantage of loopholes in U.S. immigration law.

Current gaps in immigration law prevent those entering as families from being immediately deported.

Between mid-April and 10 May, HSI identified 562 groups of illegals claiming to be families who presented evidence of fraud and uncovered 176 fraudulent documents and claims.

On May 7th, U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended Amilcar Guiza-Reyes, a Honduran national, who attempted to enter the U.S. with someone else’s child, claiming the six-month-old infant was his own.


U.S. Border Patrol saw Reyes wading across the Rio Grande near Hidalgo, Texas, carrying the child. After he was detained, Reyes admitted to HSI that the child was not his own and that the birth certificate he carried was fake.

The Department of Health and Human Services has taken the six-month-old into custody. On May 10th, Reyes made his first appearance in court since he was charged with child smuggling.

Officials state that illegal aliens often rent children in order to take advantage of loopholes in immigration law.

“Cases like this demonstrate the real danger that exists to children in this disturbing new trend,” said HSI Acting Executive Associate Director Alysa Erichs. “And while we have seen egregious cases of smugglers renting and recycling children, this case involving a six-month-old infant is a new low – and an unprecedented level of child endangerment.”

In April of 2018, President Trump instituted a zero-tolerance policy on illegals crossing the border.

Due to heavy criticism and pressure from the media, Trump effectively ended his zero-tolerance policy in June of 2018, weakening immigration authorities’ ability to process and prosecute aliens who claim to have entered with their families.

Since June of 2018 U.S. Border authorities have reported an upsurge in groups of illegal aliens crossing the border claiming to be families.

Border authorities believe this is a direct result of Trump weakening of his zero-tolerance policy.

Current Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Kevin McAleenan, said in 2018 that this increase in fraudulent families crossing the border is “a direct response to gaps in the legal framework,” adding, “we’re not surprised by it, but it’s been a very stark trend.”

The HSI is now experimenting with DNA testing technology to help identify fake families faster.

In recent months, HSI has sent 130 additional personnel to the border, including forensic interview specialists, document examiners, and victim assistance specialists to help combat the recent upsurge in fraud and child smuggling.