Drama Queen Cory Booker Lies Repeatedly on ‘Tonight Show’

New Jersey Senator trying for martyrdom status on the Left so as to help a rumored presidential run in 2020…

(Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) As is so often the case, America’s prominent late-night comedians continue to turn leftist liars into heroes, giving them fawning forums to repeat their untruths while the comedians applaud them rather than challenge them.

Witness Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, hosting Democratic U.S. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey.

In less than ten minutes of air time, Booker uttered at least seven untruths or half truths – but Fallon applauded him as if he were a martyr for justice.

Some of the fibs were relatively small, or at least typical liberal boilerplate. Booker claimed to live in a “low-income,” “inner-city community,” but his property there, in an attractive neighborhood, is valued by Zillow at $377,322.

He claimed that the medium income of his community is “about $14,000,” but Newark’s actual average is more than twice that, at $34,012.

He said that in America the average wages are “at a 65-year low,” but, even adjusted for inflation, that’s not even remotely in the realm of being correct: Median personal income is 50 percent higher than in 1980, and household income reached its highest level ever in 2016 and has grown more since.

But the main part of Booker’s appearance, and obviously the reason he was invited, was for him to talk about the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Booker made waves in that hearing by openly disparaging, and threatening to flout, committee rules on the confidentiality of certain documents.

Booker claimed that “90 percent of [Kavanaugh’s] work product” has “not been released” to the public.

This is laughable. The only way to make such a claim even within the outer realms of accuracy is to treat as Kavanaugh’s own work product the memos actually written by dozens of other people that merely crossed his desk while he was White House staff secretary.

Booker said that “the rest” – the “other 10 percent” – of Kavanaugh’s work product was considered “committee confidential” and thus still mostly off limits to the public.

This is flat-out false: More than half a million pages of Kavanaugh’s work product has been released, with at least half of that already open for public viewing.

Booker said Kavanaugh’s record has been “shrouded in secrecy,” but the amount of pages of his work already released vastly exceeds the public pages of the previous five Supreme Court nominees combined.

Finally, Booker made a big deal of his own, ostentatious show of disdain for the committee rules making some documents available only to senators and staff, while being temporarily off limits to the public pending further review of confidentiality issues.

Committee chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa made clear repeatedly that almost all of those documents would be releasable merely upon request of senators for expedited review and release of them.

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Yet Booker, apparently trying for martyrdom status on the Left so as to help a rumored presidential run in 2020, first pretended to be releasing documents against committee rules entirely, and in effect repeated that claim to Fallon.

Of course, that was not true: He already well knew that the first batch of documents he pretended to release had already been approved by Grassley for public viewing.

He also said Texas Republican John Cornyn had threatened him with expulsion from the Senate.

Not true. Cornyn merely referred vaguely, without evening mentioning Booker’s name, to “consequences for violation of those rules” – almost all of which, in truth, stop well short of expulsion from the full Senate – but it was Booker himself, in full drama queen mode, who said that “I understand that the penalty comes with potential ousting from the Senate.”

Drama Queen Cory Booker Lies Repeatedly on 'Tonight Show'

Cory Booker & Jimmy Fallon/IMAGE: NBC via YouTube

Booker told Fallon that he, Booker, told Cornyn to “bring it” – to bring on expulsion – as if Booker was putting his very career on the line.

Fallon, in turn, nearly fell all over himself portraying Booker as a brave, tough guy for having supposedly done so.

“I don’t want to keep my job at the expense of what’s right,” Booker said.

But in truth Booker had risked next to nothing.

And he never actually said “bring it.”

All of which makes Booker a non-martyr for a trumped-up cause.