DOJ Finally Gives Congress Memo that Helped Launch Russia Probe

No details about the document or what it represents have been made public yet…

Nunes: 'Clear Evidence' of Russia Collusion... by Hillary Campaign and DNC

Devin Nunes/IMAGE: Fox News via YouTube

(Zero Hedge) After more than eight months of waiting – a period that saw the official closure of the committee’s probe into Russian electoral interference – House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has finally managed to pry the (mostly unredacted) electronic communication, shared with the FBI by one of America’s “intelligence partners”, from the grip of the DOJ.

Nunes subpoeanad the DOJ for all documents used to justify the initial FISA warrant against Trump advisor Carter Page and other threads of the initial Russia collusion probe, which was supposedly launched during the summer of 2016 shortly after Trump secured the GOP nomination. That probe has since morphed into the investigation being led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, according to the Hill.

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While it’s widely known that the Steele dossier was one of these documents, the FBI has long contended that there was another factor – evidence that George Papadopoulos boasted about knowing of a Russian plot to release stolen Hillary campaign emails before it was carried out. Papadopoulos was later indicted and is now cooperating with the Mueller.


The document in question is a two-page “electronic communication” that was supplied to the FISA court. But here’s the catch: The Hill provides no details about the document or what it represents.

Nunes and members of his committee were supplied with a heavily redacted version of the document last year, but Nunes complained that it was virtually indecipherable. The only redactions in the draft distributed to members of the committee were “narrowly tailored” …

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