DOUBLE STANDARD: Holder Had Easier Confirmation than Sessions

Jeff Sessions Eric Holder photo

Jeff Sessions, Eric Holder photo by ryanjreilly

(The Daily Signal) President Barack Obama’s first attorney general pick skated through Senate confirmation hearings, but top Democrats have indicated that President-elect Donald Trump’s selection may have a tougher time getting through.

Ahead of the confirmation hearing Tuesday for Trump’s attorney general designee, the Senate Judiciary Committee’s top Democrat, Patrick Leahy of Vermont, brought up issues that prevented Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., from becoming a federal judge three decades ago.

Jeff Sessions is “wonderful to work with,” @SenatorLeahy said.

“Now that he is nominated to be attorney general, we will see if the same person is still too extreme for Republicans,” Leahy said in a Boston Globe op-ed Sunday, later adding, “Sen. Sessions has repeatedly stood in the way of efforts to promote and protect Americans’ civil rights.”

It’s a departure from what Leahy said of Sessions in 2009, when both men voted to confirm Obama’s controversial nominee, Eric Holder, to be attorney general.

“Sen. Sessions is also a former U.S. attorney and knows what one goes through in that regard, and we’ve relied on him for that experience,” Leahy said to his colleague during the Holder confirmation hearing in January 2009, according to the Washington Examiner.

In June 2010, Leahy called Sessions “wonderful to work with,” the Examiner reported.

The Sessions confirmation hearing could shape up differently from the Holder hearing of eight years earlier. Despite a controversial legal career in the public and private sector, Holder had a smooth ride to office, gaining the support of most Republicans.

By contrast, the confirmation process for Sessions has been rocky even before the first day of hearings.

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  • Vicky Paige

    These A holes are really full of themselves. Trump won by a landslide and has a lot of power. He has a lot of public support, he could easily end a weaklings career. People shouldn’t get so snug in believing the media and Hollywood. There are billions of us that are sick to death of this bipartisan ugliness. All Trump has to do is ask his supporters to do something to help him and his enemies will sink. The media and globalists are scared, they know it’s true.

  • Mike Jackson

    That because holder was a open borders guy like his boss obama .now sessions will be going by the laws that are on the books .like The immigration laws that have been on the books forever .and the last three or four presidents didn’t follow .