DHS Agents Bribed to Let Drugs, Illegal Aliens into US

(Judicial Watch) While the nation was preoccupied celebrating the holidays and welcoming a new year, two disturbing news articles—reiterating what Judicial Watch has reported for years—shed additional light on the critical situation in the southern border region.

The first, an investigative piece by one of the country’s largest newspapers, documents how hundreds of employees and contract workers at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have taken millions of dollars in bribes to let drugs and illegal immigrants into the United States. A few days later the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is cited in a Texas news report confirming that El Paso, long known as America’s “safest city,” is a major corridor for Mexican cartels smuggling drugs into the U.S.

For more than a decade Judicial Watch has exposed the pervasive corruption among DHS agents charged with protecting the U.S-Mexico border. They include Border Patrol officers accepting bribes to help transport illegal immigrants and contraband into the U.S. and DHS employees from various agencies collaborating with Mexican smuggling operations to allow drugs, weapons and possibly terrorists into the country.

A few years ago, two veteran Border Patrol agents got convicted for operating a multi-million-dollar human smuggling business in which illegal aliens were transported into the U.S. in government vehicles. In 2013 two officials assigned to crack down on corruption at DHS got indicted for ordering the falsification of records—including active criminal probes—to obstruct an investigation into crooked federal agents suspected of participating in the illegal smuggling of undocumented aliens and/or narcotics into the United States.

The problem has gotten much worse, according to the investigative news story published a few days ago. Reporters analyzed thousands of court records and internal agency documents that show that in the last decade nearly 200 DHS employees and contract workers have accepted nearly $15 million in bribes while getting paid to protect the nation’s borders and enforce immigration laws. From the article:

These employees have looked the other way as tons of drugs and thousands of undocumented immigrants were smuggled into the United States, the records show. They have illegally sold green cards and other immigration documents, have entered law enforcement databases and given sensitive information to drug cartels. In one case, the information was used to arrange the attempted murder of an informant.

Keep in mind that DHS is the monstrous agency created after 9/11 to protect the nation from another terrorist attack so this information is extremely troublesome.

Corrupt DHS agents may have also contributed to the DEA’s distressing revelation that El Paso is a major corridor for Mexican drug traffickers. Judicial Watch has long reported this as part of an ongoing investigation into the dangerously porous southern border. The DEA’s recognition a few days ago, is among the first public confirmations by a government agency that the region is a key route for drugs that get disbursed throughout the country.

El Paso is a major stop on the trade route for the Mexican drug cartels moving their product, the news report states, citing a DEA agent.

“The drugs get smuggled into in this area and then transshipped to places like Chicago, Indianapolis, New York, Boston where there is a big user market,” according to the DEA special agent in charge of the El Paso sector. The special agent confirmed that “the biggest criminal drug threat is still the Mexican cartels.”

This has been well documented over the years in a variety of government audits and, more recently, as part of a broad Judicial Watch investigation into cartels, corruption and terrorism on the Mexican border.

Drugs aren’t the only thing being smuggled in through El Paso. Islamic terrorists are also making into the U.S. with the help of Mexican drug cartels and ISIS has a training cell just a few miles from El Paso in an area known as “Anapra” situated just west of Ciudad Juárez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

In 2014 Judicial Watch exposed a sophisticated narco-terror ring, operated by two of the FBI’s most wanted, with roots and financing in El Paso, illustrating that the area is a hotbed of crime despite being promoted as one of America’s safest cities.

  • Beverly Bogunovich

    The only people who pay the price for the war on drugs, are the ones who are caught in the crossfire, e,g, users. They are often the young generation who innocently follow the crowd into experimenting with drugs, and they end up hooked by accident. They pay the price with incarceration, etc and the loss of well being by being labelled a criminal instead of being correctly labelled as someone who is in need of a rehabilitation. The criminal justice system is a total failure. The only ones winning the war on drugs, are the politicians who line their campaign cash coffers with drug cartel cash. The rest of us lose, as many of us were brought up into a family of addicts, and we had no other choice but to follow our elders example, and then get punished and labeled for life as a criminal, thereby dashing our hopes for a better life, being labeled as a criminal. The Govt needs to wake up and look around and see that this is not 1890 any more, this is 2017. Drugs are now a part of every home in the nation.

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      Make all drugs lawful, and help those in need after the war on drugs is over.





        • bumperkm

          Your first idea is a good one but, what doctor who has vowed to “DO NO HARM’ is going to prescribe drugs for an addicted person?

          • Fedup

            I think she was questioning the one who commented about making all drugs legal. I could be wrong but that’s how I understood it.


            That’s a good point. But, it seems many doctors already are referred to as “Dr. FeelGood”.

          • cp123

            They have been doing it for years. Prescription dependency. Great money maker.

          • Mathew Molk

            Hood ol Dr Fealgood.

            How bout sending a few of these bastards to the hoosgow.too.


            BTW. I am not promoting legalization of drugs.

            I am not sufficiently knowledgeable to have a legitimate opinion.


        • Elaine Blackman

          Right. Homeland Security is just another agency and was even made autonomous like IRS. They don’t serve the function of collaborating all the info from all the agencies that they were “designed” to do as evidenced by the Boston bombers and every other terrorist act we’ve had. And my guess is that they are the upper grade scales of all the agencies.

      • Steve Flowers



      Sorry, not every family has addicts in it. In fact, most do not.


    • omni

      you don’t get hooked by accident. You get hooked by using. It is amazing what society is able to explain away as if there is NO connection between actions/choices and consequences.

      • Mathew Molk

        It;s the liberal way to never understand If,,,,Then

      • Elaine Blackman

        Pain pills get a lot of people hooked. My son was prescribed hydrocodone for 5 years for a pain medicine for his shoulder by a dr. in the TX Workman’s Comp. My son died of liver failure a couple of years ago.

        • omni

          sorry for your loss. Oxycodone and the like are the most written prescriptions in the USA. But to be honest we KNOW these drugs are HIGHLY addictive. Forewarned is forearmed. I understand that there are legitimate times when powerful narcotics are needed. But, when you have 40 MILLION addicts in a country, well, they can’t ALL be in such terrible pain that they need to drug themselves into addiction. This is a sad commentary on the moral fiber of the nation.
          drug addict
          food addicts-at some point you cannot blame the drugs

          • bendecido

            Omni, I am with you on this. People nowadays cannot tolerate pain of any type. They do not have will power of any kind. I hurt my knee about 5 years ago and hurt my knee and joint. After that I fell 6 more times and hurt the same knee due to unexpected situations, finally rupturing the knee cartilage. Let me tell you, the pain was unbearable, pain like I had never felt in my entire life. But did I take any type of pain killer, NO, I did not. I suffered throughout without any pain killer, as I knew that oxycodone was highly addictive. This tells me that there are a lot of sissies in America. I finally had an operation to remedy the pain.

          • omni

            we have been conditioned -by the people who sell these meds-to believe that ALL pain needs to be medically(drugs) addressed. You see 2000 messages to that effect -you start to believe it.
            I applaud you ability to resist the temptation(and probably salvaged your life). Good luck to you.

