DUH: Trump’s Wall Unpopular With People He’s Trying To Keep Out

(Daily Caller News Foundation) President Donald Trump’s border wall is not well liked amongst several countries where Trump is trying to enforce illegal immigration to the U.S., according to a Pew Research Center poll released Friday.

House Votes To Fund Border Wall

Photo by Wonderlane (CC)

In 18 of the countries surveyed, the border wall received the most disapproval, especially in Latin America, where 94 percent of respondents in Mexico and 90 of respondents in Colombia decried the wall’s construction.

The House passed a spending measure with a vote of 235-192 that included funding for a portion of Trump’s border wall. The funding was included as a part of a so-called “minibus,” which packaged together four appropriations bills aimed at funding the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Energy, water projects and funding to the legislative branch.

Democrats have strongly opposed the border wall proposal since Trump campaigned on it in the 2016 presidential election.

The Homeland Security section of the bill designates $1.6 billion for a “physical barrier construction along the U.S. southern border.”

Pew conducted the poll from Feb. 16 through March 15, 2017, with 1,505 people respondents. The poll included a lower margin of error of 3.0 percentage points.

Republished with permission from Daily Caller News Foundation via iCopyright license.

  • pevans1

    “DUH” is right.

  • Rolpho Signetti

    I would they would build one around my city! To keep the Liberals out!

    • Don Rollins

      I’d like one around my state — and Austin, the one around Austin to keep them in.

    • jason ouellette

      I would they would? You sound like a 1st grader. Learn how to speak English before you post. What a disgrace.

      • Rolpho Signetti

        Well excuse me! Trying to post on a little keypad that is about the size of your brain! Friggin’ Trolls!

  • Irredeemably Deplorable

    Stands to reason, shutting down illegal crossings into our country leaves the originating countries with no choice but to deal with the criminals they have been allowing to go somewhere else.

  • jeff

    Who cares what they think?

    • NavyCorpsman42


  • TooFuS

    I’d wish a wall round u fat Jew head

    • Rolpho Signetti

      OU VEY!

    • Rolpho Signetti

      OY VEY! Stupid auto correct!

    • therealworld

      I hope you have been sterilized, People like u shouldn’t breed

      • jason ouellette

        I hope you get cancer for saying that.

        • therealworld

          Sorry, I already did and survived.

          • jason ouellette

            I love how you social media retards get so bent out of shape over some random texts. Hey get a life.

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            Sorry, I already did and survived. I was right with my assessment of you. So ashamed of your comment you deleted it huh

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  • GomeznSA

    Hmmm, anyone willing to placed a small wager that criminals are not in favor of building more jails either. Or actually requiring them to serve their entire sentences for that matter………….

    • john blue

      A sharp knife and feed them their own balls for dinner would help to stop some problems.

      • Force Recon

        You are assuming they have balls in the first place If they indeed had BALLS they would be responsible patriots instead of parasitic leeches wanting a “free ride”

    • slk5

      do i hear, ten feet higher!!!

    • richjack4

      Why not do a poll of Americans!!!! Who in their right mind would even waste money conducting such a poll as this?

      • Concerned


    • IluvmyUSA

      Not me, it’s not hard to see the odds are against anyone willing to fade that bet.

    • James Slover

      If criminals run jails and recruit from jails they would favor them especially if the jail is in a third world country with corrupt political and military leaders and denizens are subjects not free citizens. Then they might even build the prison or jail for recruitment. We need to empty America’s jails and prisons by copying the Australian model of founding a penal colony of volunteer prisoners. Start with undersea colonies and expand to the Moon and beyond.

  • OldConservativeGuy

    As Gomer Pyle used to say, ” SURPRISE! SURPRISE!”

  • Daniel Gray

    Sort of like you have three wolves and a sheep trying to decide whats for dinner. Of COURSE the people from central and south America are going to be against this as that means they are going to have to stay in their own countries and try and make it better instead of running to the US


    Build the damn thing! About time US interests come first. Keep out the drugs, trash and anything else harmful.

    • Dee

      True , let them deal with “their” thugs !! We have enough people to take care of , and don’t want their crimes and drugs !!

    • James Slover

      Cactus beds near the wall would help make wall climbers get the point. Legal entry is through the gates not over the wall.

    • Force Recon

      The Demorrhoidic Leftopathic Corruptocrats are the biggest drug dealers on the planet They Took Nixon’s Idea and not only ran with it but expanded it Just like Holder and his Fast and Furious Debacle and Johnson’s War on Poverty that has produced a nation of indolent parasitic leeches dependent on cradle to grave welfare and food stamps

  • laulau

    No kidding..the people we want to keep out (Hillary voters) don’t like the wall.???

