INTOLERANT: DNC Objects to Debate Moderator Who Once Wrote for Nat’l Review

‘Ask any Republican who has felt the lash of his pen whether he can be critical of the other side…’

DNC Doesn't Want Republican Sympathizer Moderating Primary Debate

Tim Alberta /IMAGE: CBS This Morning via Youtube

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) The Democratic National Committee and Politico are reportedly sparring after the DNC rejected one of the publication’s chosen moderators for the next presidential primary debate.

Politico, one of the debate’s co-hosts, chose chief political correspondent Tim Alberta to moderate, but the DNC said Alberta’s past ties to conservative media are a deal-breaker.

Alberta previously wrote for the National Review, a conservative magazine, and has since dedicated much of his reporting to Republican politics. Alberta’s political opinions reportedly “rankled officials” in the DNC who don’t want conservative bias leaking into the debate, according to NBC News.

“Democratic Party officials say such a journalist is ill-suited to co-moderate a debate meant to better inform Democratic voters about their potential nominees,” sources familiar with what they described as an “argument” said.


The DNC drew criticism from a broad array of outlets on the Left and Right after its chairman, Tom Perez, announced in March that he would blacklist right-leaning Fox News from participating.

Ironically, Alberta doesn’t even consider himself a Republican. If anything, he’d be considered a #NeverTrump conservative given his vocal disapproval of the president and his GOP supporters.

Politico hasn’t backed down yet, insisting to the DNC that Alberta is a nonpartisan reporter who is more critical of conservatives than Democrats—a claim many on the Right would endorse.

Apparently Politico’s choice also “rankled” some of Alberta’s colleagues.

Among the other moderator options floated around were Carrie Budoff Brown, the outlet’s online editor, and Anna Palmer, the co-author of the Politico “Playbook” newsletter.

Some employees at both PBS (the debate’s other co-host) and Politico reportedly said Brown and Palmer would be better choices given Alberta’s past.