DiCaprio Blasted for His Climate Hypocrisy as He Jets Around the World

‘Unless you live in an alternate reality, there’s no more time for denial…’

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio blamed President Trump for risking the future of the world by dismissing climate change, but was mocked for his high-flying and -polluting lifestyle, flying private jets to far-flung locations.

Some Twitter critics were quick to point out DiCaprio’s hypocrisy.


“It’s become clear that our political leaders have failed to live up to promises that we celebrated that day,” DiCaprio said at the Global Citizen Festival on Saturday, according to the Huffington Post. “Our future is being gambled away, and our leaders, those whom we entrust to protect us and set the example, are either failing to stop these dangerous trends or, in some cases, denying the very science of this climate catastrophe.”

DiCaprio has regularly slammed Trump, accusing the president of being a “climate change denier.”

Trump gored “facts and truths and modern science,” DiCaprio claimed in 2017.

“Unless you live in an alternate reality, there’s no more time for denial,” DiCaprio said on Saturday. “A carbon-neutral future is the only way we will inherit a planet capable of sustaining life on Earth as we know it.”

DiCaprio went on to praise 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg for taking a bold stand for much-needed change.

He then blasted Trump and others who appeared to mock Thunberg for her unscientific, unrealistic policy proposals.

Trump is just one of many “individuals that seem to care more about profit and their own self-interest than about your future,” he said.

Thunberg is setting an important example, DiCaprio claimed — one he apparently has chosen not to follow.

“Last Friday, young people led the world in strike,” he said, referring to the climate change school walkouts led by Thunberg. “Millions of individuals did more than simply walk out of their schools and places of employment. They took a stand. They set an example of true leadership that our planet so desperately needs. These young people have said clearly, definitively and without fear, that the time for inaction is over.”