DNC Broke, Ends June $3.3 Million In Debt

(Zero Hedge) After spending a truly obscene amount of money on the Georgia special election last month, money that was proven to be completely wasted after Jon Ossoff was destroyed by Karen Handel, the DNC’s balance sheet is looking a little deflated.

DNC Broke, Ends June $3.3 Million In Debt

Of course, spending $22 million dollars for a seat where candidates usually spend about $1 million each tends to take a toll on your political war chest.


Unfortunately, even $176 per vote, or roughly 7.6x more than what Karen Handel spent, wasn’t enough to buy a Georgia House seat.  Oops.


And while we’re sure that the new DNC Chair would love to forget all about that Georgia race, as the Federal Election Commission’s June financial reports reveal, his deflated balance sheet, which included only $7.5mm of cash and $3.3mm of debt, serves as a constant reminder of the wasted money that he’d undoubtedly love to get back.

As The Observer reported last month, this is hardly a new phenomenon for the DNC as May 2017 was the worst fundraising month since the Iraq War in 2003.

DNC Chair Tom Perez recently sent out a fundraising email to supporters claiming, “I know garbage when I see it,” citing that he once worked on a dump truck. It’s ironic that he referred to the GOP health care bill as a “flaming dumpster fire” because he has been presiding over the disaster that is the Democratic National Committee. The organization reported that May 2017 was its worst fundraising month since the Iraq War in 2003, and April 2017 was its worst fundraising month since 2009. In May, the DNC also reported that it has $1.9 million in debt. Despite the fact that former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez was recruited by Barack Obama to appease the party’s donors, lobbyists and PACs, even they have refused to prop up the failing brand…

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  • Naval Lint

    Apparently, the Democrats are no more capable of running a political party than they are of running the nation. Who would have thought…..

    • Buzz Waldron

      ++++ The DumAss Party of NothingBurgers !!! ++++

      – – Billions and Billions Served as FAKE NEWS !!! – –

      – – – – – $$Trillions and $$Trillions Wasted !!! – – – – –

    • richjack4

      And apparently Soros must agree with you! His funding of every potential globalist politician has miserably and has provided him absolutely no ROI!!!!!

      • Naval Lint

        The DNC is in the hole for $3.3M and Soros is being investigated for RUSSIAN COLLUSION! You just CAN’T make this crap up!!!

    • AL C

      So Sad …

      • moma

        Sad, no I hope they drown in it.

    • Kimberly

      You mean to tell me the DNC is heavily in debt – just the same way ObaMAO left the nation? Nah, couldn’t be.

    • moma

      Agree 100%

    • Jon Blake

      Lets finish them off and vote them all out in 2018 and kill them in 2020.

  • Ron haymaker

    I’m sure Uncle Soros will cut them a check. Or is Soros broke from financing riots & protests against President Trump! We can only hope!

    • carla AMERICAN

      I absoulty love all of your answers. Isn”nt it funny how they’re turning on each other ? However congress is still cashing checks for Mueller and the democrap legal team. DRAIN THE SWAMP AND PETITION THEY WORK FOR FREE OR THE DEMOCRAPS PAY THEM. There is a petition to deport soros and to subpoena Obama to russia. Sign them !

      • Dale P Patterson

        Where is this petition?

        • carla AMERICAN

          I went online to petitions against and then add what I wanted, I put soros and sure enough there was one.

      • Ron haymaker

        They say George Soros is 87, but I hear his kids are the same way.

      • moma

        Where do I find them so I can sign the petition.

    • MikeR

      He’s not even close to being broke. He still has more money than Scrooge McDuck, and he has four sons and a daughter eager to continue his plan for global dominance and the destruction of capitalism.

  • Daniel Gray

    Guess thats why they are sending out millions of “begging” letters for money and laying off almost the whole staff at the DNC HQ, and yet the idiot at the top still gets his salary. Wonder why the Dems are not demanding that change

  • laulau

    Hillary didn’t campaign much at all in the last months, so where is al that millions that was donated?

    • dhartley231 .

      In the thieves pocket

    • Raymond Miller

      In her bank account, where do you think ?

      • laulau

        Guess what! The big Bernie donors are suing Hillary and the DNC for cheating Bernie out of his chances.

        • wandamurline

          Absolutely love that one….hope they take them for even more money. And the Feds are investigating Sander’s wife for bank fraud….gotta love that the communists are getting their just deserts.

          • Raymond Miller

            And there is also an investigation into Hillary and the foundation. The biggest problem there is keeping any witnesses alive long enough to testify.

