Pocahontas Unveils ‘Universal’ Child Care Plan Funded by ‘Wealth Tax’

Plan aims to pay the workers like public school teachers…

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Elizabeth Warren/IMAGE: YouTube

(Sahil Kapur, Bloomberg News) Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren will unveil a universal child care plan Tuesday aimed at limiting American families’ expenses to 7 percent of income regardless of how many children they have in care.

The Massachusetts senator’s plan would make child care free for families under 200 percent of the poverty level, according to a person familiar with the plan.

Other families would pay between nothing and 7 percent of income, depending on how much they earn.

The proposal marks the latest policy entry into a 2020 contest that features scores of progressive Democrats competing over how best to mitigate income inequality and expand the economic safety net for working families.

Americans pay nearly as much for child care as they do for rent, with the average cost of child care in the U.S. approaching $1,400 a month, according to a 2018 HotPads analysis of a Care.com state and metro area pricing index.

Warren’s socialist vision, paired with fierce attacks on corporations and wealthy Americans who she says are rigging the system for self-interest, is at the heart of her campaign, which has already drawn attacks from President Donald Trump.

Her child care plan, while not fully fleshed out, aims to pay the workers like public school teachers.

It would be set up as a federal program, built on existing ones like Head Start and administered by local governments and nonprofit entities.

The person familiar with the plan didn’t offer a price tag but said it would be paid for with some of the revenues from the annual wealth tax Warren has proposed on assets above $50 million.

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