Pocahontas Worries DNA Test Hurt Her 2020 Chances

WARREN: ‘I put it out there…People can make of it what they will…’

Conservative Host, Republican Candidate Fight Each Other Instead of Radical Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Photo by mdfriendofhillary (CC)

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) infamous DNA test was supposed to prove her Cherokee heritage and settle the score with President Trump, but it’s only hurt her potential 2020 presidential bid.

Warren’s DNA test revealed that though she claims Native American ancestry, she has less than 2 percent Cherokee blood in her pedigree.

It drew ridicule from conservatives, criticism from prominent tribes, progressive groups, and liberal activists.

Two months later, Warren is still trying to recover from its effects.

Advisers close to Warren said she has expressed concern that her relationship with Native American groups will never be the same, and that her standing with liberal activists, particularly those with racial minorities, is gone, reports the New York Times.

Some of her close advisers have encouraged Warren to repair the damage by coming out with a strong apology because if she wants to run for president, she will have to confront the issue.

But Warren isn’t ready to publicly backtrack yet.

“There have been a lot of thoughtful conversations about this, and I appreciate that,” Ms. Warren told the Times. “I believe for everyone in public life that transparency is crucial.”

When asked if she regrets publishing the DNA test results, Warren said: “I put it out there. It’s on the internet for anybody to see. People can make of it what they will. I’m going to continue fighting on the issues that brought me to Washington.”

Many of Warren’s allies believe she only published the test results to get back at Trump, who repeatedly mocked her ancestry claims.

But the senator should refrain from engaging with the president, they said.

“The biggest risk in engaging a bully is that bullies don’t usually stop, regardless of what the truth is,” said Charles Chamberlain, executive director for the progressive political group Democracy for America, and an early supporter of Warren’s 2016 presidential bid. “When you can’t win an argument, then sometimes it’s not worth having that argument.”