          • Elaine Blackman

            My son and many others have had operations that didn’t do any good. Maybe you were a sissy who had to settle for an operation.
            Not really, but everyone’s situation is different. And everyone doesn’t know about the dependency of drugs even when they are, just like an alcoholic.

          • bendecido

            Without anesthesia? I bet your son had to have been under complete sedation to bear that operation.

          • Elaine Blackman

            I’m sure he had it. So glad you’re such a “he-man”. Sorry you have no heart talking about a dead son in such a way. Get lost.

          • bendecido

            Elaine, I am not a he-man. I just believe on the dangers of oxycodone and pain killers that can addict a person. It doesn’t mean that I have to continue with the pain, so I had the operation to put an end to it. I did not mean to insult you or your pleasant memories of your son, I did not know he was dead I deeply apologize, please forgive me. However, your son is not in the past or you did not lose him, he is in your future. Once again, I am sorry.

          • Elaine Blackman

            Thank you. That was the point I was making. The dr. prescribed that for him for 5 years and since he’d been hurt on the job, the TX Workman’s Comp provided his meds for free. I feel like that goes on with the vets and maybe other situations, also. Maybe Medicare or other things. But I feel that doctors ought to be held more accountable, and for mind altering drugs, also.
            It will have been 3 years in 3 mos. and 2 days. It still hurts to have lost him so horribly, but I have my youngest son who helps. He’s such a sweetheart.
            P.S.: I wasn’t going to read anything else from you, but I went back and retrieved it from my trash folder. I’m glad I did.

          • bendecido

            Don’t forget, with God everything is possible. You are not alone.

          • Elaine Blackman

            Thank you. I don’t forget. 🙂 I think He helps us see things more clearly. I know He does.
            I also agree with Rev. Franklin Graham that His Hand was in this election because of all of our prayers.

          • bendecido

            What the leftists did not count on or pass through their minds was that Almighty God, El Elyon, was in charge of this election. They do not know that prayer is powerful, and when we pray according to God’s way, we get our prayers answered.

          • Elaine Blackman

            I think my son’s dependency fell on his doctor and TX Workman’s Comp more than it did on him.
            I think your “sympathy” was hypocritical.

          • omni

            think what you like. Have a nice day(sincerely).

          • Elaine Blackman

            You don’t say you’re sorry and then say that it was their fault. That is hypocrisy IMO even though you may have meant it sincerely.

    • Debra Brooks

      Not every! LOL most.

    • al003

      Bev, I hate to disagree but your last sentence is completely wrong… there are a lot of drugs floating around in our nation – but drugs are not a part of every home in the nation… I raised a family and I am now a great grand father to many drug free children who were born to drug free parents. And I am no exception… Do we have a drug problem in this Nation? Yes, we do.
      But it is not what you think it is — Yet. And with a good education for our youth and mentoring by our elders – we can hold this nation together and beat this problem before Islam destroys our core beliefs…. This is our real enemy and everyone needs to know this…..

    • Mathew Molk

      Can’t agree with you on that one. , If you take drugs you sell your soul to the devil. If they are not smart enough to know there has never been a happy ending to a dope story so be it. Self inflicted wounds, my friend.

      If you discount Aspirins, my blood pressure pills, beer and the canine in our morning coffee there are no drugs in this house.

    • Billy

      Beverly, we have laws in this country and if you break those laws you may go to jail. Also, we as American citizens have choices to make throughout our lives. If you make bad choices you may go to jail. If young people are dumb enough to break the law and mess with drugs, they should go to jail.
      Beverly, just so you know, drugs are NOT part of my home or the homes of my grown children. There is an old saying, be prepared to sleep in the bed you make.
      Learn to make good choices Beverly.

    • Elaine Blackman

      I’m so sorry that that’s your reality.

    • dmbunce

      There would be no users if there were no traffickers.

      • Sharo

        There would be no supply if there was no demand! It’s called choices. Everyone makes them everyday. All users need to stop blaming your family heritage, society, and whatever else for YOUR poor choices! But do blame the people who are supposed to enforce the law and uphold our Constitutional principles. Do blame the liberal progressive judges and attorneys who only give lip service to combating crime and criminals.

        • dmbunce

          The supply always comes first. The traffickers would be out of business if they didn’t go out and find users. Both are guilty, traffickers more so.

    • Kenneth Birgholtz

      There are Illegal Drugs and Prescription Drugs and sadly Both Get Abused…


    Corrupt Police Puke Cop Pigs…whoda thunk it?

    • Billy

      You sound like an ex-convict. You sound like you probably should be in jail now.

  • regulus30

    makes you feel safe and proud DOES IT NOT?

  • Not a fan

    That comes to about $75,000 per DHS bribe accepting agent. Not a bad Christmas bonus if you ask me.

  • TexRancher

    Prosecute these TRAITORS! They are putting this whole country at risk! Treason seems an appropriate charge for them!

    • omni

      does not fit the definition for treason-but they can still spend 20 years behind bars

      • George E. LeFebvre

        Why support these traitor government employees, Put them in GITMO then if they escape SHOOT THEM. and don’t forget their supervisors as well.

        • Aline

          If we put them in GITMO, obamass will release them!

          • bumperkm

            Not if we fill it up with 100 more crooks

          • Kenneth Birgholtz

            NOT if He is sitting in there With them…which is Where He Belongs.!!!

          • tnetcenter

            If it goes CORRECTLY, he WILL BE THERE WITH THEM!

          • cutterguy

            he will be gone!

          • bobs33hotrod

            Wait till Trump is sworn in as President. He will Start to Drain the Swamps
            BOBBY ~!~.

        • richard beardall

          GITMO? But how can We? I mean that was the first thing the illustrious did was close that 8 years ago Rite? LMAO The sad thing is the pot smoking lazy Demo art history majors still believe that & every other lie the media has fed them the last 8 years

          • ward

            ENOUGH is the word & all lazy free loaders have created their own demise !

          • LaRae Bailey

            Wrong, gitmo is open with40 to 50 inmates. The rest of the killers the idiot in charge set free to kill more of us

        • omni

          yes, as I said, 20 year behind bars.

      • Peatro Giorgio

        How in God’s name can the crimes theyve committed against this country not meet the requirements for charging them with treason. Did they not act directly against the interest of this country ,did they not break their oaths to protect an serve & to up hold the laws of the land and defend the Constitution. Did they not permit illegal narcotics to enter our country which lead to the deaths of other Americans, while placing act risk other law abiding law enforcement officers. Did they not contribute to other American families doing with out goverment assistance or taking jobs from Americans by illegals . Did they not contribute to the over sized class rooms of non tax payer children,did they not contribute to the over abused over used emergency rooms .,did they not contribute to the rising cost of eduacation,health . Yes they certainly did. The death penalty is to mild of a punishment for those treasous scumbags.

