Facebook Bans Women from Dragging Men Through the Mud

One-to-seven day suspensions for comments like ‘men are scum’…

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(Daily Caller News Foundation) Facebook is allegedly banning women from going on man-hating tirades.

After a myriad of women took to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms to call out sexual predators and harassers like film producer Harvey Weinstein, Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, GOP Tep. Blake Farenthold of Texas and former NBC host Matt Lauer, Facebook banned many  women for dragging men through the mud.

Facebook banned women for one to seven days after they posted things like, “men ain’t sh**,” and “all men are ugly” according to The Daily Beast.

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“I personally posted men are scum in November and I received a seven day ban. It’s still ongoing. Two days and 23 hours left,” self-proclaimed comedian Alison Klemp told the Beast. “It wasn’t the best protest because it clearly didn’t work.”

Boston comedian Kayla Avery also said she’s been banned countless times after disparaging men by posting “men are trash” on Facebook.

Since she was first banned, Avery has created FacebookJailed.com, a website where women can commiserate about internet censorship.

Another comedian, Heather Fink, told the Daily Beast the Facebook censorship “problem” has been spreading to Instagram where she said she was banned for discussing Facebook’s censorship of rash insults against men.

“Social media is how we communicate. Preventing women from expressing themselves like this is an intimidation tactic,” a social-media strategist told the Beast.

Facebook has not released a statement.

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  • Lori

    Good, because all men are not trash any more than all women are pure and defenseless, a lot of us have son’s ,so why should we debase them, I know some men are bad, but I also know a lot of women that are bad, not all men beat and rape and kill, some do, but so do some women, and it surely isn’t men aborting the child inside them, flesh of their flesh, blood of their blood ! And though I know there are men that cheat on their wives, I bet almost all of us know some women that has cheated on her husband. Men walk off and leave families, but so do women. So clean up your own backyard before you tell someone else to clean up theirs .

  • ProudPatriot

    Good Lord. Who cares? Social media is a pox on modern society.