Largest NJ Newspaper Tells Readers to ‘Choke It Down’ and Vote for Corrupt Sen. Menendez

‘It’s a miracle that Menendez escaped criminal conviction…’

Der Sen. Menendez’s Buddy Hit With 67 Counts Of Fraud

Photo by Glyn Lowe Photoworks. (CC)

(Lionel Parrott, Liberty Headlines) The newspaper with the largest circulation in the state of New Jersey has endorsed that state’s senior senator, the scandal-plagued Democrat Bob Menendez, for re-election.

But it’s unlikely that Menendez will be touting this endorsement by the Newark Star-Ledger on the campaign trail. That’s because the title of the editorial is “Choke it down, and vote for Menendez”—not exactly glowing praise.

The editorial itself is no better, with its opening paragraph noting that the Senate race “presents the most depressing choice for New Jersey voters in a generation, with two awful candidates whose most convincing argument is that the other guy is unfit to serve.”

Not shying away from Menendez’s scandals, the editorial describes how the incumbent routinely accepted gifts and failed to report them—while promoting the business of the donor behind those gifts all the while.


This was the unanimous conclusion of the Senate Ethics Committee, including all of its Democrats.

“It’s a miracle that Menendez escaped criminal conviction,” the editorial writes, also calling the senator’s re-election bid “an act of profound narcissism” for putting a Democratic-held seat in peril during the administration of Donald Trump.

And as it turns out, it’s because of President Trump that Menendez is getting the Star-Ledger’s endorsement.

The logic: Menendez’s Republican opponent, Bob Hugin, is a shady character as well.

Not only has he spread rumors that Menendez frequented child prostitutes in the Dominican Republican (which the Star-Ledger describes as a “vicious lie”), but he also earned millions from his pharmaceutical firm from hiking the cost of prescription drugs.

Thus, both candidates fail on the ethics front, according to the newspaper. That means the only issue is who can stand up to Donald Trump and his “toxic policies,” “grotesque appeals to racial and ethnic tribalism” and his “corrosive attacks on the pillars of our democracy.”

So in the end, it’s an easy decision for the Star-Ledger: Because he’ll stand up to Donald Trump, Menendez gets their endorsement, warts and all—among which might include the child prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.