        • omni

          I believe that, for an act to be actual treason-it has to benefit another COUNTRY-these acts benefit private criminals, private businesses, and individuals seeking welfare-but no COUNTRY. So while it may be anti-american, it is not treason. I still say they can be jailed for 20 years-they do not go free in my scenario

          • billdeserthills

            It did benefit another country–Mexico

          • Elaine Blackman

            As well as Colombia and all drug and weapon smuggling countries.

          • omni

            I will not dispute your statement-but I believe the intent of the law concerns espionage and military conflict -not crime. I could be wrong

          • billdeserthills

            Actually you say you don’t wish to dispute my statement but then you did anyway–

          • ward

            Never paying U.S. taxes & free loading is enough crime for their enemy attack !

          • omni

            I did not WISH to dispute it but I felt I NEEDED to say something.

          • billdeserthills

            So cry me a river

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Any crime committed which directly or indirectly benefits another nations interest against the interest of the United states is covered under the espionage act of 1917 and has been amended several times over recent years. Now found under Title 18, Crime. Specifically it is 18 U.S.C.,ch.37 (18 U.S.C. 792 et seq.)

          • ward

            TREASON … !

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Your darn right Ward.

          • Elaine Blackman

            And if the NWO is the one that benefits, while it might not be one country, it is globally anti-U.S. and more accurately; anti-single government policy. Since the NWO doesn’t yet exist, even though the goal seems to be there, it should be considered a government, IMO.

          • savetheusa2

            The NWO has existed for over 100 years if not more. It consists of secret societies; Illuminati, Club of Rome, Bilderbergers, Skull & Bones, Freemasonry, etc. The NWO has been trying to create a North American Union consisting of U.S., Canada and Mexico. The democrats and some Republicans do not want to seal our southern border and this is part of that reason. Do a little research on the elder Bush, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, European royalty, etc. Even some people who are doctors, police and your neighbor could be part of it. You will probably think I am paranoid, but I have had years to watch politics and what goes on in the background MSM will NEVER report on. It is on the Internet and that is why Obama wants to control the Internet. NWO already controls our news stations, even Fox News. Dig a little deeper. NWO is aligned with the U.N. Go to U.N. documents and see what they are trying to achieve.

          • Elaine Blackman

            +savetheusa2, Thanks. I hadn’t known about them. Sometimes, I feel like I’m being paranoid, too. I used to think we had a great government. Now I see that whatever you can dream up probably doesn’t come close to how bad it really is. The more you can dream up, the safer and more cautious it might help you be.

          • Connie Walker

            Treason is a country giving another country billions of dollars to further their nuclear weapons & arsenal programs then use them against the country that provided the money for the weapons

          • Elaine Blackman

            Right. I just thought about the 5 Gitmo terrorists who were traded for Bergdahl without Congress’s approval even and against our long held policy of no ransom or bargaining with the enemy. And bringing all of those Syrians and others in with no vetting should also be considered treason, IMO. How about throwing out FBI research on mosques that could be aligned with terrorists and telling our FBI not to research them further. So many things to go on about. It’s really nauseating.

          • Connie Walker

            You’re absolutely correct Now where is the treason exactly?

          • Wingedgodd3ss

            I disagree. It directly benefits Mexico which is why the past President of Mexico encouraged Mexicans to come to America for work and send the money back. Allowing drug dealers in to sell drugs and make money and bring the money back to Mexico is directly benefitting them.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Did not those acts actually benefit Mexico, Guatemala and many other southern nations ? O yes they did! through the very reduction of their poor,while US dollars sent to their nations. Did not those actions actually reduce the crime in those nation. Yes those actions certainly did. Treason requirements met.

          • ward

            You are saying the illegals brought their crime to the U.S. & made the enemy stronger with U.S. $$$$’s so the dictators could slaughter more criminals with their increased $$ power & NWO tyranny ! ; Right?duh?

          • Elaine Blackman

            Iran definitely benefited many times over.

          • omni

            Iran? Have we switched the conversation to OBAMA? If so-yes treason would be the appropriate charge.

          • Elaine Blackman

            You’re right. I did switch. 😉 Sorry. Yes. I just can’t help thinking about the traitorous jihadist every time something crooked happens. 🙂

            I agree then. Obama, treason. DHS officers, greed and crime. 🙂 My brain just switches tracks on me like that sometimes. 🙂

          • omni

            all is well that ends well! have a great day.

        • Brenda Sinclair

          YOUR COMMENT MAKES THE MOST SENSE OF ALL OTHERS… i am from Texas lived here all of my life, i want you all to know that rick Perry our past governor and now our present governor, has pleaded with Obama for help for 8 yrs he has been in office to help Texas with this problem, Obama has refused over and over, there is legal proof of this, rick Perry as for military help to put national guard on border to help at the el paso entry, Obama refused, Texas has put our officers there and many killed, that is why all Texans voted for trump not Hillary in hopes trump will keep his promises he made to america to build a wall fire all agents taking bribes, clean up el paso, there is a huge compound where Isis has a cell not far from el paso Texas it needs to be hit hard and destroyed, but again Obama refused, clearly because Obama wanted his brotherhood Muslims to enter america to kill us all

          • ward

            The treason by bo is proven in his illegal abuse of power E.O.’s for 8 years !

        • omni

          they did commit criminal acts for taking bribes to let people in illegally
          they did NOT take jobs from Americans-that would be the “respectable” businessmen/women who hire illegals over Americans
          they did NOT put these people on welfare(which is prohibited by law)-that would be the states and the federal welfare agencies
          the did NOT overcrowd the schools-that would be the states and federal education departments who let them in
          they did NOT grant licences to illegals-that would be the states dmvs
          they did NOT give college scholarships to illegals at taxpayer expense-that would be the state and federal gov’ts
          These men ARE criminals for what they DID-the rest of the crap is the doing of our elected gov’ts.
          these people stop people at the border to see that the people had been deported 4 or 5 times-and are right back in the USA. OBAMA tells them to not deport anyone-that has to be a morale killer-people start to think-“what is the point?”. The ENTIRE system is rotten-not just ICE/Border Patrol

          • Peatro Giorgio

            By permitting them to enter this country illegally those agents directly contributed to lost American jobs ,filled American student class room seat,lost section 8 housing for US’s poor. citizens, rising cost of health care for American citizens. Lost hospital beds for our nations poor, indigent over whelming red cross salvation army and many other American charitable foundations. ( No one can be as narrow minded, shorted sighted as your comments tend to lead everyone else here to believe you my friend are. Look at the big picture not to the narrow window of entry. The accumulative effects are over whelming our nations economy. Period

          • omni

            if the GOVERNMENT did not put up big signs saying
            free food
            free money
            free school
            free medical care
            free clothing
            free TV
            free computers
            free housing
            free scholarships

            the border agents would never get the opportunity to take bribes
            Wake up and understand that it is GOVERNMENT POLICY and not a few border agents that are killing the country

          • Peatro Giorgio

            It’s beyond the time for you to wake up.
            Point #1 Under who’s direction had those corrupt, DHS & border patrol agents were enabled to retain their positions & not having been removed. ?? ( Answer Criminals -US Attorney generals Erick Holder, Loretta Lynch,The CIA, ATF, With full support from Obama.
            Still this does not discount the cost to our Nation, those corrupt DHS an Border patrol agents an other agencies permitted to occur. In Just 10 days this will all begin to change.

