Even Global Warming Believing Miami Columnist Says Al Gore is Full of It

(Paul Chesser, Liberty Headlines) While conveying his experience seeing Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” a Miami Herald columnist said the effects of stormwaters and sea level rise on the city have been exaggerated by the former vice president — according to “scientists” he has inquired with.

Even Global Warming Believing Miami Columnist Says Al Gore is Full of It

Al Gore/IMAGE: ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’ via YouTube

In a commentary published Wednesday, Andres Oppenheimer related how he attended a private screening of the follow-up to 2006’s “An Inconvenient Truth” a week earlier, and explained how he got stuck at the theater because heavy (and common) south Florida rains flooded the parking lot and surrounding streets.

“During the movie, I couldn’t help chuckling when I saw Gore on-screen wading in rain boots through the water on a flooded Miami Beach street, and saying that Miami is the No. 1 city in the world for assets at risk due to sea level rise…,” Oppenheimer wrote. “But what made it all even more surreal was that when the movie ended, the entire area was flooded and nobody could get out of the building…It took me more than an hour to get out of the parking lot, and another hour to get out of South Beach.”

“It turned out that the Miami Beach stormwater pumps had failed to work because of a power outage caused by the storm,” he added.

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It’s not the first time Gore has used the south Florida coastal city as an example to promote his political agenda. In “An Inconvenient Truth” 11 years ago, he showed a computer illustration of “what would happen to the sea level in Florida” if half of Greenland and half of west Antarctica broke up an melted (at 00:25):

And last October while campaigning with Hillary Clinton in Miami, Gore said:

Every single night on the television news is like a nature hike through the Book of Revelation. You look at the floods and the droughts and the mudslides and the fires and the incredible downpours, and as Secretary Clinton just mentioned, Hurricane Matthew just recently. You know, it spun up from a tropical storm into a category five hurricane in just 36 hours. That’s extremely unusual. And the reason that happened is the climate crisis is trapping so much extra heat in the Earth’s system, equivalent to what would be released by 400,000 Hiroshima-class atomic bombs going off every day….

…Just since Hurricane Andrew (in 1992), the sea level in the waters around Florida have gone up three inches since Hurricane Andrew. And every vertical inch of sea level rise means four to eight feet of the water going inward and the storm surges on top of that. And yes, there are now, at high tide, sometimes ocean – fish from the ocean swimming in some of the streets of Miami Beach and Delray and Fort Lauderdale.

All of Gore’s bogus analogies and false imagery was too much even for the otherwise alarmism-believing Herald columnist, who called “B.S.”

Even Global Warming Believing Miami Columnist Says Al Gore is Full of It 1

IMAGE: ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ via YouTube

“In his new book, ‘Truth to Power,'” Oppenheimer wrote, “the Nobel Prize winner projects that the sea level in South Florida will rise by half a foot by 2030, two feet by 2060 and ‘up to seven feet or more’ by 2100.

“Most scientists I’ve asked about the future of Miami Beach…tell me that this city won’t disappear under the water, nor will it become another Venice. What’s going to happen, unless the world succeeds in fighting man-made global warming, is that Miamians…will have to pay much more in taxes to buy water pumps (presumably ones that work) and other technologies that will be needed to lessen the impact of rising seas.”

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With that, Oppenheimer said while the most famous climate change activist is “right” about the threat, “Gore’s movie may be too Gore-centric.”

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  • Ed Roberts

    Gore flys around the world to get money I’m proud Trump pulled the US out of the Paris deal, we are still doing things to curb air pollution but paying for other country’s is crap.

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    • sweetqueen777

      Correct. Thanks to previous politicians, the world sees us as their personal Piggybank.
      Being a part of that ridiculous Paris Accord had absolutely NO Payback or advantage for us.
      We can spend that money improving our own situation.

      • Ed Roberts

        That right thank you

    • Sylvia Avila

      Right you are! and we should just ignore Al

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    If Gore is worried about global warming, maybe he should move to the South pole. The Penguins will keep him company!!!…….LOL

    • minefinder624

      Plus they’re about on the same mental level except that the penguins are much better conversationalists

  • Richard Muccillo MDDCM

    Fat albert needs to hang with whimpy and eat more hamburgers –pretty soon he will look like that fat blimp moore

    • satcatchet

      Now that is air pollution!

  • The Capatin

    The entire “man-made climate change” tale is just that. If Al Gore would shut his mouth, the CO2 problem would drop dramatically.

    • Sue

      Without Co2 problem all plant life would perish and us along with it. Go back to your biology text book.

      • The Capatin

        Amen, sister.

  • LC Jr

    Al Gore has used this fake propaganda to become very rich. This guy uses more energy than 100 homes running his several mansions, jets etc. —What a hypocrite.