  • hankrbradley

    All the more reason to build the wall!

  • mike

    BUILD THAT WALL………………..

    • slk5


    • jason ouellette

      Die now

  • John

    THIS JUST IN: Locks are unpopular with burglars, armed guards unpopular with bank robbers, privacy fences unpopular with nosy neighbors.

    • slk5

      common sense unpopular with liberal socialists!!!

  • Debbie

    Honor the LAW

    • jason ouellette

      Choke on a big black one

  • Gregg Parker

    The demoncrats don’t want their immigrant voters walled off from the voting booths!

    • Vicki

      I used to say that the Dems were wasting their time letting Immigrants into this country trying to get more votes. It may help them for a while. I said that as soon as there were enough of them, , they would nominate and elect someone from their same country…and eventually take over our country. I used to think it was going to be Hispanics. Now, I am pretty sure it will be the Muslims. They are already succeeding by leaps and bounds. I’m 62, just hope I am not around to see it.

      • therealworld

        There is a deterrent, it’s called a 357

      • Gregg Parker

        When the world becomes a ghetto from every vantage point know Allah had his way. I don’t know what TooFus, the idiot posting the next comment was trying to convey but he may have a point…..however, if he puts on a hat no one will see it…

      • jason ouellette

        I hope you are not around either. Die now

        • Vicki

          That is not only rude and unforgivable, it tells me you are part of the problem.

          • therealworld

            I had to block jason ouellette, he gets crazy with responses and Very Nasty

  • Yarbles


  • JWB

    Now that’s one “poll” I can believe!

  • So?

  • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq


  • Polly Dreitzler

    How many idiots did it take to figure that out? It should be pretty obvious to everyone.

  • Raymond Miller

    Now there’s a surprise, illegals want to still be able to sneak in to our country, damn I’da never thunk that. There is a truck driver out there offering free rides to the promise land, HeHeHeHe.

  • Al Chemist

    The democrats are also very resentful that their (illegal) voters and future (illegal) voters will be kept out of this country. The wall is something else for them to scream and rant about.

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    I’d love to see that wall go up then listen to the Illegals scream!


    Of course the people that we are trying to keep out are against THE WALL. So that is good news. So build the wall, and then lets see how much madder they get. The people living and working in this nation will be much safer. Isn’t that what we are trying to achieve??

  • IluvmyUSA

    America, the greatest country in the entire world with the greatest military tactical forces and here we are getting run over by soiled pampers. We taking orders from people who can’t even live in their own countries much less defend them. Please stop voting back in those tired old oldtimers. They have got to make some amendments so that if these guy and gals don’t do their jobs they get kicked out with no retirement and that goes for poor performance as well. What benefit is PPH or sanctuary cities? More people means more crime and everything that follows it. We have got to sever the head of stupidity or it will kill us. The people that don’t believe that are dead already.

  • awaitingtherapture

    Tell me it ain’t so. Who would have ever thunk it.

  • Maddawg

    If it costs a mere $1.6 Billion to build it, how much to electrify it ? 100,000 volts….

  • Kat

    Strangest Poll I’ve ever heard of 😂

  • rennyangel2

    What is really hysterical is George Clooney got all twitted when photogs and “refugees” climbed over his wall in Italy so he no longer feels safe there. Whadda joke for these people. oboza is building a big WALL around his new DC house but he and the Clooney and their ilk want us, the legal citizens of the US, to embrace “open borders” to let in tons of people who intend us harm or use our benefits and programs for their leeching purposes. Let them fix their own nations and leave us to our own country which has saved the world over and over from world wars and nuclear threats and is now engaged in s global-wide conflict with an Islamic culture that wants to dominate the universe. The US carries enough on its shoulders. Let Mexico and Central Am. carry themselves.

  • temporary guest

    Uh …. Trump is not trying “to enforce illegal immigration to the U.S.” He’s trying to stop it. The countries that don’t like the wall are the ones trying to “enforce illegal immigration to the U.S.”

  • Louie Rey

    Talk about a scientific survey. You’re not going to believe this but I understand that kids like ice cream! Shocking, right?

  • Linda Abernathy

    I’ll take that 10′ and bet another 10!

  • JAinLA

    And I put a wall around my home with a pit bull inside it to keep the bad guys out. Crooks and thieves don’t like that either!

  • Stephen Griffith

    Lets build the wall, creat jobs for “We The People”. So “We The People” can have better lives. Take care of our own bills, families, ETC. America was never to be Welfare for everyone forever. It’s past time to take back our country.