      • The Truth

        Clear case of Treason..What rock you under???

        • omni

          “levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death,”—these people took bribes from individuals(criminals, welfare seekers and the like)-they did not “adhere” or give aid and comfort to an enemy nation if they let petty thieves in. If they let ISIS across the border, that may fit the definition of treason, although ISIS is not an enemy “nation”.

          • Elaine Blackman

            A war against drugs that was declared doesn’t qualify? Being out to destroy their own country doesn’t qualify? Purposely ignoring the laws of our land that are set forth to protect our country against illegal invaders who are carrying diseases and anti-U.S. sentiment doesn’t qualify? I’m just asking because if they don’t, I think they should.

          • omni

            rewrite the law then

          • Elaine Blackman

            The Constitution hasn’t been rewritten and the SCJs are still interpreting it. So it can also be a matter of interpretation, which is what yours is.

      • carlos martinez

        Then please tell us you obtuse definition of treason. Betraying one’s country. Seems simple to me.

        • omni

          betray you country
          aid and abet ANOTHER country in terms of military or espionage-which is not happening
          still a crime, just not treason

          • Peatro Giorgio

            You had best read the 1917 espionage act which has been amended several times over the years. Any act which directly affects the US, that either aids or supports criminal actions of another nation to benefit that nation over the interest of the US is covered.

      • RufusVonDufus

        Send them to Brazil!

    • keepyourpower

      And we know the punishment for TREASON!

    • The Truth

      The biggest Money Launderer is at the Top none other then Barrack Obama Mr offshore account King pin…He wants to say who is unfitt to be President??You are Obama liar…

      • Brenda Sinclair

        Obama also took bribes he is now worth 50,millions with 5 mansions when he went in office he only had very little owned no property, bot Obama and Michelle(Michael Obama male tranny wife) had lost their attorney licences to practice law, he leaves office as a millionaire , OBAMA RAPED AMERICA AND IF HILLARY WON SHE CARRIED ON SAME AS OBAMA DID lets be grateful God gave us trump to clean up all this corruption in our government TRUMP HAS THE BIGGEST JOB ANY PRESIDENT EVER HAD ONLY WAY HE CAN SUCCEED IS ALL AMERICANS STANDS BEHIND HIM

      • Brenda Sinclair

        YES IT IS TRUE OUR MUSLIM PRESIDENT IS AT THE TOP MONEY LAUNDERING, and yes obama is unfit but so are all those who voted twice for obama

    • Carolyn P Pechilvr

      TexRancher have you read what your fellow Texan Veteran’s thoughts were yesterday? I think not. I bet you think Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing! We know why you voted for Trump…scared you were going to lose your guns were ya!

    • Brenda Sinclair

      FIRST YOU HAVE TO prosecute Obama for allowing it to happen, he was well aware of the problem his entire 8yrs but refused to do anything BECAUSE EL PASO WAS WHERE HIS ISIS BROTHERHOOD ENTERED AMERICA go to the top the one most responsible for it all arrest him first

    • Publius40

      C’mon , , , when’s the last time corrupt government officials got hard time? Hillary has skated and there is no doubt she broke several federal statutes. Look at the vast number of people who get elected to Congress who go in with a few bucks in the bank and leave with millions.

      They can even kill you and get away with it. Remember Ruby Ridge? Randy Weaver collected 3 1/2 million for the wrongful death claims for the murder of his wife and son by federal agents, but none — not 1 agent — even faced prosecution. Judge said they were protected by the Supremacy Clause.

      Don’t expect anything to come of it. It’ll just be talked about and forgotten.

  • The Help

    The agents are not directly under the management of Obama I love how every government agency that has a bad actor is directly blamed on Obama. I hope when Trump is President the same holds true for him. Government agency heads that are appointed by Obama that break the law or fail to do their job can be blamed on Abama. Have there been some YES. Is it Obama’s fault YES.

    • Mathew Molk

      Obviously never in a command position.

      You can delegate authority, but you can’t delegate responsibility.

      Remember the Democrat who a a sign on his desk? .

      “The buck stops here”

      • The Help

        The buck stops here referred to his Department heads not every single government employee.

        • tnetcenter

          Try again! HARDER!

          • The Help

            Don’t need to.

          • tnetcenter

            Yeah, you DO! EVERY CORRUPT Government employee AND politician is the RESPONSIBILITY of Obama and HIS administration! NO exceptions and NO excuses!

          • The Help

            Corrupt politicians are the responsibility of the ETHICS COMMISSION the same COMMISSION REPUBLICANS attempted to take control of. The House and Senate are seperate from the President. The President does not have direct control over nor does the house or senate have direct control over the President. Seperation of Power in the constitution.

  • freepetta

    Unfortunately bribes have been taken for years in many of the federal agencies.

    • tnetcenter

      That doesn’t make it LEGAL or RIGHT!

      • freepetta

        No it doesn’t make it right or law abiding at all. The agencies have to be reigned in by way of ethical high ranking law enforcement officials. The wide spread corruption is indicative of the administration. Obie’s comment about no scandals is humorous and dishonest.

  • jlcham


  • Lindy

    Prosecute these corrupt members of the DHS. This is the agency created for the security of the United States. They belong in prison.

    • cp123

      Send a noe to Jen, Obamas boy.

  • DaveyJ

    Absolutely unacceptable!

  • Fidel castro

    Like we citizens haven’t known this for years now. Maybe trump will keep at least one promise and put an end to illegal immigration and supplying the cartels with safe passage to rape and destroy america with Meth and heroin like the Clinton’s did in the 90’s and then blamed the super predator African american population as a whole for Americas cocaine problems when in reality the government had no choice but to keep a steady flow of cocaine into america to support Hillary’s habit! Hang em all!

    • Debra Brooks

      probably 60’s

  • Estoban

    Now we begin to learn about the Obama Cartel. Time to see what is under the carpet as well as draining the swamp.

  • bones1941

    There are going to be a lot of job openings in DHS . They need to be prosecuted and sent to jail.
    Obama is the one responsible here. Obama need’s to be prosecuted and sent to jail all so.

    • BR549

      At the risk of dragging ourselves into their cesspool, I’d say, “Why wait for a trial, and did anyone bring any rope?”

      • Mathew Molk

        Love it….A fair trial followed by a first class hanging.

        • bendecido

          If you sell seats the place will fill up to capacity and then some, charges at a$100.00, you will make a fortune.lol

        • Oreisha

          A fair trial and a hanging— think of the additional time and money involved!! I say, put them all in a big room and toss in a cyanide bomb. I’m getting more disgusted every day.

      • richard beardall

        No We cant kill them either! Inhumane that is according to the Dems!Remember?We can only kill unborn innocent babies!Sad part of this is each year they have killed over a million minorities alone just in NewYork!So I just tell them hey stop complaining in a mere 16 Years Yall Will have enough vote to never loose again

        • tnetcenter

          Designate LIEBERALS as UNBORN and ABORT THEM!

