DON JR.: Modern-Day Dems Would See JFK as ‘Alt-Right Neo-Nazi Terrorist’

‘The reality is this isn’t your grandfather’s Democrat Party…’

DON JR.: Modern-Day Dems Would See JFK as 'Alt-Right Neo-Nazi Terrorist'

Donald Trump Jr. / PHOTO: Associated Press

(Liberty Headlines) Donald Trump Jr. charged Tuesday that the modern-day Democratic Party has moved so far left it would have rejected President John F. Kennedy as an “alt-right, neo-Nazi terrorist.”

The president’s son launched the broadside against Democrats during an interview on Fox News to promote his newly published book, “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us.”

“The reality is this isn’t your grandfather’s Democrat Party,” Trump Jr. said in the interview. “If you look at their party platform, it’s not for working-class Americans. You know, JFK would be an alt-right neo-Nazi terrorist, according to them today.”

President Donald Trump and his allies have repeatedly claimed that the Democratic Party is too liberal for the average American, deriding self-professed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders and liberal freshmen Democrats in the House, like New York’s Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez and Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar.


Trump Jr. did a round of television interviews to promote his new book a day after his father took to Twitter to urge his 66.5 million followers to “Go order it today!”

Trump Jr. also revealed that his father, who frequently posts controversial comments on Twitter, has suggested at moments that he tone down what he’s posting on social media.

“Every once while, I’ll get that call like, ‘Hey, you’re getting a little hot on social,'” Trump Jr. said, recalling conversations with his father. “I go, ‘Wait a minute.’ I will take your advice. I will take your advice on anything. … But I was like this may be the one place where I’m just going to say I’m on my own and maybe, you know, you don’t have the authority to start talking about this.”

Progressive activists, including the Project on Government Oversight—a group that claims to be nonpartisan but includes far-left attorney Debra Katz on its board—attacked the president for his promotional tweet while pointing to his past criticism of Joe Biden.

The White House did not respond to questions Monday. But a spokesman for Trump Jr. defended the tweet, insisting that there is little in common between a father promoting his son’s book and a son being paid large sums of money by foreign companies because of his last name.

Biden’s son Hunter, a recovering drug-addict who benefited from his father’s position while securing lucrative business deals in Ukraine and China, has acknowledged he displayed poor judgment but denied any impropriety.

Memos show that Burisma—the Ukrainian energy company on whose board Hunter Biden sat for five years, drawing an estimated monthly salary of $50,000—repeatedly lobbied the Obama administration in 2016 to pressure Ukrainian officials into dropping a corruption allegation.

Joe Biden has bragged publicly that he threatened to withhold a billion-dollar loan guarantee if prosecutor–general Viktor Shokin, who was leading the investigations into Burisma, was not fired.

Adapted from reporting by the Associated Press