    • Sue

      Perhaps he should be forced to burn his assets as heating and cooling fuel.

  • Snake

    And yet, in one year, Fat Al spends more on electricity to heat his swimming pool than 7 average Americans do for their whole house. Not to mention the amount of fuel fat AL use in jetting around the globe spreading lies and driving his gas-guzzling suvs!

  • Peter Scripture

    Al Gore is dumber than a rock, and always has been! There is NO global warming! It is a total scam! Plus, anyone with a brain knows CO2 is not harmful. If there was no CO2 we would all starve to death, because CO2 makes plants grow!

    • temporary guest

      He’s pretty much “filthy rich” for a dumb guy, isn’t he? He’s not dumb. He’s evil, just like all leftist pied pipers.

      • jcrawdad

        Most of Al’s money came from his wife’s side of the family. He has made some, She’s the one that’s handed him most of what he’s got . ARE YOU KEEPING UP, He is Dumb as a box of Rocks

        • temporary guest

          Well, you go ahead and spend your life running to keep up with Al Gore. I have better things to do. :o)

          • jcrawdad

            Sorry to make you eat your words, I try to keep up with all the News

          • temporary guest

            Yeah, and you’re not bad at being a condescending jerk, either. Do you practice in real life, or is that just an online thing?

            If you have a point to make, maybe you could practice making a point without making such a CAPITAL EFFORT TO STEP ON SOMEONE ELSE.

            I guess the older I get, the less tolerance I have for arrogance.

            You’re blocked

          • Sue

            Hey, it is a relevant article. Algore travels by pogo stick or skate board.

    • davesop

      Gore is not dumb. In the “old days” he would be considered a successful snake oil peddler.

    • RB

      I agree with you on one point, global warming is a crock. I’ve never seen proof that what we are seeing isn’t just the normal fluctuating weather patterns that have been going on for millions of years. There are simply too many scientists that have been silenced by the pro global warming crowd.
      But I do disagree about Gore being dumber than a rock. He has managed to effectively push this global warming BS into a get rich scheme for himself that has made himself filthy rich.
      Gore may be evil, lacking in morals, and dishonest, but he is not dumb.

      • satcatchet

        Nope, he is dumb, plan & simple. He is doing what his peers want him to do and they pay him. It’s not his ideas its the people pulling his puppet strings. He is a dumb fool.

      • Sue

        Buy my elixir and I will protect you from global warming, climate change, the next ice age etc. that was my prediction for the seventies.

  • temporary guest

    Nobody with a functioning brain needs to be told that Al Gore is “full of it”. The only thing Gore deserves credit for is being the first white man to out perform Jesse Jackson in the shakedown business. You’d think the left would hate him enough just for that to keep him from making millions of dollars from stupid people. If the left were not so hypocritically selective in who they hate and why they hate, Al Gore could have ended up parking cars for a living.

    • satcatchet

      And he should get credit for allowing the folks that are pulling his puppet strings.

      • temporary guest

        He shouldn’t get credit for that. He should be required to give credit for that, so we know who those globalist, communist wannabes are.

  • BendOverForMore

    I believe Al Gore about global warming as much as I do about believing Michael Moore on dieting.

    • sweetqueen777

      For the same obvious reasons. LOL. What a couple of putzes.

  • The Silver Kat

    Despite the writers’ disdain for Al Gore, he’s also not yet figured out that global warming prognostigators are full of nonsese, and that the whole issue was prompted by a gross misreading of misleading reports that had been altered to change the facts on the ground.
    While some of the effects have been caused by man, the global warming trends of 10,000 years ago could not have been so caused.
    It’s just more nonsense from Al (I invented the Internet) Gore and his kool-aid drinking fanatics.

    • satcatchet

      Nonsense. What are the, “man made effect”?

      • The Silver Kat

        Emissions from factories, energy plants and motor vehicles. However, they cannot account for all the ‘stuff’ claimed by Al Gore and his global warming theorists.

  • kenrmer

    And probably 200,000 years ago the Florida shore line was about a mile off the current shore line. Am I worried? No! I’m 1200 feet about the current sea level. Just the rich people that have beachfront property will be the losers….eventually.

    Please, all climate change scientists, explain how we are finding sea bed fossils in Kansas and the Badlands area of South Dakota. Was that ALSO man made? Or is it the earth just going through CONSTANT change like it has always done, sometimes fast, other times slow, and sometimes with a lull in the pace of change? To assume earth’s changes are constant is a foolish assumption.

    • minefinder624

      Yes, I found trilobites on the Yukon-North West Territory border up in the mountains when I was doing geological exploration. Change is constant- the effect of mankind , overall is pretty small and local.

  • meangreenMarine

    Al Gore has been in the Global Warming charade for the money! He knows that the
    People who say it’s a false threat are correct!