    • Roger Short

      This is just all part of what a horrible president King Odumbo has been! He has done such harm to this country, but yet, many idiots still think he’s been a good president! It’s called being clueless!

      • Bobby Harris

        According to this article this has been going on since the Bush administration so if harm was done to this country Obama didn’t do it by himself and some idiots still think Bush was a good president.

        • Stuart H.

          If they think that they cannot see the bigger picture here, Bobby. They all end up serving the needs of the same corrupt deep state and their agenda.

      • Graham Bockett

        I read a link recently that claimed that “Obama was the best President ever”. Isn’t it incredible how stupidly one-eyed some people can be!!!

    • bendecido

      Don’t forget, Trump may do away with DHS.

    • Jon Higley

      I certainly hope there are enough individuals with a very strong dose of integrity who would replace those ousted from DHS for their complicity in this. But, to think that a former president can be prosecuted and convicted for being irresponsible in his duties to the country is the nuts. If that ever happens to this guy, I will gladly eat my underwear!

  • Dianna9490

    Im not really sure i believe this story- it talks about 2 yrs ago – i no their is a lot of FAKE NEWS out there! I no our border patrol has tried to come forward and let us know: they r required to hand out pamplets- they cant stop someone & ask for an ID! Not sure thisnt just a way fir ovamit to SMEAR OUR BORDER PATROL IN HIS LAST DAYS! AFTER FINDING OUT ABOUT HIS 30TONS OF URANIUM BEING SENT TO IRAN – I WOULD NOT PUT HIM PAST ANYTHING!

    • bumperkm

      This one came from Judicial Watch through FOIA

    • GoldenGirl2u

      I’m sure some are not corrupt but have been hearing this for years, also let’s not forget Obama and Eric Holders Fast and Furious Gun Running to the Drug Cartels where Border Agent or Agents have been killed and Mexicans in Mexico. This happened when they first came into office. Should have right then been charged with Treason.

    • Mathew Molk

      A lot of logic in that, but it’s HIS border Patrol he is smearing. I still think you have a very valid point there, though.

  • Steve Flowers


    • Debra Brooks

      Top YES!

    • Just Wondering

      From the very TOP down to all His hires.

    • tnetcenter

      It’s called CORRUPTION and the Obama admin is THE MOST CORRUPT administration in history!

  • Reha Yenkovich

    The demorats refused to properly protect our country and enforce our laws because they pander to the ethnic groups that benefit from this.

    • Elaine Blackman

      I’d go further than that. Obama and his administration and probably the Clintons even since they were drug runners before he even took office, it seems, have purposely endangered our country with drugs and terrorists.

      • keepyourpower

        Six more people have died under the Clintons.

        • Elaine Blackman

          I’m not surprised, but to which deaths are you referring?

          • keepyourpower

            I do not have their names, off the top of my head, but one Black guy was going to testify against the Clinton Foundation, and they found him dead.
            Lately, 2 anti-Clinton activists were both found dead..reported this weekend. One had sued the Clinton Foundation. The other had written books about the Clintons. If you search online, you will find the info. It might be a difficult search, because the MSM will not mention these deaths. I have it saved somewhere, on this computer…but would take some time to find it. IF I do, I will come back here and add it.

          • Elaine Blackman

            Thanks for that. I’ll try to find something. I’ve found so many items that disappear when they’re about the Dems, though.

  • cp123

    The fish rots from the head (obama).

    • keepyourpower

      Have you ever taken a gander at head of the DHS? What arrogant as*hat.

    • Oreisha

      I worked for the gov. and everytime they talked about a “reduction in force” they would talk about eliminating some of the lower people— janitors,secretaries, etc. I say the real way to revive the “tree” is to start at the top, and get rid of all the dead wood, don’t chop at the roots and weaken the tree—- that is where all the real strength comes from.

  • Rodney Allen Furr

    The whole bunch are traitors and need to be hung !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debra Brooks

    Did obama order them to stand down?

  • savetheRepublic2017

    Put em in a tent city on the border and use them as labor for building the wall/electrified fencing. Frankly their sentences should be at least 20 years.

    • Mathew Molk

      I wouldn’t want any of the useless bastards on any crew i had to run. Get professionals to do the job and the job will get done professionally.

      • savetheRepublic2017

        They can do things like hauling and stacking and other non-skilled things that need to be done.

  • badgascoupe

    Well game plan has been plead the 5th and walk away with a pension, it’s worked for several federal crooks so far!

    • Just Wondering

      Lois Lerner pulled that deal.

      • Mathew Molk

        Still can be impeached and tried.

    • Mathew Molk

      10 days and hours and that’s OVER.

  • tCotUS

    And this is suppose to surprise us ?? The entire Democratic Party is DIRTY !! Can the people they hire be any better ?? They all must go !! The dirty Hill swamp needs to be drained..

    • Just Wondering

      11 more days of this nightmare……………..

    • Mathew Molk

      You forgot the RINOs
      They got to go too

  • Just Wondering

    Sessions cannot be confirmed soon enough and He is going to be working 24/7 to rid this Government of all the scum working for it in all if the Departments. We are going to have to build more Prisons to hold all of the US Government corrupt Personnel who are going to be locked up.

  • C.Henry

    DHS start at the top work your way down, Prosecute all involved . We have room in Gitmo !!

  • Fishnpole

    Treason. Just need the will to prosecute

  • Scott

    Are there any “Democrats” that are honest?

    • tnetcenter

      Probably, but NONE of them are LIEBERALS!

  • temporary guest

    You’d think Barack Obama’s immigration policies would have put the smugglers, bribers and bribe takers out of business. I mean if coyotes, drug smugglers and criminals can just waltz across the border and be protected by the federal government that issued executive orders to the border patrol and other law enforcement agencies not to so much as stop and question them, why would any one need to smuggle and bribe?

    I wonder how many of those DHS agents will be pardoned between now and the 20th?

    • chip canter4bury

      Good point.



  • Roger Short

    So the Dept. of Homeland “Security” takes bribes to let illegal trash and drugs into the country! We have a huge drug problem in this country, and our politicians give it lip service! We are concerned about all of the shootings and terrorist acts in this country, supposedly, but we continue to let illegals in?! The leadership of this country is stupid and corrupt! I sure hope that Trump will drain the swamp, and get some security back into this country!!

    • Just Wondering

      Change is coming in 11 days and I hope it is not to late………….

      • LBC1689

        If only a change in Administrations could solve the problem . . . . It’s as deep as the human heart is wicked.

  • Frank McGriff

    Put the traitors in super max,, let’s see how much money they make in prison. Maybe Sancho can pack their fudge for them. Bring back the gallows, or the guillotine. Sorry bums. Strip them of citizenship.

    • bumperkm

      Not supermax, Gitmo.

  • Righteous Truth

    I’m a bit concerned if these are the folks that endorsed Mr. Trump:

    “The National Border Patrol Council is the official organization representing our nation’s Border Patrol Agents. We represent 16,500 agents who selflessly serve this country in an environment where our own political leaders try to keep us from doing our jobs.”

