Disney could receive $50M for Carrie Fisher’s death

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(NY POST) Carrie Fisher’s death could be a windfall for Disney.

The entertainment company, the distributor of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and the next two films in the franchise, could receive $50 million thanks to an insurance policy the company took out in the event Fisher was unable to fulfill her three-film contract.

It’s set to be the largest single personal accident insurance claim payout ever, according to Insurance Insider.

Fisher reprised her career-making role of Princess Leia from the original 1977 “Star Wars” flick for the new trilogy. “The Force Awakens,” released in December 2015, made $2.068 billion at the box office worldwide.

Filming on “Episode VIII” was already complete at the time of Fisher’s death on Dec. 27 at the age of 60, after she suffered a heart attack aboard a flight from London to Los Angeles.

Fisher was due to appear in “Episode IX,” forcing the film’s creators to either rewrite the plot or possibly use visual effects to insert her in the film. The latter was implemented for “Rogue One,” in which the late Peter Cushing reprised his role as Grand Moff Tarkin.

It’s unclear if a similar insurance policy was taken out on Fisher’s co-star, Mark Hamill.

An autopsy Friday determined Fisher’s cause of death was “not obvious” and that further testing will be required, TMZ reported.

Fisher’s mother, Debbie Reynolds, passed away the day after her daughter’s death. She was 84 years old…

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  • richjack4

    Oh well, that’s the purpose of insurance

  • MikeR

    The business of business is business.

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw

    Carrie Fisher’s death was not an accident. It was a heart attack. if her insurance is accidental as many insurance insures personnel, then true Disney is legally entitled to the insurance proceeds. But for natural death, too bad insurance will not pay that. Life insurance pays natural death.

    • Jimmy Mitchell


      • Jimmy Mitchell

        Sorry but do you even know that a heart attack is considered a natural death.

        • John Wesley Bletsch

          Depends upon the source of the heart attack as we well know. I am assuming that Carrie Fisher’s was non-induced. May she rest in peace.

          • Jimmy Mitchell

            Yes may she Rest In Peace

          • unclealfie

            I’m guessing the ‘source’ of the heart attack was the heart, but, thanks for playing!

          • Patti Ferguson Bankson

            My 1st laugh of the day! Thanks!!

    • Patti Ferguson Bankson

      That is not Life Insurance… It simply compensates Disney in the event (which happened) Carrie Fisher would be unable to fulfill her contract. It has nothing to do with how she died: accidental or health, it covers Disney’s losses. Many businesses, large and small, have what is called “Key Man” insurance, when that business would lose its Key Man, and would suffer great loss. This often makes it possible for a business to stay open.

      • blogengeezer

        Example…Superior Distributing in Columbus Ohio, just lost their ‘Key Man’ John T Fleming CEO, as his Cessna with passengers, dropped into Lake Erie.

      • BillyBaloo

        All the reader has to go on is that the article states “accidental death”.

    • Nohwhat

      It’s called “Contract Insurance” and pays in the event she is “unable to fulfill” her contract. Death is only one provision..

      • andrew

        like the captains of industry willtake out ” Dead Janitor ” insurance on their top cadre of employees, as a plain means of income, to possibly defray their cost of replacing that person…

    • Col C

      It depends on the insurance you obtain, we are covered for accidental and natural causes.

      • BillyBaloo

        Wow, you know this stuff!

    • Snakeman

      It is not an accidental insurance policy. It is, what I believe they call, an assured compliance policy. It is the same type of policies they take out for actor/directors with substance abuse or mental problems. It basically entitles the production to be compensated if they can not fulfill their commitment, what ever it may be. It is said to cover rewrites/reshoots and additional production cost (like maybe resurrecting a dead person, a la Peter Cushing) or recast.

  • Kim

    Could have gone a long time NOT knowing stuff like this. All production companies insure their stars, and have been doing it for as many years as they have “contract” stars. I just do not think it should be put out their for the public to criticize a common action by studios.
    It only invites hatred and mean spirited people to spread their unhappiness.
    Let Ms. Fisher rest in peace with her mother will ya?

    • Rosech Levy

      Greed wins because they can “false” her in easily. Don’t like Disney people for years of ripping off visitors, etc.

      • Kim

        Your comment is exactly what I was talking about….it’s a business like any other, and they protected their investment with insurance, but you tap it as greed. Now as far as ripping people off…don’t go to Disneyland, problem solved for you.

      • unclealfie

        What a swell little liberal you are!

    • Front Sight

      Liberace had his hands insured. The RAT PACK were all insured. Heck, even Elvis was insured. It’s just business. Now, with CG, when a mega-star dies, we don’t have to lose their contribution. It’s too bad that this didn’t exist when John Wayne was alive.

      • wandamurline

        Mitzie Gainer’s legs were insured for a million back in the late 40’s early 50’s.

        • BillyBaloo

          and they were worth it!

      • Robert Thaler

        Insurance is socialism. It is, in fact, not trusting in God’s providence. Where is Liberace now? Where is the Rat Pack now? What else really matters? I will gladly pay for my own mistakes, monetarily or spiritually.

    • Alana

      You’re right Kim. It’s standard practice to insure actors in the movie industry. It has nothing to do with greed. Regular businesses buy insurance for their business partners also. The critics are just plain ignorants.

  • kabulgeorge

    Point is, they don’t need her to be alive. Computer graphics they have will make her everlasting. 50 million is only a few lunches for these out of touch progressives

    • Herbert Woodbury

      it would have been much less expensive, and easier if she were alive and able to fullfill her contract. Disney insured her life to cover the cost if she were to die or be injured to where she couldn’t do the movie. As it is, any rewrite of the script, or extra special effects, will cost the company money.
      Plain and simple, SMART, business decision.
      On the other hand, YOU are a greedy person that wants what others have, without doing any of the work required.