          • Angelswatchingoverme

            Dead men don’t talk, unless they speak from the grave….Seth Rich is speaking from the grave…Hillary just didn’t know how loud he would get…the Russian Hacking coverup is wearing thin….they need to come up with more angles, a few more lies…..

        • Raymond Miller

          Isn’t it wonderful ?

        • Michael Peterson

          And that’s why they don’t show to have any money.

      • Brent

        LOLOL…heck yeah it is!

    • MikeR

      We’ll never know because no one will ever investigate.

    • therealworld

      Obama has a lot I’ll bet

      • Naval Lint

        Speaking fees…

    • Roswell Evans

      The foundation probably got it.

    • Jon Blake

      Bill spent it all on Hookers and Cigars.

  • badass

    GREAT NEWS, it’s time let them go to hell…..now.

  • Polly Dreitzler

    When is the DNC going to get smart and realize that most voting Americans are sick of their socialism and want to return to a democratic republic. We’re sick of their social engineering, too, and want to return to a more moral society. Amorality is killing our country making it unsafe for anyone!!!! The Ten Commandments were given so we would all know how to live together in peace and safety and if everyone followed them there would be no theft, no divorce, no child abuse, no lying politicians, no murders. But the left has all but erased them from everyone’s memory.

    • Buzz Waldron

      ALL RELIGIONS = ADDICTION to being LIED TO, an ENFORCED PSYCHOSIS, and WRITTEN ORDERS to HATE, HURT, and MURDER EVERYONE on the planet! .. i.e. Armageddon, Left Behind movies, Story of Noah’s Ark, Holocaust, etc…

      Religic/Theist = person with religion addiction, religion psychosis, and written orders to hate and murder everyone

      Atheist = Person with NO religion addiction/religion psychosis/religious murderous desires, but may have other addictions and other mental illnesses

      Normal Person = NO addictions and NO mental illnesses

      All religions require their customers to blindly psychotically believe imaginary supernatural being(s) are REAL…

      ADDICTIONS are the biggest threat to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia, China and all the world !!!

      ++++ The Six Big ADDICTIONS to AVOID like the PLAGUE !!! ++++

      1. DRUG ADDICTION including alcohol addiction/alcoholics and nicotine addiction/smokers

      2. RELIGION ADDICTION/PSYCHOSIS religics, theists, religious terrorists, clergy

      3. HOMOSEXUALITY ADDICTION (most homosexics admit they have an addiction)

      4. OBESITY ADDICTION (fat)


      6. GREED ADDICTION (think EvilBushJr.’s unneeded wars for bigger oil profits)

      • Lew Wetzel

        If the norm is to have some form of religious belief (which it is) then not having any religious belief is by definition athiesm. If you are opposed to calling those who practice religion “normal”, then normal can only be atheism. There is no in between. You just hate the fact that being an atheist is in itself a religion.

      • Polly Dreitzler

        Whether the Ten Commandments came from a religious source or just some guy on the street, at least the last six o them, if we all followed them, this would be a wonderful world where everyone respected everyone else.
        As an avowed atheist, you are also practicing a “religion” or belief system which makes you no different from anyone else!

    • Lew Wetzel

      The United States of America has never been a democratic republic. The form of government we’ve lived under since the founding has been a constitutional republic. Most of the founders were vehemently opposed to any form of democracy.

    • Fed up!

      Where a Republic, not a democratic Republic. Democratic was never in the forefathers mind set. Thank God!

  • minefinder624

    Using the above financial statement , it appears that there is actually a surplus of $4,206,744 ($7,492,435 less $3,285,691)- where’s the problem there ? If the DNC is $ 3.3 million in debt , perhaps the money could be transferred to cover the DNC debt. It appears actually that this $3.3 million referred to is the $ 3,285,691 listed above and the article is trying to imply that the debt cannot be covered by the $7.5 million cash. Basically, a BS article. PS, I’m glad the GOP won but don’t be gulled by hogwash information and sensationalism regardless of whomever is tossing it.

    • Blue

      the numbers did not make sense. Hope the Republicans do not start with the total BS as the Dems do.

    • Buzz Waldron

      $4 million is nothing for the entire DumAss Party when it costs them $22 million just to LOSE a minor election!

  • Sim Dunn

    The Democrats party will have to get a “New Face” if they expect to recover.

    The “old faces” that have represented the party have become dispicable to most American.

    Their passed actions and agenda have demonstrate an idealogy that contradicts the belief of Americans and has lead to greater problems than solved problems,

    Obamacare, Immigration and lack of jobs being the major items.

    • Naval Lint

      Unfortunately, the current crop of rising stars in the DNC are so far Left that they may as well rebrand the DNC as the American National Socialist Party. It would be a more accurate label.