    We should really look into this sort of corruption!!

    • KKmoderate

      In any organization there are a mix of values. The Border Patrol of 16,500 agents is a huge pool. To try to paint those who support Trump out of this number and as the “Bad Guys” is absurd. Yes, we should look into this sort of corruption!

      • Righteous Truth

        Not laying any aspersions on Mr, Trump. A couple of interesting points:
        This was not just a couple of folks, but “hundreds” of them. Also, the organization had avoided endorsing Presidential candidates. Not this time.
        What does this say about the type of people we are hiring to defend our border? What sorts of standards are they being held up to? Is the pay awful? Is their greed so enormous? Do they give a C**P about doing the right thing? Was it just “easy money?”
        Again, this was pretty widespread.
        Given this expose, this sentence of the endorsement contains High Irony: “It is those without political power – the workers, the law enforcement officers, the everyday families and community members – who are supporting Mr. Trump.” This is not Law Enforcement at its brightest moment. SAD!

  • juan robledo

    It’s just ridiculous, at to what extent or how high will this go, if the local agents were on the take I wonder if their bosses were on the take as well but where does it stop or will it, these agencies have no morals or self control, it might be time to clean house and fire the higher ups, and bring charges to those or all the crooked agents

  • Just Wondering

    This is the Agency that is trusted with securing our safety?

  • Just Wondering

    Reading this, is it any wonder why no one has any faith in this Government?

    • KKmoderate

      No there is no wonder:(

      • Just Wondering

        TRUMP has a mammoth job facing Him and we cannot waste any time in firing all of the incompetents and jailing the BRIBE TAKERS.

  • fletch

    yeah…………paying people with our tax dollars to commit acts of treason against the people of America. Rewards for hurting us………it just doesn’t any better than this? We are all done, enjoy dummies.

  • Just Wondering

    America is in dire DANGER from within !

  • Shofar

    NOT defending them in ANY way.

    When I was in college back in the late 70’s I was a criminal justice major, and had a college professor tell a class that if the bad guys offer you $10,000 to look the other way take it, because they can have you killed for a lot less.

    Officers that work the borders, the inner cities, and in any high crime, violent area know they are constantly a target. They also know that there are millions of illegal dollars flowing through their jurisdictions, and while the bad guys are sitting fat, the good guys are trying to just make ends meet.

    It’s not right, and if they are caught, they need to go to jail. But it is easy to see how a good cop can go bad, or a good cop will look the other way when they or their loved ones are threatened. I don’t envy anyone wearing a badge in America today.

  • Combatvet52

    The Obama Crime Family.

  • Ed Orr

    OK, is there an ethnic breakdown of the “hundreds” of DHS agents for further clarification?…….I didn’t think so.

    • KKmoderate

      It doesn’t matter. It just, sadly, IS!

  • bumperkm

    Not if we fill up GITMO with 100 more crooks

  • GoldenGirl2u

    Obama and his administration has been totally lawless from the start, Obama had broken laws before he even got elected, by the uninformed, in Illinois, both he and Michelle had to turn in their law license, probably to avoid Rico charges. So if all this is true he never should have been even allowed to run as president notwithstanding all the other obvious reasons. He should have a one way ticket to prison. Hillary and a whole lot of others in tow. Nancy Pelosi signed him eligible to run, lock her up to.

  • Leibe ist reise

    This has been going on, to some extent, at least since the ‘war on drugs’ was declared, and goes much higher up than just these agencies. Remember Holder’s ‘fast and furious’ gun-running to the cartels? Was anyone really foolish enough to believe it was merely about the anti-gun agenda?

  • fidel

    Deceit comes from the highest office, Obama. Let illegals go. I Say Obama is the first one needing deportation papers. Load, aim, fire…..

  • Elfego

    Democrats are Evil and this is OK under there watch

  • KKmoderate

    We are now one of the corrupt third world countries. Bribes, graft, corruption, lies. How far the mighty have fallen. We may have been suspect before this administration but now we are certifiable!

  • Joseph Chester

    Negligence is the big word of the OBummer administration. After January 20, the new administration along with the new FBI and border security officials can estimate the problems and fire or arrest the perps.

  • Myke Britt

    while our economy is important right now the most important thing for Mr. Trump (after he corrects all those “EXECUTIVE ORDERS THAT MONKEY BOY ISSUED) is sealing the southern border, activate tens of thousands of reservists and national guard and appoint thousands of federal agents to seek out and arrest EVERY ILLEGAL IN THE USA!! the only things that stops this from happeneing is the lack of willingness to do what so badly needs to be done!

  • daledubois

    This all took place because Obama let it happen and nothing was done about these people till Trump won.
    This was just one more way for Obama to destroy America. I surely hope the new Ag will bring charges against Obama.

  • dmbunce

    The democrat party sits holding hands with Satan watching and enabling nearly ALL this corruption.

  • barnjoer

    Imagine our government employees being crooked Westbury taking after their old boss

  • barbarakelly


  • Fact checker

    Obama’s corruption never ceases.

  • HDMania

    This corrupt govt. has been doing this stuff for yrs..

  • Sabid Amad Bacchus

    The was going a long time,is time now it can be exposed in the light to also exposes the Democratic Government; There own Bernie Sanders who also exposed HillaryRClinton about corruptions;Both Obama and Hillary are accuses Donald Trump. But they were afraid their secrets are now exposed ;
    Hoping the New Government did a Re-deploy of all Heads of Government and their henchmen/women. Start serious investigations and prosecutions
    Obama phony secrets shall come to and end with known as Obama Health Care

  • blogengeezer

    The entire fiasco began with the birth of “Rosemary’s Baby”…. The Great Society.. War on Poverty. As it subsidized, cradle to grave, the Feral Relationships, their predictable random Spawn and their favoring of Crime and Drugs to give their life meaning, it began the deconstruction of the greatest nation the world has ever known.

    The casualty list began with the Traditional Family, with role models morals and Faith, the Only sustainable socioeconomic system throughout history. As the Faithful Families were increasingly demonized by Liberal Leftist ‘Progressive’ mentality by their agenda driven ‘News’ and entertainment media, the leveling of the USA, toward third world relevancy, was in order.

    Brave New World ..revisited, described the leading nations Must be dragged down, as the bottom tier could never catch up. Aldus Huxley, living at time of re-publication in the late 1960’s, noted that ‘It was ‘Progressing’ as planned”.


    Maybe this explains the heroin epidemic over the past 8 yrs.

  • tnetcenter

    ABOLISH the DHS and then DE-CORRUPT the DoJ and ALL of the rest of the Obama admin.

  • JonBlake

    Obama is an epic failure…there is no two ways about it.

  • Beverly Bogunovich

    Shut down the department of Motor Vehicles too, tell Trump. Its a waste of Governemnt money just like the EPA and others….They sabotage your driving record and steal money just like the department of Child Support…their is major fraud going on in the Child Support division…somebody is pocketing stolen child support monies…..can someone investigate the Denver Dept of Human Services? It seems they are mis appropriating child support payments…..