  • Gregg Parker

    Gore: Blah blah blah…burp… blah blah blah… well back to my multi million dollar home. All finished saving the earth from you from turning on that other light bulb in your house you creatons… er… I mean fellow citizens…

  • Stan Stowe

    Amazing that Gore never tells the story of how much nature has to do with pollutants in the atmosphere. When any volcano erupts, it spews out more than 1000 fold of ash and other things into the air than what USA does in a whole year. Unfortunately, no one ever considers to point to the huge effects of volcanos. Secondly, ever since we had stopped the use of protecting the forest from the evil pine needle beetle, our forest have become deadly infernos on the west coast. Every year I see the beautiful mountain of cascades goes up in flames. The fires are fueled by the dead forest mixed with healthy forest, and the smoke is choking every one. This and every year I see the effects of the huge smoke from these fires, and yet there are environmentalist that say let them burn, because it creates better forest in the end. Indians use to have proper forest management by burning dead forest and thin of weak and diseased trees. they created lush meadows where animals thrived for source of food and clothing. Unfortunately we have all these so called better educated people making rules that do not seem to be working as well as thought in the classroom. I am sure that Al Gore only joined the DNC to proper vet his movie, and make the news. Liberals thrive off of people like him. Ever wonder how much carbon foot print he leaves of me. Maybe 1 million more times I do. See I believe in saving energy at every chance. Not because of the cost, but because I was raised that way.
    The Paris deal was a fabrication to get Americans to pay for the less industrial and poor countries to gain economical advantages from America. I think we can do better, by serving the poor countries with advanced technologies. Not to pay into a fund that does nothing to help mankind. Obama wanted to strip America and spread the wealth thru taxes and fees leveled at America, and no other country was going to do the same. Just left liberal communism to destroy capitalism.

    • Sue

      The other problem is we replant with Eucalyptus which is fodder for quick burning fuel for forest fires. We now would like to use GMO trees which have not been studied for fire fuel starter material.

  • satcatchet

    Why are we intertaining this fool?
    Because Al Gore is the poster child for the Common Core idiots and it fun to see them come from under their rocks and spew their slim onto who ever will listen. You watch, they are slithering forth.

  • Ricky Zimmer

    New York was supposed to be underwater by 2006. Still waiting for that to happen. Ponzi scheme. Govt studies depend on funding to agree with this. Independents have different thoughts.

  • arjay

    Global warming is a major hoax that enables many people like Al Gore to make billions on cap and trade and all of the other supposed carbon reducing rhetoric. I believe we all should endeavor to reduce pollution,, but those that espouse this belief exclusively blame the world populace in order to eventually (control) everything that people would be permitted to do. It is merely a distribution of U.S. wealth to countries that don’t even have a carbon footprint..

  • Al

    Could Al Gore realize that the Sea Level has risen in the past 25 years by 2.8 inches. Some of that rise could be due to water temperatures, dumping into the sea, or boats/ships in the sea displacing sea water. Al Gore makes money 💵 off of Global Warming.

  • sweetqueen777

    Regarding Miami, and several other US cities…This is what happens when humans decide to build a city on a SWAMP, which sits at approximately “Sea Level”.
    “Algore” is a Nut Job, who is apparently out of other people’s money, and needs to create some quick interest to make a few bucks. He is only after the MONEY, otherwise he would do something about HIS OWN blatant overuse of resources. Greedy Elitist Libtard.

  • US Patriot

    it was obviously stupid for cities to be consturcted in areas that are close to sea level and in areas that are prone to flooding. If the engineers would have researched the data and built on higher ground this would not be a problem. Instead they build right next to oceans and waterways and then act dumbfounded when a crisis happens! Stupidity comes in all shapes and sizes in the World!

    • Sue

      Mississippi River valley is a perfect example. Duhhhh, it floods every year.

  • Sylvia Avila

    Al Gore, knows he is wrong about Climate Change, but still pushes it? Pure Greed! All about the money!

  • Sue

    Gore, giagantic home is powered by chopped wood, doesn’t have electricity, his jet travels because he flaps his arms really, really hard. He manually spins his own Armani suits, raises his own crops and has no carbon HOOFPRINT.

  • travis690

    About those pumps…Where do those scientists think the water will go after it leaves the pumps?

    On another note: When the ice melts in Greenland and the Arctic Ocean, it won’t increase the sea level in Miami or anywhere else. Float an ice cube on the surface of a cup full of water, and measure how much it increases as the ice melts. Answer: It doesn’t rise! If there’s any water outside the cup after the ice melts, you’ll find that it was from condensation on the outside of the cup, not from the ice melting.

    But it should be noted that AlGore got a “D” in Earth Science in government schooling.