  • Kenneth Patterson

    The DNC members are corrupt and need to be put in jail where they belong!!

  • nocbsfan

    Oh well George can come across with a couple hundred million. Then they can waste it all next year on ridiculous candidates. Dianne Feinsten, Elizabeth Warren, and Claire McCaskel. Senate seats they must retain at all cost. Wow I hope they spend a lot of money for nothing

  • temporary guest

    The socialist, communists, communist wannabes, jihad and illegal immigration supporters, freebie babies and political snowflakes just can’t seem to get their collective minds around the very first rule of holes which is when you’re in one, stop digging.

    Wouldn’t it be just great to see them all just completely disappear from our country into an economic sink hole that sucks in only them?

    Keep digging, leftists!

  • Rolpho Signetti

    Ha Ha Ha! Look not further than the Clinton Foundation to see where most of the money went! Also paying off Wasserman to keep her mouth shut about primary election rigging. Money to bail out the Burn’s wife scam. And all those overpriced StarPucks that they bought! All I can say… Ha Ha Ha!

  • Steve Zangerle

    Call the Clinton’s! They have money, but will they Share? Hahahahahahaha

  • Eguth3

    That’s what they say on paper but knowing their long and sordid history, my guess is their debt is much higher then what they will admit to on paper. It’s probably closer to $10 million. Maybe congress will bail you out but Americans won’t go along with that. You made your bed now live with the herpes you gave yourselves. Crime only pays out if your last name is Clinton or Obama. Nancy, Waters, little Debby (hide her millions in an offshore account so she doesn’t have to pay taxes on it), Warren, Schumer, Clare, Dianne will have to part with their own millions, they all have it. Ask them to bail you out. But, the American public will not bail you out for your own bad business decision. Or, is this a scam to get out from paying the lawsuit filed by Bernie supporters you screwed over. Probably both seeing your corrupt liars. You’re where you should be and you only have yourselves to blame. FOOL, IDIOTS.

  • Mike W

    Why should that surprise anyone – everything they control is broke, crime ridden and in debt. Maybe just maybe if they understood just how many former Democrats are legal gun owners, Christians and “conservative” with their money they would not be broke. BUT – they have hitched their wagon to the freeloaders who demand everything and pay for nothing. Now they see the results of their folly.

  • Buzz Waldron

    DNC declared war on working people, business people, normal people, soldiers, children, patriots, men, farmers, taxpayers, friendly people, non-Muslims, whites, Asians, and straight people… and they wonder why they can’t get any donations?

  • Paul Giessinger

    Here is more fake news put out by this rag. But they are extremely biased in their coverage.

    • Rolpho Signetti

      I would rather read RIGHT-SLANTED fake news, then the crap you guys been spewing out for years! The thing is the people on the right do not believe in everything that is online. We have the power of reasoning! You knuckleheads just run with whatever serves your perverted agenda at the time! Which way is the wind blowing today!

  • carla AMERICAN

    What’s the matter, soros, Obama and muslims won’t back you ? What about all the liberal college so called teachers and Hollywood ? America won’t give it to you to give to illegals. HA, HA, HA !

  • Gregg Parker

    Obamohamad his prophet can always sell the yachts, homes, and cars he bought with our tax dollars and donate that to the community socialist pot and Hitlery can always shovel money from the “foundation” as a charitable deduction.

    • Naval Lint

      The Clinton Foundation started bleeding out doners right after she lost the election. Many even cancelled checks and/or donation awards. But, of COURSE, there was no pay-for-play going on…(nudge, nudge, wink, wink)!

      • Gregg Parker

        Don’t forget about the ones I truly count on to right this wrong… the guys who paid massive amounts of money for favors they fully expected to be receiving by now and find they paid millions for NOTHING… who ya gonna call? Ghost Clintons…

    • Kol
      • Gregg Parker

        One thing we do that you folks cannot: form an opinion that wasn’t given to us by a poll or a talking head…

  • Roy Veteto

    i am sure that the dnc can count on anyone who isn’t white , heterosexual , christian or male to bail them out since their candidates keep promoting these biases in their campaigns

    • Buzz Waldron

      Yes, DNC declared war on working people, business people, normal people, soldiers, children, patriots, men, farmers, taxpayers, friendly people, non-Muslims, whites, Asians, and straight people… and they wonder why they can’t get any donations?

    • Brent

      LOL…incredibly small cross section of society…maybe the muslim countries can pick up more of the slack.

  • Twila

    Not surprising. They have always sunk money into their candidates as think money makes the difference. They are going broke because people are tired of their socialism, communist/ progressive push to take over our country, to run it as a communist country. So they think the few of them will be the cream at the top and have power and control. but few would make it.