  • midogman

    safest city list? only happens when there is collusion between criminal gangs and the law enforcement/government of that area.

  • Theresa Petruzzi

    How come this DHS was not on the NEWS? Oh yes I forgot obama is a democrat

  • ConservativeSenior


  • coconuisse

    With a secular view of the world, there is no punishment for immorality. Might as well amass whatever the world offers, whether legally or illegally before your allotted time is up. Unfortunately, those in a position of “authority” have available to them multiple avenues of self-aggrandizement.

  • millerstwo

    What a surprise, they may want to check the ‘Traitor-in-Chiefs” bank account while they’re at it!

  • drdavis

    I said from the beginning DHS is just another pile of bureaucracy and BIG waste of our tax dollars ever to be created. We don’t need DHS at all. It is almost worthless from what I have seen at airports, and borders. We need to shut it down and put the border in the hands of the US MILITARY where it belongs not another Federal agency. The border patrol should absorbed into the US Military after vetting every agent. I hope the new administration sees this and dismantles the DHS. Airport security Should be private more reliable and ail lines would have better control of it and cheaper.
    Your always going to have a bad egg around no matter how hard you try to create a fool proof system.
    We should prosecute and the penalty for such a crime should be far much worst than others. These people work for the US Government our tax dollars and should be tried in Federal courts to the fullest extent of the law. Protecting Americans is a very serious job and those doing the job should be of the highest quality. I think US Military is the best way to do this at the borders, and the airports are international those who have to have US Customs offices in them.
    All airports need security smaller ones don’t need the security those of international flights coming in and going out. I think ALL airports should have bomb and drug sniffing dogs check ALL luggage on and then off. Just my thoughts. New tools coming out every day to check these kinds of issues.

    But DHS should go, no way they can compare to the Military being on the job.

  • L. Pine, Sr.

    Rack them up! All of them.

  • Duke Silver

    Treason. In the military a commander is responsible for everything his team does. This one falls back on lil Barry.

  • keepyourpower

    I sure hope Trump Drains the Swamp, at the DHS, and other law enforcement agencies. I know he is pro-cops..but he better get rid of the corrupt ones, first. My first law enforcement job was like walking into a snake pit. They were so corrupt! Not a good time, there.

    Judicial Watch needs to send this report to Trump.

  • IronPhoenix

    Are we supposed to be surprised?

  • SF soldier

    Hang them high, every one of these corrupt greedy scum bags!

  • Mike Jackson

    Death penalty for traders

  • Peatro Giorgio

    Charge these scumbags with treason, high crimes against the nation! At a minimum they should face the death penalty upon conviction.

  • Randy Locher

    Lets round All of them up and Hang them!!

  • Just Wondering

    TRUMP needs to emulate Reagan when he fired all the Air Traffic Controllers, FIRE ALL OF THE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES and start over new.

  • CCblogging


    Barack Jihad Obama and Hillary Benghazi Clinton used Obama’s CIA to interfere with Israel’s election. However the dims failed to elect Bibi’s opposition, which was their goal. President Jihad and the Butcher Of Benghazi also used the CIA to interfere with Egypt’s election. Obama’s CIA and Clinton’s state dept promoted and backed the Muslim terror group, The Muslim Brotherhood. For that treachery, Egypt has issued arrest warrants for both Obama and Hillary. Also, Obama’s and Hillary’s Globalist puppet master George Soros has an arrest warrant waiting for him if he ever steps foot in Russia. Those are facts……


  • needful

    to serve and protect, yea right.

  • Oreisha

    We can scream till H*** won’t have it, but the corruption goes on and on. And the sad part is that nothing will be done about it. Seems like some of us are trying to be good citizens and patriots, and the MAJORITY are still undermining us. Will it ever end? Read today that Hillary is planning a big riot or something the day before the inauguration (OF course, who can believe the media?) But if it happens– she should be charged with inciting a riot. Yea,—— that will work.

  • Sean Rickmin

    Just another example of obamas very corrupt government.does anything under his watch really surprise anyone.

  • Jeannie

    Just another story of corruption in this administration. Where does it stop?? This is the most CORRUPT administration in our country’s history. Absolutely disgusting

  • Bill

    A good friend of mine lived in TX for several years in a commercial business supporting Law Enforcement agencies. He told me long ago that there was a huge problem in the DHS, ICE orgs due to the requirements for hire. Normally it takes a short 13 – 15 week academy course and “fluent Spanish.” Why would it seem to be unusual for “likes” to be sympathetic to “likes” in this case?

  • Marc McGuire

    “HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • AKLady2015

    Lies, lies and more lies.
    The right-wing just put a documented bigot in the White House.
    The man is a criminal.

  • debi feldet


    • fidel

      Im there, when and where

  • Gary Von Neida

    All such agents should receive immediate 5 Years Prison Terms/ with no early release possible.

  • Donovan Blaylock

    Fifty years ago I interviewed a young man smuggling Pot into Texas. He would line up 100 Mexicans with a bale of dope on each ones back at the Border. There would be four or five Border agents. He would send all at once and have several volkswagon vans waiting on the other side of the “wall”. He told me many times all 100 would get loaded.

  • LOCK ALL THESE BASTARDS UP starting with Kommrade Georgie and Kommrade Oblivit! And then everyone else who was/is complicit …

    Guantanamo needs a HUGE expansion!

    • Howlingmad

      The only word to this I can “Think Of”, that actually APPLIES, Col . . is “Disscussing”.

  • Kevin

    Apparently this shows anyone can be bought including anyone who works at any government agency. Corruption at its finest!

  • rjm2238

    These are the people that President Trump will have to clean out if the swamp is to be truly drained. It is going to be an enormous job and he needs the support of all of out here. The real power at these agencies lies in the senior ranks of the career bureaucrats, mostly leftists, who have been migrating into these jobs for years. Appointees come and go while these Lois Lehner types spend thirty or more years subverting good policies and applying bad ones.
    Do all you can folks to assist President Trump, call your Congressional Representatives and Senators and demand they support his efforts wholeheartedly as well. Only this way can we get the stink out of the nation’s capital and many of the state capitals.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • Carolyn P Pechilvr

    More fake news! Deplorable how Republicans are preying on the fears of Americans! Just last night I saw a tweet where a man was just so happy the “ObamaCare” Repeal methods were underway because as HE STATED “he was insured through the ACA aka Affordable Care Act” little did he realize they are 1 in the same…..smh to a degree of whiplash! But the sadder thing is when you look at Trumps targeted market for votes and how he used fear to win the voters…….its sad very sad…..he went right straight to those he will never break bread with……the ones who foolishly just hear our President’s name and before they actually research or ask someone who knows, like in this man’s case….he could have asked his insurance company……sadly these people who didnt educate themselves just took a leap on a man who claims to have billions, who now has liens and lawsuits crawling all over his lawyers after he stiffed workers for millions of dollars, he filed bankruptcy 6 times, he doesnt pay federal taxes, etc…..this man basically set out to put the fear that their guns would be taken, that he could get a better deal on insurance, he would help middle class people bby giving them a tax break for child costs but this excludes the middle class without children, he has intentions to beef up the military after it cost tax payers how much when we went looking for weapons and found just a man in hole in the ground? Yes America get ready for more like this idiot who didnt do their homework before voting!
    Because we put the future in their hands!

