Everyone BUT the EPA has to pay for polluting the environment

(NaturalNews) When it comes to government regulatory agencies, you are never right and they are never wrong. That is especially true for the Environmental Protection Agency, a bureaucracy that has become weaponized, politically speaking, under Barack Obama.

In August 2015, the Animas River in the southern part of Colorado and northern New Mexico was turned a grotesque shade of yellow-orange after a contracting crew working for the EPA accidentally released some 3 million gallons of toxic water filled with mining byproducts into the water. It was the largest environmental disaster of the year, but thus far it appears as though the agency has managed to shirk its responsibility for the massive spill.

But now, because of the inaction of the Obama administration and the EPA itself, three states and a number of Native American tribes have filed suit in federal court seeking to force the agency to do something it should have done voluntarily: Pay for the clean-up, just like it forces private companies and individuals to do when they pollute.

As reported by Inside Sources and Natural News, the Navajo Tribe filed suit under Federal Tort claims seeking more than $160 million in damages. The tribe’s reservation runs adjacent to the river and suffered when the toxic heavy metals contained in the contaminated water from the Gold King Mine near Silverton, CO., were released during a botched EPA ‘cleanup’ project…

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  • John

    I am with the Navajo Indians on this one…the Government HAS to clean up this damn mess, because if they hadn’t been so anxious to dabble there it would have been just fine!! What a mess!!

  • I have little or no sympathy for what I consider the worst agency in the federal government. It has stuck its nose in way too much crap that has little to do with the environment. It has also failed big time since the 1980’s. Lake Coeur d’Alene is one of them. The incident here is but one failure.

  • Don Obie

    Yes EPA should pay for their willful, ignorance and damage. Congress should downsize the unneeded agency as needed to cover costs. If bankruptcy occurs, EPA would be closed like all the companies and people who had to do the same, because of EPA.


    EPA: Environmental Pollution Agency

  • liberty49

    It’s about time the EPA has to play with the same rules it forces on everyday people! Just another case of unelected bureaucrats who drank the Obama ‘koolaid’ & got drunk with their own power. Unfortunately their mistake is going to cost the taxpayers. It’s time this organization gets buried in its own crap.

    • Rob

      Why are taxpayers responsible? Take it out of the epa pension fund!

      • I thought the head of the EPA has a slush fund!

      • Tomahawk

        Another good idea!

      • Dannyboy

        I like the way you think!

  • J.B. Young

    Do away with the EPA. Cut their funding.

  • Larry Parker

    Why not make the companies that created the pollution pay for it?? IF they had taken care of it properly the EPA would not even have been there, investigating. IF they had even stored it well, it would not have spilled.

    • Jack Frost

      It is doubtful the mining companies created a huge retaining lake of toxic water without direct instruction and supervision by the EPA. How else do you explain the hubris at the agency before, during and after the environmental catastrophe occurred? But government is always,”Do as I say, not as I do!”.

      • Larry Parker

        Hmm, who am I going to have the most faith in? A mining company or the EPA? given the history of mining companies in the USofA, i think they lose, big time. Are you too young and ignorant to remember what was going on BEFORE the EPA?

    • Mathew Molk

      If the EPA hadn’t gotten involved none of this would have happened in the first place…Get out on the street Larry and find out what is actually happening in the real world.

    • Nicodemus

      Half of the air pollution in CA drifts over from China! In O’Vomit’s world, not only do they get a pass, the USA is expected to pay a tax for it! I’m glad Trump is going to change this is a hurry!

      • Larry Parker

        Yeah, we will see how that works out.

  • Jack Leonard

    It’s very simple. Find those EPA officials responsible, bring charges, convict them in a court of law and lock them up. Confiscate all their personal wealth and use it to help towards the clean up.

    • Ronnie Allen

      The best solution I have read on this post so far.

    • Jeffrey Revers

      WRONG JACK,the Government is responsible for this and it should be held to pay for the mess they made.

      • chris VN

        Then the taxpayer ends up footing the bill.

    • Tomahawk

      And if those monies won’t cover the costs, just defund the EPA accordingly. There are more ways than one to cover these costs and hold them accountable to we taxpayers.

    • Richard

      sounds great but it will never happen because the obama administration never does anything wrong . If anyone questions that administration they are called racist . And – as far as I’m concerned – the word racist has lost all meaning because it is overly mis – used .

  • mwp2634


    Time to wipe the slate and start again.

    Most traitorous Pres and WORST ADMINISTRATION OF ALL TIME.

    • Mathew Molk

      you forgot the bog one OSHA

  • The head of the EPA should go to jail. She and her agency is full of criminal activity like other agencies under Obama.

  • JWB

    Just another “colorful” display by the federal government. I have tried several times to uncover one thing, just one, that our heavily/overly funded bureaucratic overseers have done correctly and efficiently. We are not holding our collective breaths! Hopefully, soon, this will be rectified.

  • noname_noslogan

    It’s time to END the EPA, FDA, DOE, BLM, IRS, Federal Reserve and every other bloodsucking, money draining, oppressive, totalitarian, big government bureaucratic agency.

    If you knew anything, you’d know what thugs the bureaucrats at these agencies are and that they absolutely must be removed from power.

    • Pat Hanson

      Too many government agencies are so bloated they run around ‘making work’

  • wayne g dearry

    We do need some form of an E P A but not run by a bunch of lunatics–Pres Trump will know what to do.

  • Nicodemus

    Ridiculous regulations shuttered the last lead smelter in the USA (so we now buy much of our lead from China, like our toilet seats, light bulbs, steel….anyone seeing a pattern here?). The coal industry has been hard-hit…..and then there’s been the attempted appropriation of land under color of law (the Bundy ranch, the Amish, etc.). If the fraud had succeeded in putting Hitlery in the White House, it probably would have been the death of the USA as an economic superpower. Trump isn’t even president yet and he’s brought over 10,000 jobs back to the USA already! In the meantime, a village somewhere in Kenya is still missing its idiot!

    • Pat Hanson

      I would like to see every product sold in the USA tagged with country of origin. I would rather pay a little more for “Made in USA”, knowing it helped fellow Americans. I recently purchased a coffee table, to be assembled yourself, and noticed tags on the pieces “made in Mexico”. The site I purchased it from should be required to state country of origin. We must all be more aware in our shopping in order to improve the lives of our fellow Americans. I have a 13 year old car and was checking the internet for SUV types limited to “MADE IN USA”. Very few! We must make American manufacturers aware of our needs in order to encourage American auto makers to meet our needs. If, for instance you really like a Lexus, notify Cadillac they should reverse engineer a Lexas, slap a crown emblem on it, wa la

      • Nicodemus

        I hear you! A Honda Accord has more USA-made parts in it than a Chevy…. Ebay is the worst….I don’t know how many times I have purchased something from a USA address and the item was made in China. Correction..AMAZON is the worst….I bought some thread for my girlfriend…it took TWO MONTHS to arrive! Obviously it was made in some 3d world sweatshop, shipped to someone in the USA who repackaged it and sent it to me, so I have no idea where it originated, but it was certainly NOT in the USA! They can both rot in Hell…there are other places I can do my shipping (and Walmart isn’t one of them!).

    • Tomahawk

      That’s right, but not for long.

  • Mathew Molk

    I hope they do have to not pay for but actually take all their inspectors that have done nothing but damage US industry and go out and clean it up themselves. And then we can pay for the damage done by taking the salaries of as many EPA employees as it takes and laying them off. Let them see what was like for the workers when they closed down other peoples iplants.

  • robert sanders