  • OldTaxman

    Flat broke? No problem. They don’t pay their bills anyway. Example: In 1972 both the RNC and the DNC held their national nominating conventions in Miami Beach Convention Center. At the end of their respective weeks, the RNC left town with their bills paid 100%. When the DNC left town they owed money to everybody and his brother. Four years later they still owed the money.

  • MikeR

    Fast and Furious, Benghazi, planeload of cash to Iran, Obamacare. Why would anyone expect them to know how to handle money?

  • therealworld

    Watch Soros send in some money, He’s as big a Loser as the rest of the Liberal Scumbuckets are

  • 13thGenPatriot

    I did my part. I sent in money from CT to GA to oppose the democrat candidate. Money well spent!

  • Vinnie S.

    The Politically correct terminology is: Whouda Thunk ?Why don’t they get a loan from Hillary? I’m sure she’ll give them a great Rate ! How bout Good ol’ Maxine ? she’s good for a few Mil !

  • Howlingmad

    Its “Beginning” . . . the longer it goes, the more money their going to loose. the SLOW DEATH of the Democrats is “Beginning” . . . they’ve started the slide, back into the sewer they crawled out of . . . their LAST GASP will be the 18 “Mid-Terms” . . . once they get BEAT again, losing even MORE SEATS in both the “House an Senate”, it should officially spell the END of the Democratic Party. With all of the DAMAGE done by them ends, the party that “Replaces” them, hopefully will see the benifit of actually WORKING TOGETHER, for the people of this country, as they were “Meant To” !. By the time of the “Mid-Terms” gets here, CNN, an maybe others of the FAKE NEWS, will be gone as well . . . we can only “Hope” !.

  • wizzid0

    Time for the Dems to be flushed.

  • couldn’t happen to a more stand up team.. oops.. guess KARMA is coming due… liars, cheats, disgusting race baiters, and of course evil anti-GOD .. Children killing sick animals.. I do hope all your doners are thinking twice before sending you a dime..even then I would recommend pennies.. say about 1.

  • blogengeezer

    Fiscally sustainable socioeconomics is alien to the Frankfurt School educated DNC leaders of totalitarian Progressive, Leftist Liberal agenda.

    Historically National Socialism is reliant on a close relationship, a mutual hand washing, between Big Government and Big Business.

    There is no other way possible for the fiscally irresponsible logic of National Socialism {NAtionalZI in Germany} to sustain itself, let alone it’s massive Promises. Fascism is the predictable result, National Socialism on steroids.

  • BonnLass

    The DNC defaulted on their debt in Charlotte, NC following their convention but former CEO McColl BoA and Former CEO Jim Rogers of Duke Energy arbitrarily guaranteed without shareholders proxy that Duke would pick up DNC over $10 million. It takes energy to buy off the GRID in DC!

  • Just look at Chicago if one wants to know how Democrats can run a government.

  • Mark_A_Thomas

    DNC is on the ropes and the Republican leadership doesn’t know what to do except offer Obamacare Lite.

  • HDCycle

    I am still laughing ossoff!!!!!

  • Brent

    Well, at least it’s their money, and not taxpayer money anymore 🙂

  • John Pappone

    It is truly the party of lies , deception , the party of the coastal elite and wall street… they will find more Soros money to push their agenda … of stealing our country and giving it away to wall street and tech company interests …. slow slavery returns under Democratic rule

    • Naval Lint

      Soros is now under investigation…he may not be able to buy anymore snowflakes.

  • Rolpho Signetti

    I know a lot of people do not like him… but! Get newt back in some kinda power! I have always liked this guy! But not for prez! Can you imagine: Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States! NEWT! It is almost as bad as GORE! Not the politics, the name only!

  • AL C

    I guess Mad Max-ine will have to fund her own campaign in 2020.


  • Frederick Douglass

    More proof that leftists can’t manage fiances.

  • stevenlehar

    Hee haw! Ha ha! The Donkey party gets what it deserves.

  • BlackCloudGone

    get all these Hollywood millionaires to put up their money instead of running their mouths . that’s the cheap way .

  • Henry Gregg Nash


  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    DNC, losers in more ways than one.

  • Louie Rey

    Just curious, does DNC stand for Does Not Compute? According to their finances, maybe so.

  • joe walker

    hopefully they will go away, and some REAL old working class Democrats will come help the REAL Republicans make the country what it once was. A thriving nation of AMERICANS. The leader of the FREE world, and A strong Constitutional Republic. It will also require removing all of the remaining dimshit communist from our government and taking the money their theft squad (Soros and his band of bunko agents) have taken from the people of this country.