    • KKmoderate

      I just didn’t want a President who lies and is ignorant. That’s just Hellery for starters! So whatever his faults and you may enumerate instances where he manifests them forever. Hillary Clinton was out of the question to take over as POTUS.

  • Carolyn P Pechilvr

    A person without a tax id cannot receive money from the state they reside. They must have a tax id number in order for them to get money. Therefore they only receive basic welfare need from our Constitution they are entitled to food and healthcare for children! Look up the laws in your local state government and learn how difficult the screening process is before buying into fake news!

  • Carolyn P Pechilvr

    THE REAL DEAL QUESTION IS: Now that youve read this article do you think building a wall will change anything and do you want to pay for it?

  • Gail Tidwell Brown

    Why we need the wall ASAP!

  • pupster40

    This should not be a surprise to anyone, progressivism is another way of saying anti American.

  • Gary Woodburn

    I wonder if the “Fast and Furious” gun running operation was created as a way to smuggle weapons to the Mexican drug cartel with some high government official getting a kickback.

  • Tomahawk

    Sad when we can’t believe anything our government says. DHS needs to be decommissioned. We never needed it to begin with. And these people, regardless of rank or file, should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. We were on the verge of being a completely corrupt nation. A nation of liars and thieves. Sad.

  • Brenda Sinclair

    I LIVE IN TEXAS this does not shock me our past governor begged help from Obama to stop this corruption in el paso, we ask for military help that Obama refused. for years Texas governor wanted to build that wall but Obama refused in fact Texas got up the funds to build the wall, trump does not have to worry about funds to build a wall funds are ready and waiting the problem was Obama BLOCKED EVERY EFFORT OUR GOVERNOR TRIES AND EVEN HAD HIM INDICTED. AMERICANS YOU HAVE NO IDEA THE DAMAGE OBAMA HAS DONE TO TEXAS AND REST OF THIS NATION.. el paso Texas is where Isis enters america funded by Obama, TRUMP HAS TO CLEAN UP FIRE ALL BORDER AGENTS TAKING BRIBES ARREST AND CONVICT THEM

  • DHS is a good place fro Trump to start draining the swamp. The agency has been staffed with Obama sycophants that support open borders. They need to hear Trump’s signature tag line “YOU’RE FIRED!”

  • Patriot47

    Another not a scandal? From the criminal administration? Must be fake news.
    Note intended sarcasm.

  • HankBar

    Another swamp to drain.

  • Allan Scott

    Jail ’em!

  • wandamurline

    FIRE everyone who has ever worked for Obama and start with completely new workers. It is time to clean the ENTIRE SWAMP that extends beyond Washington…..and make Federal Employees COL raises attach to the Social Security and military COL….I am so thankful for my social security….I got a 0.3% raise this year….the last one was over 7 years ago and it was 3%….for the mathematically challenged, O.3% is 33% or 1/3rd of 1%….which netted me a raise of $4.92….but, wait, it gets better, they increased my Medicare premium exactly $4.92, so in essence, I got 0, nada, zero raise….bless their little heart. I would gladly get out of the ss monthly check, all the gubment has to do is pay me everything I paid in for 46 years at 7% APR and they could stop my check….I figure that this would net me around $235,000.00…and that would last me the rest of my life instead of $663.00 a month.

  • Louie Rey

    I’d like to think that this isn’t true but Judicial Watch is usually right on so this is very disturbing. I wonder if it’s possible to completely restaff the department with agents with integrity. That would be quite an undertaking I think.

  • Wingedgodd3ss

    And why isn’t this splashed on the front pages of EVERY major newspaper??? And where are all of the Alphabet “fake” news stations on this story???? They are too busy trying to obstruct Trumps cabinet picks. Never mind that when Obama was inaugurated 12 cabinet members were already approved by congress…..

  • Wilbur Stakler


  • Fred Doe
  • sbrunnercorydon

    I wonder if they were just following the “LEADER”????? Someone had to know this was happening!!!!!

  • wmagg

    And does any of this surprise you. From the top down this has been the

    most corrupt and criminal administration in the history of this nation. There needs , and should be a complete criminal investigation of the actions of this administration from the very beginning to it’s criminal and treasonous end.

    From the birther issue to Fast and furious to the Clinton e-mails to DHS and obstruction of justice.Those who will be found guilty of criminal actions should be punished to the fullest extent of OUR laws.

  • inthewater

    Can’t have Mexicans guarding mexicans, 90% of them are related, need to get rid of the guards that are there an bring in new people

  • IluvmyUSA

    They may as well include illegal guns as well. Tthis is why there is a never ending cycle because of this. It’s the same thing with the phony war on terror, ISIS is well supplied by the taxpayers who in turn are paying for their very own destruction.

  • IrreverentOne

    Has anyone ever heard of the term a clear and present danger? If the President-elect, once in office, would declare that the porous southern border is a clear and present danger to the national security of the country he would have the authority to order the military to man the border. Once that was accomplished it would be imperative the the DHS be abolished and criminal charges brought against any and all personnel involved in this disgrace.

  • Larry

    They should be killed. Forget trials and wasting taxpayer money. Just bump’em off and make examples of them to the WORLD !!!!!!!!

  • jersy lilly

    This is disgusting what so called protection we as Americans get from a corrupt government.They that were involved in this circus Obama on down should be responsible. Don’t tell me this is not treason or how we interrupt confusing language.This better turn out more than a slap on the wrist.

  • Colleen Gill Rotter


  • Ira Entsminger

    Trump should firer everyone of them and put there butt’s in jail!!

  • Cleavis Nowell

    DHS and TSA which they oversee (?) both need to be defunded and disbanded.

  • ward

    What else is new , the whole damned bo crony administration proves they have been on the soro’s $$’s buy off for eight years and are just as guilty as bo’s treason with abuse of power E.O.’s … !

  • Robert Timmons

    Obama and all his cronies need to go to jail. If this isn’t treason I don’t know what is.

  • robsurfin

    Lying King Obama said technically they were incentives not bribes. Allowing unvetted illegals in is treason. Benedict Arnold Barry is the reason they invented firing squads.

  • bobs33hotrod

    Don’t they have to be Prosecuted by law for Treason against the USA, FEDERAL CODES. AMERICA IS AT RISK . TRUMP will take care care of these TRAITORS..
    BOBBY ~!~

  • LaRae Bailey

    Life at Gitmo for treason

  • David Morgan

    No Honor, No Integrity, No Preservation of Country. Sold out for dirty money, broken homes and hearts, addicted and dead children. 20 years, not enough. They would still be young enough to live a good life with that hidden money. Obama holdovers, how much US money did they steal? Weapons sold?