  • Norma Davis
    • Herbert Woodbury

      EXACTLY how are they “money sucking elites”?
      Why should they donate money intended to cover the cost of her not being able to complete her contract?
      Disney paid the premium on the insurance policy, which I am willing to bet was pretty high. If she had full filled the contract, Disney would have been out the cost of the premium.
      It is THEIR money because they made a good business decision.
      YOU, on the other hand are a lazy, greedy, covetous individual that wants what others have done the work for.

      • Maddawg

        How about lightening up a little bit there Herbert ? Maybe she’s just uninformed, or misinformed ? The typical person has very little clues about what really happens behind the scenes. This is the dumbing down that our political elite desire… Stop attacking everyone; yes- go ahead and educate them about how it works; but understand that half of the world, or more, are brainwashed.. To Norma’s credit, she didn’t say anything about giving the money to her, or anyone else;

        • Elaine Blackman

          I’m don’t see that you needed to say anything to him about lightening up when you’re the pot calling the kettle black.


        Well Mr Woodbury sometimes good business decisions are made in the name of greed and not need. Right Sir?

  • kev

    Since disney will get a huge amount of money it would careful to say andI hope disney pledges a portion of that money to go into a fund for mental illness for americans.


      Good advise Kev and St judes Childrens Hospital cancer research dept,so that these brave little hero’s can get a chance to live and go home where they belong with Mom and Dad and not die in the dawn of their lives. Tommy G

  • Nohwhat

    It’s called “Contract Insurance” and pays in the event she is “unable to fulfill” her contract. Death is only one provision.

  • Mr. Lips

    If Disney had any balls at all, they would donate the money to many, many charities, including Heat Assoc., animal welfare, veterans, etc. $50 million would go a long ways in helping charities. (and not the charities where the CEO’s gets a million dollar salaries.)

    • Robert Thaler

      What’s with this animal welfare? On the same level as veterans welfare?

      • Mr. Lips

        Are you that FU*KING stupid? They are ALL charities !

        • Robert Thaler

          I can see why they call you Mr. Lips. Why don’t you jump down to Africa and save all the zebras from being strangled by the Lions and Tigers and be REAL charitable

  • WVF

    Disney did what was in the best interest of Disney and its stockholders. I see no problem with that. When you examine, objectively, Carrie Fisher’s lifestyle from her past with drugs, a life insurance policy was a prudent decision.

    • richjack4

      What I had said earlier with the simple phrase, that’s what insurance is for.most top-level executives of most companies have their life insured is common practice

      • WVF

        Yes, of course it is, and it’s just good common sense.

    • Elaine Blackman

      And Disney paid for the premiums each month based on what the actuary tables showed. I’m only posting to you because you understand and so many others don’t seem to realize that it was an expense to them.

      • WVF

        Thanks, Elaine, it’s too bad so few people have little understanding about business. Yes, this was an expense item, but one which gave the company and its stockholders some financial protection.


    Hoping Disney will take out additional life insurance policies on the Pelosis, Clintons, Feinsteins, Reids, Obamas, Browns…

    With that kind of windfall, they could finance their new theme park: Conspiracy Adventure:

    * Watch where your donations go while ethics disappearear in the newly redesigned Twilight Zone Clinton Tower of Terror!

    * Enjoy the white-knuckle technology of the New, 120 mile per hour, 30 year old, Jerry Brown High-Speed Rail Ride! The wait time is short due to the short distance of completed rail ( 600 feet ).

    Be sure to secure your vehicle as Diane Feinstein and her husband will be patrolling the parking lots for loose change, wallets, purses, abandoned Postal buildings, unregistered Third World voters!

    This diatribe was presented in memory of Carrie Fisher’s keen observations and sharpness of tongue.

  • Col C

    I think it is weird that the cause of death isn’t obvious, really makes me wonder if there was something in her book “Princess Diarist” that made someone angry enough to have Carrie murdered. I think her death is connected to this book, and may or may not have anything to do with Disney.

  • Jim Miller

    For a long time Disney has been a self-serving greedy corporation., they don’t care who ends up on the street or….. who drop dead.

  • wharfrat

    Disney is filthy rich and they should give this money to charity.

  • APB

    RIP Carrier and Debbie.
    Thank you for your talent and sharing it with the world.

  • Robert Thaler

    The best and most important insurance that will pay off for anyone is to pray for the truth about what our creator requires to enter through the real gate between life and death. Everyone’s train is pulling in; some closer than others so have the right luggage ready.

  • tCotUS

    Did Carrie die a natural death ? Or did Disney contact the Clintons who in turn sent Elmer Fudd for ???

  • BillyBaloo

    The article states: “It’s set to be the largest single personal accident insurance claim payout ever, according to Insurance Insider.”
    Heart attacks are not “an accident”.

  • delbert balling

    Disney doesn’t deserve anything but a take over by an American.

    • Mike S

      What does this even mean? Bob Iger was born in Ithaca, NY. His dad was a WWII veteran. He’s the CEO and Chairman of the Board.

      Thomas Staggs is the COO, and he was born and raised in IL.

      What, exactly, do you mean about being taken over by an American?

      • delbert balling

        It takes more than being born here to be an American.
        Disney isn’t the Disney of old. Do some research! You’ll find out what I mean.

  • Deb

    Standard operating procedure.

  • Marie Saqueton

    May they both rest in peace in God’s eternal kingdom…Amen.